A Fiction Press Work

By Indogma

Warriors and Mages, (Possible name change in the near future…)

Authors Notes,

The Primary motivation of this is because I was lazy and didn't want to work on one of my other stories in fan fiction, for one was in the process of being proof read, and the other I had just posted another chapter on my Mount and Blade story, so I was in a stand still and needed a change. I have had this idea for a while and I originally wanted to draw this, but I such a drawing so fiction press will do! So here it is…


The dark of night was fast approaching the cliffs and bluffs that was known in the world as The Fingers. They were an area of high plateaus and wide rocky plains beneath then were loose rocks fell and covered the earth below. In the distance the sound of thunder could be heard, which was followed by a flash of lighting and another rumble of thunder. This was foretelling the coming storm that would soon add to the darkness of the night, and cover The Fingers in rain and lighting.

Beneath one of the cliff faces, knelt a lone figure. He had a long cape that now was fluttering in the storming wind that surrounding The Fingers with storm gusts; another early sign of the coming storm. In his arms the figure was holding another, a young women's body. She had blood on her chest and a small stream of blood streamed from her mouth and down her chin. She had closed her eyes, to her body and to her soul… and the redness of her cheeks were fading. She was dead…

The figure, however, was still holding on to her. Praying that she was just asleep, trying to fool himself into believing she could be back. "No," he said softy, and he voice escalated, "No, no, no, No, NO, NO, NO!" Then the rain began to fall, a heavy and cold rain. Within minutes The Fingers were covered in water from the rain. The figure's face was some drenched from the rain, and his own tears began to mix with the rain on his face, I a way masking the fact that he was crying.

"Arrgh!" He screamed, shouting up to the sky. Then he looked atop one of the bluffs, on it several cloaked figures perched themselves comfortably in the rain. All were watching the figure below the cliff, "enjoying the show" would be the most accurate way to phrase it. "You, you," said the figure on the ground holding his anger in; until he could no longer contain it, "YOU BASTARDS!"

After shouting that a glow began to surround him, it started small, then started to grow in time, soon he was basking in light. Then a bolt of lighting flashed, and the light faded, casting the entire area in darkness.

Within the flashes of lighting, one could make out a battle between the one lone figure, and the others on top of the cliff, on the very top of the same cliff. It was extremely difficult to tell what was happen. Most of the light to see the battle was provided in quick flashes from the lighting, and could not be watched easily.

The lone figure began to glow again, and when he had reached his brightest he shouted "Silence!" Immediately the light then discharged from his body and then rushed towards each of the other figure. When it reached them, it hit with a strong force that forced all of them back. Then it went dark again. For what ever reason, the storm paused with the lightning, and thus there was no source of vision for the battle.

When one lightning bolt lit up the sky, it revealed the lone figure was on the ground by the dead girl again. He was covered in blood and sobbing widely. "No… Bi… Bianca!" The young man then pick up the girls body, still holding her as if she was alive, and began to carry her out of The Fingers. The rain again covered his face and began to mix with his tears, but his face now was emotionless and pale.

Behind him, the other cloaked figure laid on the ground, motionless and becoming soaked with the rain. Showing that the lone figure was the only one that could walk out of The Fingers.


End notes

The name does have some meaning to this I swear, it's just it didn't need to come up.

Anyway let me know what you think! I may do more if I can find time.