Extra Credit

Epilogue: What Happened Next.

Anthony, Jessica and Bridget moved into the house left to Jessica by her parents. Bridget started seventh grade at the neighborhood school. Much to Anthony's surprise and delight, he found a job at the same school, and is currently the favorite teacher of all the students. Bridget joined the local 4H club and is currently raising a goat that she has named Nibbles.

Jessica found a job at the bookshop, and is enjoying being a mother to Bridget. They spend a good deal of time taking care of their menagerie, which consists of Nibbles, Loki, three cows, four horses, numerous chickens and ducks, and a nondescript mongrel pup (christened Rusty) that Anthony bought from the neighbors.

Two weeks after Anthony and Jessica returned from their honeymoon, she found out she was pregnant. Anthony responded by fainting dead away, a feat which was repeated when he found out Jessica was having twins. Bridget was over the moon at the thought of being a big sister.

On August 12, Jessica gave birth to a boy and a girl, whom they named Jacob and Rachel, after Jessica's parents.

Sarah remarried and is currently living in San Diego. She has no plans to ever have children again.

Gregory Smith was expelled from college after being caught fighting with another teammate.

On Christmas day, Anthony was granted full custody of Bridget, and when she turned 13, Jessica officially adopted her.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Some more than others.