I stare at my reflection, my knee-length, thick black hair making my skin look white. I glare with my hazel eyes as my bottom lip trembles. I have always hated my hair. How black it is and how thick it is. How it always makes me look washed out. I hate it.

I pick up the scissors and open them, holding a lock of my hair. I glare a while longer, tears running down my cheeks. I have grown my hair out for years, having been told it was 'pretty' and 'womanly'. But no more. I will do with it what I want. And I want it gone.

I bring the scissors to a close and I hear the sound of my hair being cut. I pull the limp strands away and let them go in the trash. I cry out in frustration and just keep cutting, not caring how short it is on one side compared to the other.

When my hair is so short I can't really even grasp at it anymore I finally stare at my new reflection. Everything is uneven. And it looks absolutely HORRIBLE. But the more I look at myself, the more I like it. I finally smile and wipe my tear stains away. I laugh a bit and set the scissors down.

"Who ever you are," I tell myself in the mirror, placing my hand on it, "I like you better than I liked the other girl." I giggle and pull away and spin around happily, "I like YOU! No-" I pause and stare again, "I like ME." I grin and hurry out the door of the bathroom.

I run down the stairs through the kitchen and out the back door into the backyard. I giggle and spin around in the green grass. I spot the pile of leaves and I run over and jump into it. It feels hard and scratchy and there's bound to be billions of bugs but I just don't care. I'm free from my hair and all those 'compliments'. I'm free from everything.

I giggle some more, then I look up at the sky. A blue sky with beautiful white clouds. I let out a sigh of contentment and wish I could always be like this. Never have to deal with those bullies and liars. My smile fades a bit as I think of it, but the more I think of it the more I begin to realize it will NEVER matter what they say. I can do what I want. What they say and do is of no consequence to me. I smile brightly again.

"I'M FREE!" I yell happily, tossing up some leaves.

"Oh? What are you free from?" I hear behind me. I tip my head back and I see my neighbor, Blake, grinning at me from over the top of the fence.

"That STUPID school and my STUPID hair and the STUPIDITY of society!" I shout happily tossing leaves at him.

"- Your hair?- You cut off your hair!" He straightens and quickly hops over the fence and over to me, grabbing my shoulders then running his hands all over my head and face, "Your hair is... GONE. What did you DO with it!?"

"It's in the trash in the bathroom." I grin at him.

"... It took you FOREVER to grow it out." He has a look of absolute bewilderment on his face, making me laugh.

"Yes, but it has always DEFINED me. And I don't want it to. They said I dyed it. They said it was stupid. They claimed it was pretty. I don't care. I only want to care what I think. And I think they are stupid and need to get a LIFE." I sit up and get off the pile of leaves. I shake them out of my lavender dress and pull them off my head.

"... Lilah..." He stares at me then he turns me around, takes my cheeks with his hands and stares down at me seriously, "I love you." He brings his lips down to mine and forces a passion filled kiss on my lips. My hazel eyes widen and I can't help but wonder how long he has felt that way.

"... U—um" I find myself speechless when he pulls away, face burning red.

"I am SO proud of you. Next time you want your hair cut, though, let me do it." He looks at the uneven-ness of it all then grins at me.

"I think I'll become a hairdresser. I'm pretty good at this considering." I grin right back at him.

"Whatever you want I'll help you get it. I support you completely."

"Thanks... And... You know... You're a pretty good kisser." I pull away and head inside, leaving him out there while I just feel good about myself. For the first time.