I transition from I to you to I once again. Can you catch the meaning?

I often felt like there were things in this world that were too good for me.
Every time I looked at them, I think. "They're perfect."
Perfect because everyone wants to be with them.
Perfect because they are admired for their uniqueness.
Everything that can be said about them, they wear on their sleeves.
There is no mystery when it comes to them.
Love and hate could easily be swayed.
One word is enough to fuel their love...and rage.

Lost you are in their presence. Every moment of fun and joy is cherished.
Bubbly laughter fills the air and each pop brings about the birth of new bubbles.
Salty tears are shared and there's a euphoria in sharing secrets.
The mirth is ever constant and life without them seems droning and plain.
Warmth fills you when they include you in their tight niche. It is easy for them to accept you.
Yet, as easy as it is for them to accept you, it is just as easy to shut you out.
It isn't the quick and clean breaking of a friendship.
They end it slow and leave nothing left but agony with their stinging sarcasm and numbing indifference.
There is no mercy.
They hold no grudges but they revel in your pain because in their mind
You deserve it.

They're perfect and, when people look at the three of you, it's only the two
Of them that people see.
Looking is different than seeing and people don't see you.
But you can't resent them for that because you love them- just like everyone else.
Just like everyone else, you want to make a special bond with them that you can call your own.
A bond you can be proud to call yours.
They captivate with charming smiles, lull in with expressive eyes, and unconsciously make you revolve around them.
Yet their mischievous smiles, and inside jokes leave you in wonder and out of the loop.
Like you're outside their little world.
Oh so desperately, you want to be a part of this world.
You want to share those smiles and inside jokes.
You want to leave people in desperation.
You want to be perfect.

But I'm not perfect.
I don't wear who I am on my sleeve.
People don't want to be a part of my world.
There is no one to share inside jokes or smiles with or
Bonds people can be proud to have with me.
I do not captivate or lull or pull in effortlessly.
Nor do I leave people in wonder or have a loop with a tight knot.
But I do have people who care
I have a uniqueness that can be found enravelled in my own little world.
I have my own smiles, laughs, and jokes that will leave people wondering.
I don't need to be a part of a niche.
I am not perfect but
I'm me.
I'm a one-man show
And that's all I need.