Can't you see?

I only have your best interest in mind.

You're being a fool,

To think she really loves you.

She's got a rep for this sorta thing,

They come and go,

Cut loose so cruelly.

She must be bored,

To come back to you.

To her you're nothing special.

She gossips 'bout you when you're not around.

Not to sound rude,


I'm not your crutch when she ain't your princess,

When she leaves you high and dry.

Who's the one who listened to your tears?

No more.

Not again.

I'm sorry,

I'm done.

It's time you open your eyes to the truth.

She isn't perfect,

She's not worth it.

Do you really just wanna be her backup man?

She'll never love you like you do her,

Hate to be brutal,

But it's true,

You're being played.

I had your best interest at heart,

But my words weren't enough.

So I'm done.

Good luck.

You'll need it.

A/N: I wrote this about a month ago, when a lot of drama was unfolding about me. Basically. I liked this one guy, who was in love with another girl who treated him like a toy to play with when alone, then discard him later once she grew bored. And, he never seemed to see any of it. Though, people other than me could see in plain as day. :/ Anyway. This poem was for him, to him. I sound like a dramaqueen, I know. But. I was upset. So. XD This became the product. Hope ya liked it. Review! I'd appreciate it. :)