Nightmares. Tearful eyes and crazy eyes. Baseball bats and much blood. Fear.

I'm running, running hard, running to warn him, to save him.

No time.

Too late. Oh god the blood.

The smell.

His beautiful face.

I'm with him, he's holding me and the sun is raining down on us. The perfect moment.


His beautiful face, beaten and bruised.

My father's voice, "He ruined you."

Ruined. Jade, the girl who is ruined.

Screaming, he's screaming! I'm screaming, crying, begging, pleading for his life.

Vanity. Vain, efforts in vain.

And still there's blood.

And screaming.

There's death.

I'm bleeding. I'm bleeding?

No, he's bleeding, and I'm holding him.

He looks at my eyes.

My tearful eyes.

His mouth moves, "I…"

He dies.

I what? What?

I'm shaking. Shaking him. Crying.

I was always ruined.

But now I'm alone.