Chapter 1

The First step into Adventure.

One day three girls named Mia, Angela, and Mystic are walking through Yellowstone National Park. As they are walking Mystic hears what appears to be an animal Scream.

"Did you guys just hear that?" She asked her friends that were walking alongside her.

"Yeah but what can we do?" Mia asked as Mystic shook her head.

"Well How about we go see." Mystic said walking in the direction of the sound; she was often the leader of the three friends even though she didn't see herself as the leader. When they arrive at the source they see a purple, pink and blue rabbit with its foot stuck in a trap.

"Here I'll get you out little guy." Mystic said Untraping the Bunny's foot.

"Thanks children in return for your kindness I will take you all to Mystic Island." The bunny said as a portal opened. The three friends look at each other and nod and step through the portal to the world of Adventure and mythical creatures.

"Wow this is a magnificent Island." Mystic said Mesmerized by all the creatures of fairy tales and stories such as Unicorns and Pegasus's.

"Yes this is Mystic Island where Fairy tales come to life," The bunny Said before continuing, "My name is Coroni and what are your names?" He asked.

"My name is Mystic and they are Angela and Mia." Mystic said but as she went to point to them they had already taken off to walk around. Mystic sighs before Coroni comes to a realization.

"Half the population is missing." He said shocked realizing everyone was out usually at this time of the day and now almost no one was.

"That's strange do you have an idea why?" Mystic said seeing Coroni knows expression.

"Follow me please." Coroni said as Mystic followed her new friend to the Island Surveilence center. What they saw greatly troubled both. A grey rabbit with Black spots had successfully Captured the creatures with warships.