My name is Stephen Falcon. That is not my real name because I can not tell you my real name. Or at least not yet. Because if I do, I will be dead. They will get me. They are everywhere. So I must be careful.

They can also be anyone. A country's president can be one of them, so can a cleaning lady in your apartment. It is unknown how many of them are there, or how many proxy organizations work for them. The only thing that is certain is that they are the enemies of humanity.

So far I only know one of their puppets. CORTEX. Yes, the billion-dollar Cybernetics & Organic Rationalizing Technology Enterprise Extended, whose CEO was in Forbes for being one of the most brilliant scientist and enterpreneur in the country. The same corporation that was praised by several Congressmen for providing jobs and enhancing the economy during the recession. The same corporation that created me.

I am not a paranoid conspiracy freak. Paranoia is a condition of humans. I am not human. I am a Cybernetically Enhanced REasoning Biological Rational Organism, or CEREBRO for short. I am a human with cybernetics implanted in my brain.

Now you must think I really am crazy. You must be thinking that kind of things only occur in science fiction. You are wrong, cybernetically enhanced beings already exist, not from the future, not from another planet, but from right here on earth, right now in the year of 2016, and I have recently found out that I am not the only one.

The fact that you can read this message on the internet would mean either that I am dead, or that time is ready for open rebellion against THEM. Either way, you must read my accounts carefully and believe every word, because you will find out soon that my memory is never wrong.