Sanctuary and the Brazen Girl
- For Beau

She wants to write a poem about how he told her being near her was like a sanctuary—

she wants to roll the word over her teeth,
feel the weight of it pool in her belly

she is brazen with him,

sexually provocative,

she writes the word sanctuary over and over
on a piece of paper
while the season's seem to change around her.

She remembers when it snowed he put his arm
around her, near the window

how they looked outward

She wants to write a poem about him
but her bones flutter too quickly,

her fingers tap keyboards
like bird wings against the air,

like knocking at a closed door,
waiting for an opening,

a breakthrough.

She wants to write about wanting to please him,

she wants to say that she longs to move her hands
across his face, his body,

how she wants to be everything to him,

a mother
to his children, but she
stops herself,

the poem wanes
in her mind,

the moon is in a strange
phase, she is close to her period,
alone in the house,

she feels younger than she has in years.

She is mother to the poem,
and nothing else.

She whispers against the screen door,

her voice rises on the air, melts
into the night,
and stretches itself