Chapter 4

The Cave Of Lost Hope and MegaDelaross.

"The Cave of Lost Hope, the last obstacle before MegaDelaross." Mia said sighing keeping her eyes glued to the floor knowing looking at the crystals meant Game over. Mystic ignores distracting sounds throughout the cave just before a laser blast knocks tons of crystals onto her.

"Now there is no chance the world will be safe from my reign" Dr. Bunnicus said Laughing before Mystic stuggled out of the Crystals rubbing her head.

"I've come far to stop now." Mystic said running out of the Cave and to the Temple of MegaDelaross. Dr. Bunnicus following suit.

"Okay here we go," Mystic said breathing in, "Up to the top we go." Mystic says walking nervously into the temple, It was all up to her now. Coroni's sacrifice would not be in vain.

However many of the rooms were empty, Dr. Bunnicus was nowhere to be seen.

"How could he get so far away from here?" Mystic asked as a shadow passed behind her and slams her in the back of the head knocking Mystic unconscious.

Mystic wakes up in a cage, there was a large floor and a staircase to the top. "Now Mystic hand over the Delrosa amulet and your imminent destruction will be quick!" Dr. Bunnicus said walking over aggravation in his voice and body language. Mystic looks at the amulet in her hand and remembers what Coroni had told her.

"You'll have to take it from me first!" Mystic said shooting the cage door blasting it open and running for the stairs.

"Fine then we'll do it the hard way." Dr. Bunnicus said following her up the endless seeming stairs.

Mystic Pants as she arrived at the top, exhausted. "Okay theres the lion statue, now to…." Mystic is slammed by the energy from the amulet of Delcorni before she could finish. It was almost over now for Mystic another blast hits her and Mystic is sent flying off the edge only gripping the side saving her. The amulet however flies into the Lion's mouth and both amulets float up and are destroyed. Dr. Bunnicus vows to return and runs off. Mystic pulls herself up and sighs with relief, it was over.

Back in the main square Coroni, before sending Mystic, Mia and Angela are given a key whitch could bring them back to Mystic Island any time.

As the girls are teleported back home evil laughing and carrot chewing is loud and clear.

(Hope you enjoyed this one! Mystic Island Chronicles #2: Return of Dr. Bunnicus coming soon!)