Time: 1999/06/01 08:99

Location: 47.6097° N, 122.3331° W Anonymous Town outside Seattle, Washington State

All Systems online and operational.

"Isn't Pacific Northwest simply awesome!" Sergei 's voice was full of elation, as he gazed outside the window. "I am going to ski during winter and hit the beach in summer. This place is infinitely cooler than than that underground bunker we stayed in for the last 5 years."

Sergei's excitement was understandable. Humans are easily impressed by spectacular sceneries of nature, and the views of this town in the Northwest Washington State was indeed spectacular from the balcony of the house we were assigned to. From one angle I could see the immense pacific ocean 's rolling waves, and from another angle I could see the Snowy Mountains far away across the border from Canada. As a matter of fact, our town was only a day's drive away from the Canadian city of Vancouver, which later hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics partly due to its amazing natural beauty.

"True, this town was as beautiful and peaceful as the Elysian Fields in Greek mythology." Dr. Lange said that thoughtfully.

"Weren't you originally from here, Dr. Lange? Why did you leave this paradise and come to New York? I am sure there are first-class class research centers in this area as well." Marco asked.

Dr. Lange became silent, and sorrow veiled her eyes. Mr. Zurich made a gesture and Marco became quiet.

"Don't get too carried away," Mr. Zurich's voice was cold as always, "We are not here for vacation, but to train CEREBRO social skills to interact with normal people, which is a necessary skill for a spy. Now Dr. Terressa Lange will pose as CEREBRO's parent and the house owner, Marco and Sergei will be tenants in this house, and as for me, I will watch this house from a secret location-to ensure security. Remember, now you are no longer protected by CORTEX's security measures, secrecy is imperative, as no one should know who we are and especially our affiliations."

Since my biological component was then a 12 years old human, the appropriate occupation for me would be a student. I did not fully appreciate the challenge of socializing until I started school. Though my sharp sensory capacities allow me to read people's emotions easily, I could never decipher the logic of their emotions. Take Ms. Ferris, my Mathematics teacher, for example. One day she asked me:

"Stephen, why are you staring at my chair so intently?"

"Ms. Ferris, I am concerned that the chair would not support your weight for very long."

Ms. Ferris's reaction was beyond computation: " WHAT ! ARE YOU SAYING I AM FAT!" her face showed unmistakable expression of fury.

" Ms. Ferris, your weight is over 94th percentile of the female Americans, That statistics combined with the degree of decadence of the wooden frame of the chair equal to a 96% chance that it would crumple under your weight." I assured Ms. Ferris. After all, my mathematical accuracy was indisputable.

"STEPHEN FALCON!" Ms. Ferris just became a lot madder "Who taught you this prank? The senior students?" There was giggling in the class among other students.

"I am merely stating a fact, Ms. Ferris, no need to be agitated. I observed you to be prone to episodes of agitations which occurred a cyclic pattern. Are you having premenstrual syndrome? " I asked-it was a reasonable speculation, given the cyclic nature of her mood.

The entire class was drowned in laughter. Ms. Ferris's face was completely red, and I could not tell if it was from anger, embarrassment, or both. In the end she sent me to the principal's office. And that was when I heard the principal giving me a whole lecture about respect and proper conduct in class. Yet the principal did not state any convincing fact to refute my claim.

I was right. Two days later Ms. Ferris's chair did collapse and she fell to the floor in front of a class full of students.

As if merely interacting with humans was not challenging enough, Terressa, whom I called "mother" in presence of outsiders, asked me to make "friends" with other children. I assumed it was one of the training exercises to improve my social skills, since it was rather pointless, as there is little I can learn from other 11 years olds. Nevertheless I was determined to accomplish this objective just like any other objective Teressa had assigned me. And I did acquire a "friend" soon.

It happened during Lunch break of a Monday. I went to my locker to take my Lunch nourishment. Then I saw a thin, little boy with glasses running past me. Behind him, four boys big for their ages were chasing after him. The boy stopped at the dead end of the hallway, turned around in panic, hyperventilating. I could see that the little boy was thinner than me and had a pair of glasses on on. The boys chasing him then caught up to him. The biggest of them approached the him and grabbed him by his collar:

"You know the rule, four eyes, gave ME your lunch money or WE will make you into ham."

The other three big boys laughed at the last sentence. The small boy panicked "I do not have any money...please..."

"What do you mean you do not have any money!" The big boy in the middle shouted. His right hand was turned into a fist.

"It is not proper conduct to demand another person's lunch money against their will." I interjected, reflecting on the lecture on proper conduct the principal gave me.

"Oh look who is here" The big boy turned his gaze towards me. "The new kid in school" he paused, "the new kid who talks like a geek" He laughed again, and his followers joined him.

"I found it unflattering to be called a 'geek' which was by definition 'an unattractive person slavishly devoted to intellectual pursuit'. I was programmed to be academic, not to be unattractive"

The big boy just laughed harder. "You are such a geek, new kid. Well, it was wrong of me to tease you and demand lunch money from four-eyes. My name is Luther, let's be friend." He extended his right hand towards me. I detected a gasp of surprise from his companions, and a wary look from the small boy.

Making friends was one of my objectives, so I took Luther's hand, as a human gesture of reconciliation.

Then a series of actions occurred simultaneously. Luther's hand tightened around my hand and pulled me towards him, while his other hand clenched into a fist and swung toward my face.

In retrospect, Luther's attack which was exceptionally strong and fast for a humans his age- it was executed in less than 0.4 seconds, and would have caught a human target completely off guard.

However, I am not human. In 0.4 seconds I could perform actions that would require a million calculations. I dodged the punch with ease, and Luther's fist punched straight into the locker door behind me with a loud "bang" and left a dent there. I freed my hand from Luther's grip. I then tried to calculate why did Luther changed his mind about becoming my friend and attacked. It did not compute.

"YOU!" Luther was definitely mad now. He hurled punches after punches towards me successively, each one more ferocious than the previous. Though as strong and ferocious as he was, Luther was certainly not an expert boxer. Most of his attacks were aimed at my mouth, which was a novice mistake since if his knuckles landed on my teeth they would be cut and be infected by highly infectious human oral bacteria. True fighters aim at each others' noses.

I dodged punches after punches from Luther. His actions became predictable, as I could now calculate the trajectories of his moves with equations of physics and biometrics even before he could make them. However, after dodging a lot of moves, he cornered me to the wall. With no room to dodge, I would not be able to defend against his next onslaught of attacks.

"You have NOWHERE to dodge now!" Luther's next punch hit my face and my body fell down. He then leaned over me, fists raised to hit me more.

The pain did not bother me. My cybernetic implant was programmed to tune down pain during combats by stimulating Periaqueductal gray in the mid brain to release endogenous morphines. But pain or no pain, Luther became a threat to the safety of my biological body and I must calculate the way to neutralize this threat quick before he made his next move.

Back then my muscles were not well developed, and Luther weighed almost twice as much as I was. I was not strong enough to thwart him by sheer force. I looked around for objects to be used as potential weapons. There was none, only a pencil left by some students on the floor that was within my grasp.

Then, I sudden found the most efficient and permanent solution to my current problem.