Hearing the tears in your voice is harder than seeing them

Fortunately it's a gift for me to hide those feelings for others sake

But whilst you speak and I die inside, there are hearts crumbling

Ones unable to make their simple dreams come true, thinking their worthless

Don't step in front of them and smirk your stingy ass off

I myself am one of these worthless people that can't make a simple dream awaken

Once I open my eyes I've never thought life is beautiful, but a fake presence

Life only felt like a dream where nothing went right nor did any magic happen

In life I just want to smile without having the feeling of needing to cry

And when I do cry I want do die then the feeling seems to still remain after tears

Not being able to breathe any more sounds like it'll hurt yet so does love

It just pushes you to limits of unbearable pain that follows you till death

Loves not worth a life, its not even worth my life to turn toward depression

Now all see everywhere is a place where I'm able to step off and die

So if anyone where to see my body in a pool of blood, its not murder

If you can't tell as I write this I'm expressing a strange pain with the erg of my own death

Helplessly deciding to move on to live with darkness I know I won't get beloveds pity

I'm only fighting the dark, but, I'm staying in the shade so I see just that little bit

Will it take a funnel to make me feel alive or will it make me weak to see life as a ghost

Becoming a ghost is never an option with me but I'll walk my dead life as an angel

Angels are bright extinguishing the dark in ones heart, like taking out the fire

When I grow my wings I'll find those hurt souls who seem to feel empty

The only thing I don't wont is for people to become like me which is hidden and unknown

Unlocking me is near impossible because I'm a twisted soul ready for the end…

Just a girl trying to fill an empty glass…