Warrior and Mages

To be a Mage:

First, You Need a Warrior

The city of Geria was alive with commotion. The streets were full of people going about their daily affairs. Some heading to the market place to get the fresh produce, others to wander the city or meet with friends. And if anyone could guess, about half of the people there could do any some sort of magic.

Geria was considered to be one of the most prominent magic cities in the world. Magic ran in its foundations, literally. It had several small magic universities and a few prominent major universities, where magic was studied, tested, and researched in a closed environment. Many great mages and sages have come form these universities. And many more would come from these still, in the future.

On the outside of the city, stood the young man and the red haired warrior. While the young man stared at the city with familiar eye and little interest, the warrior watched it with bewilderment. Clearly she had never seen a city with this many mages before. Is just stood in awe of every small detail. The small stands were the merchants themselves used magic to help draw customers in; The street performers using magic to help their performances; the regular looking people talking or demonstrating their magic to their friends.

"You should see your face right now," laughed Maqus. He then begun to walk into the city and enter the busy array of people. The warrior the shook of the city's awe from her and then followed the young mage. "Why are you following me?" He asked without turning around. "You wanted to come here to look for a mage, right?"

"I told you, you are going to be my mage." "I never agreed to that," retorted Maqus. "Well were else am I going to find a mage like you?" The Maqus stopped and looked at Camilla. He then looked down a side street and pointed, "There's a good place to start." She then looked and saw a large building at the end of the street with a sign above the door saying, "The Imperial Union of Geria Mages". Then she looked back to Maqus, "I told you, I want you—" but when she turned to look at him, he had vanished into thin air.

Camilla then began to glow with anger. "Grrr, he thinks he's clever…" She intended to prove him wrong. Once she made up her mind, she made sure she got her way. She then began to walk through the crowd looking for the young mage who had lost her.

Elsewhere the young man was happy he was now free from the annoyance of his temporary companion. He walked freely along the street, walking slowly, taking his time along the road. As he did he lazy looked at the buildings, each one brought back memories to him. He had been there before, and not much had changed since.

He continued along the street, then he came across his destination. A small smith shop tucked away down a narrow alley. It was dirty, old and uncared for, and often scared away anyone who tried to near it, curious as to what it was and what it sold. He entered the shop, unafraid by the "dark" aura it gave. Opening the door it gave a loud, squeak.

When he entered into the shop, the door slammed shut with a forceful squeak! The shop itself was old abandoned and most of the shelves purpose seemed to be to gather dust and cobwebs. Taking a few steps in, he noticed that the store was empty of people. Walking even further in, he then heard footsteps from all around him. Then a figure then appeared behind the counter of the store. It was an old woman, her face wrinkled, and covered in sun spots and moles. She could pass off as a witch any day.

"Heh, heh, heh," she cackled, "What's a young man like you doin' in a place like this?" "Probably the same as you… old bag, just looking for a place to belong." Then they both smiled, and the boy said, "It's good to see you, Bernadette." And the old lady smiled, "Maqus," she said softy, walking around the counter and giving him a hug, which he welcomed, "How are you miboy?"

"Can't complain…" sighed Maqus. "Had to shake off a warrior that wanted me to be her mage… she was quite tiresome," then he rubbed the laces were Camilla hit him, "and tough…"

The old lady then tsked, "You shouldn't refuse every one that comes up and wants to be your partner. You'll gonna wide up alone and ugly… like me." Maqus shook his head, "It's not as easy as you think, you lost a granddaughter… I lost something more…" he said looking at the ground. "Who, Bianca?"

"Please don't say her name..." said Maqus softy. "Why?" Protested Bernadette, "She was as much family to me as to you, Maqus." "It still hurts… Bernadette. Some nights I wake up and think she is still alive. And when I remember she's gone, it's like she dies again. I have not gotten over it, I'm scared I'll never get over this…" Then he said firmly, "That's why I'm alone, I can't deal with a loss like that again." The witch then walk over to him and rubed his back, like a mother to a depressed child.

Then he sighed, "But I did not come here to dwell on the past." Then he recovered, "is it ready?" The little old lady smiled, "Yes, Maqus it is."

She then clapped her hands and the shop transformed. The inside transformed from a dark, dusty and cobwebbed filled empty shelved store, to a bright, clean store with shelves filled with vials and other magical items. She then waddled back to behind her counter. "They arrived last week, I was wondering if you forgot."

Magus then browsed at the suddenly filled shelves with it's items. "Don't you think that that cloak spell on your merchandize is a bit… much?" The little lady smiled, "No, of course not, keeps the burglars away from my merchandise." "And customers as well," he commented looking at another shelf. "Oh," said the witch, "a customer will know if they want something. And if they want it bad enough they will come to me…" Then she reached behind the counter and pulled out a long thin item wraped in a burlap cloth. Maqus then walked up to the counter and the lady carefully handed the item to the young man. He then pulled it away from the counter and removed the sack from covering the item. It revealed a bastard sword, (a sword with a handle that is one hand, [a medium size hand, but who knows how much that is…] and a half long), in a brown leather sheath.

The man then pulled the blade and it revealed a shimmering metal blade, sharpened to perfection. "Whoa," said the man under his breath. Even he was surprised by the perfection of the blade. The old lady smiled, "Made with your specifications and followed your design to a tee." Then she smiled. "You made quite a blue print…. For quite a blade." The boy then ran his finger down the flat part of the blade, "made from several different polymers." Continued the old lady, "Flareion, Aquarian, Terrba and Gueston. All fused into Bryon Steel. A very formidable weapon." Then she raised and eye brow, "For a few formidable foe… I can image." Maqus glanced back to the old lady, but then focused on the blade.

"Can I try it out?" Asked Maqus. "Hold on," said Bernadette quickly, she then claped her hands and all of the shelves and merchandise disappeared in thin air. Now the room was bare. "Go ahead." The young man then focused his attention to the sword, and on the blade runes began to glow, first it was a bright white then they began to change colors. First it changed to red, then blue, then green and then brown. After brown it then turned back to white but this time it was brighter then before and continued to grow with intensity. Then it died down and the runes slowly disappeared.

Inhaling deeply, Maqus then lowered the sword and then put the sword back into its scabbard. "It's just what ordered," smiled Maqus. "I'm glad," smiled the lady. Then she clapped and the shelves reappeared. She then reached behind the counter and then pulled a satchel with several items in it. "Here is the rest of your stuff." He walk up to the counter and picked up the satchel. As he put it on under his cloak, he asked her "Nothing else needs to be paid for, right?"

She shook her head, "nope, you paid it all." "Alright," he then smiled, "Thanks again, Bernadette." Then he turned and walked to the door. "Maqus…" said the old lady. The young man stopped and turned to look at the old lady, "Be safe, and try to forgive, not just them… but yourself…"

"Thanks, Bernadette," he sad smiling. Then turned and exited the shop. When he was out of the door, the little old lady was once again left alone. "Poor, boy." Said to herself. "Still beating himself up, no doubt still blames them as well…" Then she reacted as if she had heard a voice, "Well of course I miss her Emir! But I have buried relatives before… although she did die unnaturally… and quite young…" the she felt a tear build up in her eye. But before it could form she shook that emotion away from her. "Aw, but here ya go again trying to get me to pity the dead!" Then she clapped twice and both her and the merchandize on the shelves disappeared, returning the store to the image that it had before, a dusty and abandoned shop.

Back on the street, Maqus walked while hold his sword in front of him, pulling it out to reveal the rain-guard and a small part of the forte from scabbard. He was admiring it, he still could believe that a sword he designed turned out this well. Putting the blade back into the it's scabbard, he then tied the sword to the side of his belt opposite to the side to book was on. As he was tying the blade and scabbard to his belt, he had to look down from were here he was walking, and lost all focus as to where he was walking.

In the street in front of him, a young girl was running towards his direction. She was small, had short blue hair with a small flower tiara in it. She wore a mage's cape with a dressy top and with a skirt. She seemed to be on the run from some sort of pursuer. She then looked back to see if she could spot them, as she did she dropped all regard as to were she was running. Just as Maqus had tied his sword on his belt, he then looked up and saw the evitable collision. The young lady then plowed into Maqus with a hard tackle.

Both when flying back into the direction of the street they came from. Maqus then hit the street with a hard Thud. After a moment of confusion he slowly rose from the ground, and saw what had hit him. He looked and saw the young mage in front of him, on her knees, slowly getting up as well. Maqus then grunted heavily, stood up, and went over to the mage and helped her up. "Are you right?" He asked.

The girl then looked him and began to glow red and tear up with embarrassment, "I'm so sorry," She said, "I didn't see you there." "It's fine," he said brushing the dirt off of his back. "Why were you running?" He asked.

The young mage then looked to the street embarrassed. "Well, you see—" "There she is!" Came a loud voice from behind her. She looked and run behind Magus and looked over the side of him. Maqus, now even more confused looked ahead and saw about four men, all mages with cloaks that had red hoods, walking toward him threatening. "I don't want to be involved in this…" he said, but now one heard him.

They stopped about ten feet away from him, "Hey you! Get out of the way! The girl has business with us!" "We settled it!" Shouted the girl, "I paid you, now leave me alone!" "The price as gone up, or haven't you heard?" "What is this about," sighed Maqus, stuck in the middle of this argument. The leader of the mages looked at Maqus. Presently Maqus's cloak had covered up the side of his body with the tome book on it, but the other said was revealed, showing his blade. "So, you're her warrior, huh?"

Maqus then looked down at his sword, and tried to refute, but before he could the girl pushed him forward a little but stayed behind him, "So what if he is? What are you going to do about it?" The mages then begun to laugh, "Ha" snorted the leader, "even with your warrior, you still are going to pay up!"

"What is this about?" asked Maqus tired of this argument. "The girl owes us money for teaching her magic." "Yeah right," she retorted, "you used me for target practice! I didn't learn anything, so I don't have to pay." "How much does she owe you?" Asked Maqus.

"300 worths!" Said the leader. Maqus then looked at the girl, "Do you have 300 worths I could have." The girl stared at him coldly… "You're not giving them any of my money…" "Hey, I don't want to be here. It's better to pay them then fight, right?" "If you are such a coward, then pay them yourself." Maqus stared and her, sighed and then threw a small coin purse at the men. "Here! It should be enough in there." The young blue haired mage stared at him angrily, "Why did you do that?"

The leader then picked up the coin purse, it seemed to have more then 300 in it, but he didn't complain. "Heheh, pleasure doing business with you." Then the four of them turned and began to walk away.

However, from now where, a tiny fireball flowed threw the air and hit the leader in the shoulder. He turned with an angry look on his face and saw the blue haired mage, with an angry look on her face, still behind the young man, with her hand extended, the position often taken after casting a spell. "Why did you do that?" Asked Maqus.

"That's it!" Shouted the leader, "I now don't care about money now! We got the Red Hood Gang image to up hold!" The four of then pulled out their rune books. "You two are going to get it now!" Then all four at once, launched a fireball, (larger then the girl mage's) at the two of them.

The girl the ducked behind the young man, closed her eyes, and prepared for a fiery impact. But it never came; instead she felt a pressure on her legs and back. When she opened her eyes, she saw the young boy had picked her up. She saw that the had moved several feet to the left. The fact he was able to dodge the fireballs and carry her was impressive. He then set her down saying, "You are nuisance," then he lazy pulled out his sword. "But it looks like I'm involved anyway."

Then he glanced at the girl, "You're a mage right?" She nodded, "Then I need you to keep firing magic at them, just distract them." Then he added, "And try to make your fireballs have a little more stronger then the poor excuse of one you casted earlier." The statement didn't make her angry she knew it was true. Then the four casted another four fire balls. As they approached, the mage half expected the warrior to dodge them. But he just stood there. As they neared him, he swung is sword and all four fireballs seem to split in half and dissipate. "Can you do that, girl?" Asked the boy. The girl nodded, and said "Elvina, my name Elvina." "Maqus," replied the boy.

Meanwhile, Camilla was still looking. She felt like a foreigner in the city, not knowing where anything was. She saw another stand, and felt no other form of excitement, unlike the first time she had seen in. It had lost its "magic" with her. As she looked around, she saw a large group of people, gathered around what appeared to be a battle. "What's going on there?" She asked herself. She then walked over to it to see what it was about.

As four more fireballs flew towards Maqus, and Elvina, they dodged it. Maqus went left, and Elvina dodged right. After dodging, she then launched several icicles at the four of them. When she first casted the spell, they were about the size if thick carrots by the time, they reach them they had evaporated to size of toothpicks. While small the icicles were still damaging. She then looked around for Maqus, but could not see him. For a split second she had thought he had abandoned her. Then she saw him beside one of the red hooded mages. He then punched the mage in the face, knocking him into the ground. Before the other three could react, Maqus was upon them. Targeting the closer one, he swung his sword downward and hit the closest one on the shoulder.

The remaining two then became worried, and then focused on him. But it did not matter. He batted the two fireballs aside, and then rushed into the last two. Using his left hand, he punched the second one in the face, and then turning his back to the one he just hit, he swung his sword out and struck the final one with the sword, and finished the third one with forcing the sword's pommel into the man's side. In a second, the remaining two dropped to the group, defeated.

After a large breathe to relax, Maqus put his sword back into the scabbard, he then reached down and took back his coins and looked at the mage. She was just standing there in awe of Maqus. He had finished off four mages with little to no effort. She then began to smile and laugh.

Maqus then looked around and saw the crowd of people that were watching. They exchanged glances and one clapped, then another, soon all began to clap and cheer. A few shouted cheers, others shouted "Will you be my warrior?" and other such requests. Maqus then rubbed his head, not really basking in the cheers but rather annoyed by them.

Then Elvina ran up to him, and said "That was amazing! You are a strong warrior!" Then she smiled shyly, "I know is this odd, but will you be my warrior?" Maqus chuckled, "Sorry, but no. I don't need a mage…"

"Oh thank you— What?" She said expecting him to say yes. "What do you mean, you don't need a mage?" "Well…" he said trying to explain. "There you are!" Came another voice from the crowd. Both of them turned and saw a red headed warrior with bright orange armor forcing her way through the crowd of people. "I've been looking everywhere for you!"

Maqus put his hand to his face and began to shake is head "no". "I thought I had lost her…" He said under his breath. As the warrior walked closer, she had to walk over the four bodies of the mages. After she crossed them, she asked, "what happened here?" Then she looked at Maqus and saw the other girl. She noticed the girl had mages clothing, and a tome book. She then had an idea as to what happened, "Oh… teaming up with another mage to deal with some mage thugs." She now was even more upset; she wanted to have been apart of the fight. She walked over to him and punched him, it seemed like a friendly soft tap, but she put all of her strength in it. "That's my mage partner," she said through her teeth surprising her anger.

"Mage?" Asked Elvina, lost. "What are you talking about? He's a warrior." Camilla laughed, "Haha, look little girl, I know this guy longer then you have—" "You met me this morning." He interjected. "—and I know for a fact he is a powerful mage. I watched him take out several bandits with a single spell!" "Well I just saw him take out four mages in a heartbeat! Using only his sword!" The two then leaned closer in, staring into each other's eye's fiercely. "Why don't we asked him?" Requested the mage. "That sounds fine with me…" said the warrior.

Then they said in unison, "Well which one are you?" Maqus just shook his head. Then the two girls looked down and saw both sides of his belt. One had a sword and his left side and a rune book on the other. Then they came to the realization, "You are a warrior-mage?!" Maqus just sighed. The crowd began to mummer between themselves, "A warrior-mage?" "They say they are powerful." "So he is both a warrior and mage?" "That is a lot of work." "But he's so young." "Who is he?"

Maqus then knew he was the situation he didn't want to be in: the talk of the town. But the murmurs stopped when the leader mages slowly got up. "You" he pointed at Maqus, "You've just made an enemy of the Red Hoods!" And with that he forced his way through the crowd and was gone.

Maqus then sighed heavily. He made an enemy… not what he came here to do. He then turned and started to walk back the way he started. "Hey were are you going?" Demanded Camilla. He ignored her, and kept walking. "Get back here! You're my mage!" "Well he's my warrior!" Said the mage.

"No, his not! I met him first." "He never said he was your mage now did he!" "Well he never said he was not!" (actually he did, several times in fact.) The two continued to bicker between each other while following the young man. He just shook his head, he now had to tagalongs… One a warrior, and another a mage, and both wanted him for one of his skills or the other.

-End Notes.


Maqus- is a play off of the word Magus, which is a root word for Magic in Latin. Camilla, I think I will shorten that to Cami, is named after the warrior Queen of Volscians. Elvina name means magical being or friend in old English.

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