Extra Credit

Dr. Anthony Jones was used to his female students fawning over him. He could count on one hand the number of them that actually paid attention to him when he spoke. He strongly suspected it was the Irish accent. For some reason, they found it rather compelling. Plus, he had to admit that he was in rather good shape for his age, thanks to regular trips to the university's gym and pool.

Several of them had come to his office over the years, wanting a bit of what he had come to privately deem 'extra credit', which ranged from offering up blow jobs for better grades to sex for skirting by on a final exam. He turned them all down, not wishing to jeopardize his job or his health for something so trivial. That didn't stop it from happening at least once every semester. So far, he'd been able to resist temptation.

Until she walked into his class.

He had been sitting at his desk, reading the latest literary article and keeping an eye on his students, when he heard a smooth, rich voice. "Are you Dr. Jones?"

Somewhat perturbed at the interruption, he tossed aside the magazine, fully prepared to give whoever it was a thorough tongue lashing.

And felt his heart stop. The woman standing in front of his desk was tall, with dark red hair that ended just above her shoulders. She was dressed modestly enough, but her blouse dipped just enough to give him a glimpse of what he was sure was impressive cleavage, and the silk pants she wore enhanced her long legs. "Are you Dr. Jones?" she asked again, slight amusement in her tone.

He snapped out of his daze, feeling distinctly embarrassed. "Yes, I am. How can I help you, Miss...?"

"Jessica Draven. I'm new here."

He felt some of his equilibrium returning, along with a bit of arrogance. "And what does that have to do with me?"

Jessica smirked back, unimpressed. "Nothing, but since I'm going to be in this class you should probably add me to the roster. D-R-A-V-E-N."

He did so. "Done. Miss Draven, if you would please take a seat."

That had been nearly two months ago, and he was finding himself becoming more distracted every day. Miss Draven was one of the most maddening students he'd ever had. She was undeniably brilliant-it was rare that a paper of hers did not earn less than a B grade from him(and he was notorious for being an extremely tough grader), and she hung on his every word when he lectured, even asking some rather probing questions.

But she was also snarky, sarcastic, and seemed to love engaging in a war of wits, with him as her main target. She infuriated and inflamed him, and lately he was torn between tossing her bodily out of his classroom and pinning her against the wall and kissing her until she begged him to touch her, begged him to put his mouth on her breasts-He would oblige, pulling her blouse above her head to reveal a lacy black bra(she always wore lace in his dreams) before reaching behind to unclasp it, letting it fall to the floor before gently flicking his tongue across her nipples, then drawing her breast into his mouth, ravishing her. Then , after he left her weeping with desire, he would move further down her tight body to between her legs, spreading them wide and kissing her through the soft silk of the pants she wore, no matter what the weather. Eventually, the need to taste her would become too great, and he would reach for the waistband of her pants, slowly peeling them off her, revealing her perfect legs to his view before...

"Dr. Jones?"

He jolted back to reality at the sound of Jessica's voice, looking around the classroom as if seeing it for the first time, then turned back to her, his fantasy still fresh in his mind, and prayed his voice didn't tremble too much. "Yes, Jess..Miss Draven?" he asked, silently cursing himself for his slip of the tongue, and she gave him a smirk that made his face flame.

"I was wondering if I could come to your office after class to discuss my final paper."

'Oh, Christ..' the thought of being alone with her made his mouth go dry, and he nodded once. She frowned in confusion, and he managed to gather enough saliva to croak out an answer. "That would be fine, Miss Draven. My last class is at eight, come by after, say, nine?"

"Sure. See you then, Dr."

He buried his face in his hands after she left, silently cursing.

He found himself glancing once more at the clock. 9:10. She was late, and he felt a surge of irritation. Where was she? If there was one thing he hated, it was having to wait. A small voice whispered that he'd never been upset if a student was late before, and he quickly squelched it. He sighed in anger and was about to get up and leave when the door opened and Jessica walked in. "Miss Draven, I was starting to think..." he caught an eyeful of what she was wearing and forgot to breathe. "You...changed your clothes."

Jessica smiled, running her hands down the front of the dress. "What, this old thing? I've had it for years." She pushed the door shut, and Anthony fought back a gulp as he heard it lock. Was it his imagination, or was she sauntering towards him? He shook his head, trying to clear the cobwebs, but the sight of her in a dress that left very little to the imagination was not helping at all. He licked his dry lips, mesmerized by the sight. "Why, don't you like it?"

"Whether I like it or not is of no concern, Miss Draven."

"That's no answer, Dr." She stepped closer, drawing out the words. "Do you like my dress?" She was so close now that he could reach out and touch her, but he kept his hands firmly at his sides, his fingers curled into fists as he fought for control.


Jessica smiled and stepped closer, and he backed up, his knees bumping against his desk. "Do you like me?"

"Yes," he croaked, trembling, and she stepped into his personal space, placed her hands on either side of the desk, then leaned in so that their faces were inches apart. "Miss Draven, what...?"

"You've got blue eyes." He blinked, then gaped at her next question. "Do you want to kiss me?"

A thousand replies ran through his head-she was his student, it was morally wrong, he wasn't that sort of teacher, it would change the dynamics of their relationship, he wasn't one to succumb to temptation. It would be best if she left, and they put this incident behind them. But one look into her dark green eyes, and his resolve crumbled.

"Oh God yes." With that, he crashed his lips to hers, one hand snaking upward to entwine itself in her hair. She moaned and pressed against him, and he realized that her dress felt oddly loose . 'Oh fuck...is she naked under there?!' He slid his free hand up her back, moaning when he couldn't feel a bra. He trailed kisses along her lower jaw, and was rewarded by a low moan from her. "Miss Draven..."

"Jessica." she gasped out, and he smirked.

"Jessica," he repeated, drawing out her name. "Tell me, Jessica, are you wearing anything under this lovely blue dress?" She drew back, giving him a wicked smirk that said it all. "I see. Tell me, what made you do something so brazen?" He kissed the tops of her breasts, and she groaned, head thrown back. Anthony slid his hands under the straps of her dress, pulling it down so her breasts were exposed to his gaze. "Oh Christ..." The brief glances he'd had did not do her justice. She was very well endowed. He bent forward and took her left breast in his mouth, suckling, and she let out a warbling moan. "Answer the question."

"I'm not blind, Dr. Jones."

"Anthony", he said firmly, and she smiled.

"Anthony. I've seen the way you've been looking at me lately." She gasped as he slid his hand up her skirt, squeezing her inner thigh, then bit back a yelp when he pressed his fingers against her damp pussy.

"And how have I been looking at you, Jessica?" He asked in a low voice, his fingers moving in circles.

"Like you want to throw me against a wall and fuck my brains out."

"Well, you're half right." Jessica blinked at him in confusion, and he lunged, spinning her around and slamming her onto his desk. "I do want to fuck you. But I don't really care where." He kissed her hard, and she reciprocated by nearly sucking his tongue out of his mouth. She slid her hands down his pants, and her eyes went wide. She unzipped him, moaning as she placed her hand on his hard cock.

"Oh...you are impressive."

"You've no idea." he whispered hotly. "Jessica..."


"Are you sure about this?"

"More than I've ever been of anything."


He hiked her skirt up, pushed her legs apart, and was inside her in two quick thrusts. Jessica cried out, wrapping her legs around his waist as he pounded into her. She clung to him, moving in rhythm with his thrusts, fingers digging furrows into his shoulders as she fought to keep from screaming.

"Oh fuck Jessica...you're so fucking tight...so fucking perfect...fuuuckk..." Anthony plumbed her depths, knuckles white where he gripped the sides of his desk. "Fucking 'ell... I dunno if I can hold back much longer..."


That single word, spoken in breathless need, sent him over the edge of the precipice. He went stiff, then buried his face in her neck, muffling his scream as he came, his body shivering like a live wire, and felt Jessica's walls contract. He lifted his head, wanting to see her when she came. Jessica's eyes were half shut, a look of sublime ecstasy on her face. 'What I wouldn't give to see that look again.' Jessica bucked underneath him once, twice, four times, then cried out his name and went limp.

Anthony pulled out of her and drew a deep breath. "That was fucking amazing."

"Uh huh."

He smiled at Jessica's breathless reply. "As much as I would love to stay like this, I have a class in five minutes." Jessica huffed in annoyance but helped him zip up before tugging down her skirt and pulling the straps over her shoulders. He helped her off the desk, and she gave him a quick kiss before heading towards the door. Just as she was about to leave, he spoke up."Miss Draven?"

She turned back, amusement on her face. "Yes, Dr. Jones?"

"Would you object to continuing our discussion tomorrow evening?"

She grinned. "I'd be delighted."