Loosely based on a book I'm working on.

Where it comes from, hell if I know.

A phoenix,

Brilliant reds and oranges.

Eyes like an ocean being concurred by the storm

Hers is a fighting spirit.

A dragon,

Any and all shades of blue

Eyes like emeralds glistening with pride

His is a loyal spirit.

He is her pillar

A source of inner strength

She is his heart

A reason to keep fighting.

Her mind like the stars

Always wondering and ever changing

His like an ocean

Unstoppable and calm.

Her power a surprise

Her line long dead

His expected

But seldom used.

A voice of an angel

With skills of an artisan

A mind of scholar

With nature of a student.

Together they stand

Together they stay

Opposites on paper

But kindred souls they remain.