Time: 2010 /07/04 22:00

Location: Classified: CORTEX underground headquarter.

Warning: Critical Heart Rate Achieved at 210 beats per minute.

I ran for 7 miles straight along the underground passage until I reached a large chamber, and stopped to catch my breath. My heart almost burst from the intense exertion-it had reached a critical rate that was faster than an Olympian athlete's maximal heart rate.

I had reached the secret exit beneath the New York City. If I could get above the ground, CORTEX would not dare to pursue me in public.

Suddenly, I intercepted a wireless transmission that was being broadcasted to 12 headsets in vicinity:

"Squadron Alpha in position and ready to apprehend CEREBRO".

Apparently CORTEX had anticipated me here. I quickly assessed my situation: I was in open space with very little cover, outnumbered and outgunned. To have any chance of survival I would have to rely on stealth.

I shot a power transformer with my gun. Immediately, the entire complex blacked out, and not a second -immediately after the building blacked out I heard rapid foot steps of a squadron coming. I knew their exact locations despite the pitch-black darkness since I was programmed to locate opponents from the vibrations their footsteps caused on the floor.

I fired, and was answered by a dozen machine guns. The deafening noise of gun fire shattered the silence of the chamber. In a brief and furious exchange of fire, I shot down the majority of the guards, while taking one bullet in my arm. There was profuse bleeding but I ignored it and kept fighting.

My cartridge ran empty, so I put down my gun and sneaked close to one of the guards. With a fluent motion I whipped out my belt-the same one Zurich had given me-and wrapped it around the guard's throat. The guard tried to shout but could not-in 20 seconds he dropped to the ground.

"113, Do you copy?" a guard 5 feet away from me spoke into his headset. His voice gave his position away. Before he could make another sound, I knocked him out with a punch to the head.

"DIE!" hearing the commotion, a nearby guard charged blindly toward my direction. I quickly shifted my position, and the guard ran right into the power transformer. Electric sparks brightened the room as 1000 volts of electricity ran through the guard's body. The air was soon filled with smell of burnt flesh.

Even in complete darkness I knew exactly where everything was in the chamber: The power transformer, the stairs, the obstacles, because of my photographic memories. Humans, on the other hand, were moving blindly in the dark, running into obstacles all the time. In no time, I made short work of all 12 guards. I did not use lethal force, as incapacitating them was enough for my escape.

Just as I was going up the stairs to the exit, a figure too fast and too silent for me to see appeared out of no where and bashed me on the face. The force was so tremendous that it knocked me off the stairs. The next thing I saw was a huge figure towering over me, raising its leg and started to stomp on my neck. I rolled out of the way before the foot came down, and with a loud "Thump" it created cracks on the concrete floor.

I got up on my feet in a flash. I stood still and focused my attention to motions around me. There was none-the attacker, despite having a statuesque figure, moved with silence and weightlessness of a cat, making no sound or vibrations that I could detect.

Before my motherboard could even react, a hand grasped my arms and raised my entire body up. Then it threw me toward a power transformer. Just inches before I hit it I grabbed a nearby pole, spun around and drove my both feet into the attacker. With a loud "Thump" we both hit the floor.

I got up and this time, I detected footsteps behind me. I turned around and punched with all my strength toward where I calculated the attacker's head would be.

My punch hit, and something broke-not my opponent's skull, but my knuckles. The opponent's jaw was like metal, cold and indestructible.

"CRACK" a hand chopped on my left shoulder with bone-shattering force. A sharp pain tore through my shoulder, and I hit the floor hard. I tried to move my left arm, but could not. It was then I realized that my shoulder was separated as result of the blow. The blow was not only executed with tremendous strength, but also landed precisely on the joint between the collar bone and the shoulder blades-the only weakness of the shoulder bones.

The attacker lifted me up with only one hand above its head. There was only one technique I could use in the circumstance-my right hand shot out to strike on the attacker's neck. Even the most powerful human would drop unconscious instantly after a blow to the carotid sinus.

To my absolute shock, my opponent did not even flinch. Before I had time to contemplate what happened, the attacker threw me down, and at the same time, I felt it jabbed its knee sharply into my back.

"CRACK" a sharp pain tore into my back, and suddenly my body below the waist became completely numb. As I hit the floor hard, I felt nothing below my waist. I attempted to move back on my feet, yet I could not even wiggle a single toe.

PRIMARY MOTOR DRIVE Error: Spinal Nerve T10-S4 off-line.

The knee had broken my spine, and now I was paralyzed from waist down. Now I could not move except for the right arm.

The dark figure towered over me in an intimidating gesture. It stepped on my throat with its foot. My only movable hand provided meager resistance. As it put its weight on its foot, the pressure on my neck increased, and I could feel my neck bones on the verge of cracking.

"Halt" a voice came from the dark. The pressure on my neck lessened. "Good job, Avogadro, look at who is here-"

A flashlight shone on my face. For the first time, I saw the full figure of the statuesque opponent towering over me-Taller and more muscular then any man I have ever seen, he dwarfed the 5 guards beside him. He looked like he was sculpted from granite. The odd thing was that like Mirage, the tip of his nose was missing. When he turned his head, I saw that his left jaw was completely metal-it glistened in the dark.

"Well, CEREBRO, " one guard, apparently the leader, gloated over my broken body, "you are quite a handful-you just obliterated an army all on your own. Thankfully we took the precaution of putting Avogadro online after Mirage left."

"By the way, Avogadro is your replacement-he is a third-generation CEREBRO just like you. However, he is not built for intelligence, but rather for combat ability, which has been demonstrated quite well today. In addition to the cerebral implants, he has implants in his spines, making him faster than even you. More over, his bones were reinforced by metal, which makes his skeleton virtually indestructible."

"Since young age, Avogadro was trained for combat. His brain was programmed to release large amounts of steroids and growth hormones, which was responsible for his statue. He has augmented adrenal glands that secretes extra adrenaline in the heat of battle, increasing his strength even more. Thus he is the ultimate fighter. Now you will come back with us. Remember this-no CEREBRO can create a composite event without repercussions. "

I felt so weak. I already lost a lot of blood from the bullet wound, but the injuries inflicted on me by Avogadro pushed me to the edge. If my organic brain went off-line from losing too much blood, even Emergency Reboot Protocol can not wake me up-just like you can't reboot a computer completely out of battery.

Then darkness overtook me.

Time: 2010 /07/04 22:05

Location: Classified: CORTEX underground headquarter.

I woke up 5 minutes later, still in the dark underground chamber. I was still weak, and my legs and left arm still paralyzed. I was surprised that the men who captured me were no where to be seen. I dragged myself across the floor with my only movable arm.

Suddenly I bumped into a person. Immediately I clenched my fist, anticipating an attack. Yet that person did not stir. I touched the person again-this time, I could feel that his body was cold. He was dead.

One by one, I felt all of them-there were bodies of the 5 human guards who accompanied Avogadro 5 minutes ago. But now they were all dead, and their faces had been disfigured beyond recognition. Avogadro was no where to be found. What happened? Who killed them? Why?

Before I could think this through, I heard footsteps of people coming. I dragged myself as quickly as I could into the corner of the chamber and hid there. From the vibration on the floor, I concluded that the footsteps belonged to two people. The footsteps got closer and closer to me, then stopped.

"The fifth victim deceased only 10 minutes ago, according to the temperature of his corpse." a man's voice broke the silence. From his voice I could tell he was standing very close to me.

"Intriguing, Agent Sanders, the way he was murdered." said the voice of a woman.

Then, I heard the sound of footsteps coming closer and closer to me. Finally, a flashlight shone in my face.

" I found the sixth corpse...wait a minute, this one has a pulse...Agent Walker, there is someone alive! "

"Call in the paramedics and transfer him to the nearest hospital! we need him alive...we need a live witness. I have a feeling that this survivor is going to be our key to the solving case".

The paramedics came and took me into an ambulance. For now, I am safe. For reasons beyond computation, I felt that this Agent Walker would play a pivotal role in taking down the CORTEX.