Innocent, easy to find love, kicks but never hurts a soul, screams but silences with a maternal embrace. Hard to realize terrible twos have already struck so soon. Conveniently bi-polar, regarding snack and nap time, always adorned with the admirably happy features of an angel.

Then the second, crazed and enthused by what's yet to come. No longer the same naivety that graced in the years before but still lacking the knowledge that will keep him from entering the same imprisonment I once felt. Still so obsessed with all the things concerning slugs, snails, and puppy dog tails.

Unforgettably mentioning the first, the hardest to forget, shyness easily recognizable across the unsure countenance of the not fully developed face. Cannot seem to understand why the world works yet wounded by the gears keeping it in motion. Perfection of adolescence.

And here I sit, wallowing in the abundance of emotions that I have yet to individually distinguish. I only spent mere moments of my young life considering the blinking serenity that assists the journey of life. It seems that the rhythm of whatever I was thinking to was disrupted. The motions have not been gone through and I still stand at the fork of the road.