"I'll miss you, Titus."

The voice echoed, long and soft, a memory engraved in mind forever. The soft yellow eyes I'd been drawn in by with a fierce wanting looking at me sadly, yet inside I knew they were thinking of someone else. My Morin, with another man. And a Wolf to boot. My lip curled in a snarl.

A woman's cough brought me out of my reminiscing. The train car rumbled on its track, jolting me in my seat. Tec-Tran was and older form of transportation with an actual track, and the cheapest. The interior was a little worn, with advertisements a few years out of date lining the walls. Bugs and dirt coated half the windows, making the outside world invisible.

I shifted in my seat. Like being stuck in midair on a flimsy rail on a way outdated train wasn't bad enough, now I'm beginning to feel claustrophobic. I looked out the dirtied window, resting on the sill, absorbing in the person looking back at me.

Short spiked black hair, just above two deeply carved scars curved on both sides of my temple. Ironically, they resembled bullhorns. A solid golden ring hung from the septum of my nose. Two tired red eyes lined in black stared blankly back at me. I felt defeated.

Just imagining my persona, The Great Bull Titus, defeated, brought a dry smile to my solemn face. I've lost the one thing I loved…with nothing to take its place, I had nothing. I can already see my sister as I land in Nirome, mocking me by saying she 'told me so'. A deep grunt escaped my lips.

Two other people occupied the train car. One was an elderly man, probably in his eighties, with deep crow-lines and dark brown eyes. His aura was green, indicating he was some sort of reptile. A long cane rest at his side like a silent companion.

The other occupier was a young woman, in her late twenties. Long brown hair cloaked her shoulders like a veil, also hiding her face in wondrous shadow.

It took me a moment and a second glance to realize her aura was off. How, I don't know. My senses' exploded in a flurry of colors, my whole body twitching in anticipation.

Something caught my eye outside the window. I stood, my animal instincts taking over. Something was definetly wrong. Suddenly, everything went dark. But the lights weren't out. They were even brighter, as it was outside that had gone dark. Something was out there, I could smell it.

The old man in the back was looking around himself frantically, cane in hand. I walked out into the isle, surveying the small enclosure. It didn't take long for me to notice that the brown-haired woman was gone.

I stood silent, bracing my entire body. Muscles in my neck and arms rippled and shifted, my entire being forming to its natural state; a bred fighter.

Nostrils flaring, my heightened senses saved me just in time. A strong force fell from above, the whole train car shaking on its' airborne tracks.

Hands grasped, I held her above me, pushing back with all my might as she did the same. Blue aura shifted around her. A fish. I smirked.

I surged power from core, pulsing it through my arms like a wave a rage. Red mist formed around my body.

The woman frowned, fear in her eyes. I love that look.

I pushed forward unexpectedly, causing her to lose her balance. She fell away, out of my reach. It wasn't over yet. She came at me once more, like a dagger with immense speed. Her foot swung out in a wide arch, spinning her heel at my head.

I ducked just in time, my side hitting against a seat. She jabbed at me with her fingers pointing out. I slid into her open spot: chest and stomach.

"Is that all you got!" I screamed, my fist packed with energy hitting her square in the ribs.

She stumbled backwards, her hand covering her wound in vain attempt to stop the pain. She gagged.

"I guess that is." I said, flexing my hand. Now I just felt irritated.

"Hah. You're too cocky, Titus." The woman's smile chilled me. She looked up at the ceiling just as something thudded on the top of the train car.

I glared at her. "You-"

My raging was cut off by the sound of an explosion. The windows bust inward, an array of shattered glass sprinkling the seats and floor. I covered my eyes from the tiny daggers as wind rushed in.

A low growl formed in my throat, my temples tingling as my anger rose again.

In the tiny shattered pieces of glass you are able to see the form which I have taken. Two long, piercing sharp horns protruded from the temples of my reflection. Curved and black, they looked very much like bullhorns. Eyes glowing red and black, I charged the woman with all my might, pissed off to no end.

"GrrrrAAuuhhhh!" A half-human, half-animal cry slipped between my lips. The woman tried to dodge, but was too slow for my power. I reared my hand back, charging at her. My fingers made contact with her eye sockets.

I hooked my fingers. She screamed like a siren. I placed my feet to her chest, kicking off with full force. A crack. A split. The whole front of her face came away with me. Blood cascaded in every direction like rivers of crimson.

He body fell to its knees, toppling to the dirtied floor. Something rolled from her neck. A pendant necklace marked with a simple 'X' lay beside her body. An X…my head felt dizzy for a moment, memories locked in the recesses of my mind submerging. It can't be…

Something rustled behind me. I twisted to look, anger refueled again, only to see a wooden cane connect with the back of my neck, an unseen energy zapping me.

Then all was black...


Everything was still dark when I woke. Granted, the room I was in was a windowless cell with only a single cement door and chains keeping me from the outside world. The chains lay limp around me, connected to my wrists in two giant clasps of metal. I followed the links of silver with my eyes, seeing how they ended welded to the wall I was leaning against.

The feeling in my arms and legs began to return in pins and needles. As soon as I could, I rose onto my knees, chains clinking. I rolled my shoulders and neck to get the kinks out, groaning in relief.

"Damn…" I cursed aloud. To be caught that easily, and by an old man, was disgraseful. Now look where I am. An even smaller and shitier pothole. Great.

Now…to get these chains off.

Tightening my arm muscles, I pulled against the force of the cuffs with the strength that I had. Grunting, I used my legs as a support on the ground. The small silver links creaked under the pressure but did not break.

What? Ugh. Try again…Huffing, I played tug-of-war with the chains for probably ten minutes till I stopped to catch my breath, brows sweating and bent over. Blood dripped from my wrists, the metal rubbing my skin raw, cutting into it.

I was at it again, twisting and turning every which way; tugging and tearing, when I heard something. I froze, ears practically perked and fists ready to pound.

From the solid cement door a deadbolt-like mechanism 'clicked' and shifted out of place. The door slid into the wall with an eerie rumble of cement on cement.

A shadow stood in the doorway, light flooding in from behind.

"You won't be able to break those chains, you know. They're made from the strongest metal found in the whole world."

The man standing before me was like nothing I'd ever seen. Tall and slender, sleek black hair and even darker eyes, he wore a light blue tux: tie and everything. An air of power surrounded him.

"Is that so?" I questioned him.

"Of course, Titus. Not to mention," the man walked over to one of the walls, out of my reach of course, and ran his hand over its surface. "this is Dianide Cement. It's indestructible."

I huffed, not believing a word he said. Maybe I am too cocky, but who cares, right?

"I'm sorry. And you are…?" my tone was anything but nice.

"Oh, my bad." He smiled. "You probably don't remember me. Just call me Synke." This 'Synke' gave a crude bow, his eyes never leaving my sight.

"Remember you?" I asked.

"Anyways. Its about time I got back to the control room." Synke said, changing the subject. He turned to leave.

"Wait!" I called out. He stopped, not even bothering to turn around. Where am I?"

He smiled once more. "Aboard the Xenox slave ship, ten thousand kilometers above Nirome and headed to Kantor. So just sit back and enjoy the ride. It's gonna be a while."

He walked out, the indestructible door closing behind him.

It was dark again.