Memory Log: Time : 1993/ 02/28 18:34:21

Location: 41°8′44″N 73°59′42″W Classified Location in North America

Initiation Sequence:


Organic Attachments...Online

BIONET...Connection Speed: Normal

After a long initiation sequence I woke up, for the first time in my life as CEREBRO and became conscious. Later they told me that this big moment was called the Naissance. However, I do have some memories of my biological components prior to Naissance. Yet those memories are fleeting, fragmented and disordered. I would not count any of the pre-Naissance memories as reliable. It is only after the Naissance that I became fully aware of my surroundings.

As soon as I woke up I became aware of my sensory drive, which received information relay from thalamus of my limbic leads. Immediately I operated my visual and acoustic drive. Now I can see and hear my surroundings.

I was a white room, completely white, with a gown in a bed. On the other side of the room there was a mirror. I could see my self in the mirror. A juvenile human, slightly slim for height, with shaved head. There was a scar on the left side of my head. Probes and needles were inserted all over my body. I had dark eyes and was very pale. I calculated that I must had not had exposure to any sunlight for years.

Who am I? And where am I?

Somehow, I knew the answers to these questions. Like they were in my head. Or rather, they were downloaded into my head when I searched for answers. I sensed that my BIONET connector had been running when information flooded in.

Cybernetically Enhanced REasoning Biological Rational Organism, abbreviated CEREBRO , is the newest innovation of CORTEX, of which it is a property of. This device was constructed by interfacing a nano-supercomputer with the cerebrum cortex of a homo sapiens using BioFil, a self-replicating, electricity conducting nanocarbon fiber.

The device`s MotherBoard is consisted of a central processor with a processing speed of 1.9 giga-FLOPS, temporary memory disk of 100 gigabytes and permanent memory of 7 terabytes. A radio-transmitter enabling it to communicate wirelessly with other wireless electronic components. The device is also wirelessly connnected to BIONET, an encyclopedic database created by CORTEX constantly and can download any data necessary for its tasks.

The device`s organic component is a juvenile homo sapiens with XY chromosome which had parted its maternal progenitor in 1987 09 28 03:41:42. It had intact peripheral nervous system yet its central nervous system had been damaged by a vehicle accident two years ago, made it incapable of independent functioning of motor, sensory and cognitive processes without cybernetic implants.

Though the device`s cybernetic components can control many of its biological systems indirectly, its cybernetic parts can only directly interface with 4 biological areas: Cerebral Cortical Area, Limbic Area, Cerebellar Area and Brain Stem Areas.

I was still stunned by the amount of information that flooded me in less than a second when a door suddenly opened and two humans stepped in the room. I sensed activity in the Fusiform Face Area in the fusiform gyrus of Brodman Area 37 of my human brain when I saw their faces. Fusiform Face Area is the part of human brain responsible for distinguishing facial features of other human beings, which apparently is the main method humans identify each other. And instinctively, as if programmed into me, I performed a BIONET search and identified the faces I have just seen.

Sergei Stanovic, 26 years old, CORTEX intern, physiology department

Marco Antonio, 25 years old, CORTEX intern, bio-infomatics department

The two young interns were engaging in some kind of conversation, which made my Cortical Lead 22 which connected to human brain's auditory center to run into overdrive. I recognized that they are speaking in an Indo-European language called English, which has gained prominence in the colonial trade and is now the international language of trade, academics and education, although other linguistic groups also held promince in their own right. I downloaded 10,000 English vocabularies, its grammatic and phonetic rules in half a second. Now I can understand what they are talking:

"-but CEREBRO is a dumb name for the project that we have worked on for so long", said Marco, "also it is redundant, it contain the words Reasoning and Rational which mean the same thing. And why do we have to create a name for our type of robot anyways?"

"Because it is NOT a robot", Sergei said " A robot is entirely made of machine. Our project is mostly organic with essential cybernetic implants. It is not even a conventional Cyborg. The Terminator is a Cyborg because it is mostly machine but with some organic components-"

"why don't we just called it cybernetically-enhanced organism, or CEO, that sounds catchy"

"Common, CEO ? Now that is a dumb name!"

"Well at least call it something less redundant, like Cybernetically Enhanced REasoing Biological Organism, or CEREBO, without the second R"

"No I don't like that one, CEREBO rhymes with "Bimbo" or "Dumbo". Anyways you are just bitter because Dr. Lange picked my suggestion to name our project and not yours. Either way let's stop arguing over the name of our project and get on to the work assigned to us or Dr. Lange will have our ass."

With that suggestion both interns turned their faces towards me. "Hi, CEREBRO" Sergei said to me, "it is nice to meet you, although we have seen you for years before you are awake. As a matter of fact, we are your creators".

"Greetings, Dr. Stanovic and Dr. Antonio" I replied , and observed countenances of the two humans in front of me changed into an expression that I would later recognize as "surprise". "it is certainly a pleasure to meet you. Although you are not my creators. I am mainly constructed by the Integrated Cybernetic and Neurological Cognitive System Department, but you are from the physiology department and your work here is to test my functions. Nevertheless I express my gratitude to Mr. Stanovic for conceiving my name"

The two interns were stupefied for a good 3452 miliseconds. Then Marco burst into a laugh "oh, Mr. creator impersonator got burned".

Sergei's was incredulous "It worked...he can speak to us...he has never learned talking...and the MRI we saw on his brain two years ago showed that his Wernicke area was almost completely dead...he learned English in just 10 minutes after he woke up...I can not believe it."

" What on earth is 'Weeni-Key" area, speak English, Dr. Sergei" Marco asked

I explained to Marco " Wernicke's Area, which is in Brodman Area 22, also known as Superior temporal gyrus in the left hemisphere of the human brain, is responsible for comprehension of languages. "

Marco was stunned again: " Did this 6 years old just teach me something? Me, a PhD in bio-informatics?"

"Of course, " said Sergei,"get used to it, this 6 years old has access to every bit of information BIONET can upload into the supercomputer-brain of his. His linguistic drive, which takes up only a tiny proportion of his memory space, has the capacity of running 4,600 languages, which exceeds the number of all the present languages and dialects in the world. Now back to work"

Sergei turned his eyes to me, "So, CEREBRO, I would like to do a series of test to find out how well you function. Can focus your eyes on this pencil in my hand?".

I did as told. Sergei then started to move the pencil around, and my eyes followed the pencil wherever it goes. "Eyes able to follow moving objects...Frontal Eye Fields in the superior colliculi functioning normal...Cranial Nerve III, IV, VI functioning normal...Motor drive and sensory drive normal" Sergei mumbled and wrote on his list. " We then proceeded through a series of tests Sergei sounded pleased in all the tests.

"Good motor function, excellent balance-cerebellar leads must be functioning well. And look at that reflexes-if he were to become a martial artist I bet he can beat Chuck Norris, at least in terms of speed"

"Nobody beats Chuck Norris!" Marco objected. "Well Chuck Norris's primary motor area does not run at 6 gigaherts!" Sergei insisted.

"Considering a couple of month age he was still a vegetable," Marco said, "I really did not expect his recovery to be this spectacular."

So many tests came though my cybernetic part was tireless, my organic components were clearly experiencing fatigue. Eventually, I received some strange signals from my brain stem leads, which suggested that the organic component needs nourishment and hydration. Marco and Sergei were on a break, but there is no sign of nourishment in sight. I came to the door of the exam room. It was locked. There was a keypad right beside the door. I had seen Sergei inserting some codes to open the door before they left the exam room for break. I searched Data Disk A for visual memory of Serge's finger motions, and found that the combination he typed, which was an eleven digit combination. I put that combination in and the door unlocked.

So I walked out of the exam room, and saw a machine in the corridor with a transparent window and lots of items displayed inside. I recognized it as an Azura digital vending machine.

I saw a keypad at the vending machine. Instinctively, I knew how the machine was contructed and how to crack it. After half a minute, I cracked the machine and made it dispense 2 bags of potatoe chips.

This was the first time I hacked another machine, and hacking was something that I do a lot in my later life.

Sergei and Marco returned from their lunch break. When they saw me in the corridor they were surprised-

"What is CEREBRO doing here? Hey why didn't you lock the exam room you dumbass? " "Well I did lock it, how did it know the password to unlock the door". Then they saw me with the potato chips, and their eyes widened even more.

"Did he just crack the security code of that vending machine? How did he...oh" Sergei's expression turned from shock into genuine amazement," after all, our little hacker has a supercomputer in its head. Well, little hacker, you are the MOST amazing thing I have ever seen in my life. Dr. Lange should be proud of you. As a matter of fact, I am going to tell Dr. Lange that you are ready for to be introduced to every scientist at CORTEX at the next CORTEX Symposium, it's going to be a hell of a party."

So they led me into a more secure room, and locked me in, but not before they brought in some nourishment and fluids. My organic body was exhausted, so I lied on the bed for a few hours. During that time my motherboard was downloading information from BIONET non-stop: information about human communications, human interactions and human society. I began to have a fascination with humans for reasons that I did not understand. At the same time, my human brain was also wondering about other things: Who am I really? Where am I here? What's going to happen to me? Who is Dr. Lange? What is the Symposium the clerks talked about and what does that mean for me? Though my cybernetic brain was satisfied with the answers provided by BIONET, my human brain had an irrational distrust for all the information being fed to me. Eventually, my human brain was tired from wondering. Though my motherboard never shuts off since initiation, my organic brain needs 4 hours of rest every 24 hours. Thus, though still full of unanswered questions, I powered off all leads to my organic brain at 2:45, and reposed.