It was horrifying it was like my life was in ruins . To think my friend was in school in September but to find out he DIED in July and no one told me. II had asked my friend Reena and said to her "Where Royce I haven't seen him in a while?".

"You didnt know" said Reena looking at me shocked. "Know what?" I said to her looking confused. "Royce died" Reena finally said to me. "What I don't believe you! Your joking!" I said to Reena with disbelief in my eyes.

"No I'm not Royce really died" said Reena. I just couldn't believe her. I walked to another one of my friends and asked her "Did Royce really die?".

"Yea Royce died" said my friend. Everyone I said had said the same thing. Then I went on the library computer and typed Royce Hodge dead on . I found out there was a whole Facebook page dedicated just to Royce.

Then I had realization kick in. I had to believe it was right in front of the eyes staring at me start in the face.

The rest of the day I had my head down on desks and didn't talk to anyone. I just couldn't I was to depressed thinking all about Royce one of my great friends that was dead.

A/N: This is a true story