Night 1: On the hunt for a dark soul

There was a sudden jolt. I could see it. My prey, running ahead.

The forested area around me blocked my view of him, but I had this keen thing called hunter sense. And night vision. Being me does have its advantages.

I ran, following the poor soul. I gave him a chance. I let him live to prove himself, yet he failed the simplest of tasks. Now it was his time.

I, Grimm Reaper, am here for a soul.

A stumble. A fall. He lay there, sobbing and dirty from the mud. His soul was dark as well, and that is what I could see. It looked delicious.

My hand wrapped around air, instantly filled with a cold rod. The moon caught the metal of the scythe, curved like a crescent moon, with a triangular cut missing from its silver blade. I raised the God-forbidden weapon above my head.

"Please…I'll do anything! Spare me please God!" his shrill pointless cries were cut off from the world. So was his head, falling and rolling limply on the ground beside his body.

"Your God has already left you." I said to his dead carcass.

Above him, a swirling mass of black mist floated above the ground, still bound to the mans body. I reached for it, my cold hand revealed from the long black sleeves of my cloak as it slid off. With that hand, I gripped the black mist, or the soul, and pulled it towards my face.

With my other hand, I pulled down the red wrapping from my mouth, revealing rows of razor sharp teeth, with black seared lips shifting from a thin line of a mouth to a gaping hungry one. The mist disappeared into its depths, as I swallowed the slightly tangy, yet tantalizing dark soul.

The best I've had in ages, I think.

I looked down at the dead body, no emotion on my face as shadows danced across it, hiding the true ferocity of my mouth. The mouth of a Soul Hunter.

My name is Grimm Rose Reaper, and I have caught my prey.


Day 1: Brothers and father

The morning sun rose, its light pinkish rays flooding across the wooded floorboards of the cabin. I grunted and rolled over in the sheets of the bed. It was way too early…couldn't the sun just wait a couple of extra hours to rise?

The events of last night left me drained, tired from hunting. Unlike normal people, my food wasn't served on a plate.


Wind rushed in as the door swung on its hinges, and two big figures stepped into the room, barreling and pushing. Both the figures were panting.

"Griiimmmm, it's time to wake uuuupppp!"

I looked up at the two annoying voices belonging to the two annoying men. They act more like kids, I thought. I rolled over again, facing the wall.

"Go away." I grumbled.

"Don't be so grim, Grimm." The voice belonging to Sakae said.

"Ha! Nice one bro." commented Sirii.

Suddenly, a strong yank pulled the blanket from the clutches of my hands, leaving me out in the open. I instinctively covered my Jaw-ish mouth. The breeze made me shiver.

"Come on. We're headed to town to buy some herbs, and Cap wants to know if you wanna come with us." Sakae asked.

"No. I was out all night, so I'm tired. Sorry guys. Maybe next time." I explained. I was looking at them now from the bed, observing their expressions.

Sakae had strong features, that being related to his ability, witch is a Dragonshifter. His hair is a light brown, with streaks of blonde, and blazing yellow eyes with slits for pupils. His height was a staggering 6'9" with a sturdy stance. His arms and hands were beefy, and yet lean. Yes, he was handsome. Very handsome.

Sirii wasn't much different. They are brothers after all, only a year apart. Siriis' hair was silver, tinted with blue. His eyes were a light shade of blue as well, bringing out his features nicely. He was around the same height as Sakae, but an inch shorter or so. His muscles didn't show as much, him being a Dogshifter and all.

I looked at the both of them with sadness. My sulky nature always let them down, but I was tired, so at least I had a good reason.

"Naw, that's fine Grimm. Maybe another day, right?" Sakae dragged Sirii with him as they left the room together.

I tried to sleep after that, but the disappointed look on their faces kept me from such pleasures. So I got up, wondering over to the window of flooding light.

Outside, I saw a wooden wagon, a black old stallion with grey spots speckled on its old chiseled body from years of laborous work. Loading the wagon was Sakae and Sirii. Those two are like my brothers, having never left my side. Alongside them, I saw Cap Degrard. You could say he was like our father. The only ones related by blood were Sakae and Sirii, Cap having rescued us all many years ago.

He was an average looking man, medicine being his specialty. After having saved us from different predicaments, we've stayed with him as his sons, helping him with patients and house calls.

Looking out at them, I realized how kind they all were. They would do anything for anyone. But I still wonder. Why did Cap help me all those years ago? He knew what I was. What I am. So do Sakae and Sirii, though they never talk about it. Sure, the only one human living here is Cap, but I am different from shifters like my brothers. I…am death.

The Grimm Reaper. Stories have been told of my now extinct kind. I am the last, and so my job was busier than a normal Grimm Reapers'. I take the souls of those who are evil to the core. It may seem noble, but you try having to deal with literally sucking the souls out of people.

I sighed.

By now the wagon was already on its way down the dirt road.


Evening 1: Memories of a nightmare

I was running. Shadows engulfed me. I could feel them. All around me, moving, breathing, laughing at me. At my fear of them. My heart felt like it was being squeezed. Chest heaving, I curled into a ball, my small childish body growing even smaller. Tears fell down my face, stained red and sweating.

The tears were blood. Out of every pore, seeped the crimson liquid. From my ears, nose, eyes. Everywhere, blood…

I'm scared…is anyone there? I'm scared…

Trembling body. Shaking hands. So scared, so scared…

Do not cry, little reaper. We do not cry. Our tears of blood are pointless, ignored even by the heavens. No one will care. There's no one here to save you now. Even God cannot save you from your fate…little Grimm Reaper.

I looked up into the darkness. There, two golden red eyes stared back at me. In them, I saw a malice so evil, so intense, I screamed, my little body unable to move as the eyes got closer, a mouth forming under them, as it widened and swallowed me whole…

I woke with a jolt, beads of sweat running down my forehead. My breath was short, as the black smoke of my breath formed above me. I closed my eyes, telling myself it was only a dream. Only a memory…

I looked out the window from the bed, seeing the black of night.

I must've fallen back asleep sometime after Cap and them left. I rose from the bed, my hands just barely shaking from the dream. Many times I have seen it, over and over again, yet why does it still frighten me so?

I got up to walk to the main house, which lights' were shining in the dark night. As I walked by I caught a glimpse of my too familiar self.

Black and charred, my grim mouth frowned back at me like an evil reminder of what I was. Black maroon hair fell around my face like ribbons of blood. And my eyes…so black…no emotion showed in them, just like the nightmare monster in my memories.

I huffed at the reflection, which in turn did the same, as I walked out of the small cabin to join my "family".


Night 2: disrupted dinner

"Well look who's up." Cap said the moment I walked through the door. It's so like him, to point out the obvious.

"It's 'bout time bro!" Sirii called to me. Both him and Sakae were sitting at the dinner table while Cap gathered food on a plate.

"Will the great Grimm be eating with us tonight?" Cap asked me in a joking tone. I shook my head.

"…I've got stuff to take care of."

"Again?" asked Sakae, a little peeved as far as I could tell.

"Yes. I'll be back before morning this time." I said, exiting the small house, leaving them quiet, and probably a little annoyed at my rudeness.

I don't care though. I'm a Grimm Reaper.

We don't care about anything…


Night 2 Part 2: An angel appears

I could sense it.

The dark scent of a black soul, lingering in the wind.

It was coming from the east, the opposite way of the village and just a mile or so away from the house. I followed the scent, intent to catch my prey. The hunger was taking over, my mouth barring my fangs ready for food.

I ran, or more like shifted, through the shadows like a creature of the night; not a single sound made.

Up ahead, there was a sudden crash, disrupting the night as birds flew from their perches in the trees. I didn't stop for a second. I was reaching the edge of the wooded area, when I saw them, like two archenemies, come to fight to the death.

A creature, most likely the source of the dark soul, as tall as the trees around it, its spine scaled with long spikes. Its leathery skin captured the shadows, making it look like it was emanating evil. Long fangs bared, connected to a short snakelike snout, hissed and spat. It thrashed its huge body around, tumbling trees and crushing anything unlucky enough to come beneath it.

Something came from the shadows, like a swift dagger of light. The creature roared as a deep gash appeared across its face, blood spurting out.

I followed the ray of light to were it landed below the beast that howled in pain. A white cloak fluttered in the wind like a white sheet of silk embroidered with golden crosses and cuffs. A sword dangled from his grip, silver and pure, not a spot of blood on it. I kept watching, as he leapt up to face the monster again in a clash. Long white hair fell across his shoulders, and short bangs stopped above his eyes. Those, I noticed right away, were a crystal blue, so bright and beautiful that everything around him looked dull in comparison.

So distracted by his looks, I jumped when the man was whacked down by the beasts' tail. He crashed into the hard ground, bringing up dust around him. His sword went spinning through the air, landing on the other end of the opening.

The beast reared its head, ready to attack.

Without thinking, I jumped between them.

Scythe in hand, I swung with all my might, blocking the biting and hissing fangs with the black pole. Everything sped up as I pushed the creature back, swinging my bladed stick at its open throat.


The shrill cry filled the air, full of hatred and vengeance like I've never heard before. Blood pooled around the dead lump, what was moments ago a murderous thrashing monster. Drops of its blood dripped off of my scythe.

I tensed. Something sharp was at my back. The man…I forgot about him for a second…

"Don't try anything funny now. Turn around slowly." A deep and smooth voice commanded.

Just to humor him, I even put up my hands, scythe now gone, as I turned around to face him.

"Don't worry, funny's not usually my style." I said sarcastically, facing him.

I froze. Up close, I could see his features better. It was like looking at perfection. His jaw was thick, yet smooth like the rest of him. He was also taller up close. He rose above me at least a whole foot or two.

My black eyes met his blue ones. It took me a second to realize he was also starring, as if he's never seen a Reaper before. Luckily I was wearing my wrap around my mouth. Wouldn't want to scare the pretty boy off, now would we?

"Are you a…Grimm Reaper?"

I didn't expect him to ask that.

"No, I just happen to wear a black cape for fun and parade around with a sharp scythe that no blacksmith can make on his own. Obviously I am, smart one." I retorted not too nicely. It's just my luck to run into someone like him.

"Of course I know what you are. I've just never seen one up close or in person before…"

"Well sorry if I crushed your expectations buddy. And what are you supposed to be?" I asked.

"An angel." He said simply.

"Oh. Great."

Oh shit.


Day 2: Angels and Reapers

I tried to lose him, but he's smarter than he looks. After he told me he was an angel, I wanted to get to know him even less.

You see, angels and Reapers don't necessarily get along. Angels save souls, do good things, and are very optimistic.

Grimm Reapers send souls to Hell, do bad things, and are bipolar half the time. The other half their just plain depressing. We're not exactly evil, so I just think of myself as the darker side of good. I send souls who deserve their punishment to where they belong. Hell.

I went straight to my cabin when we reached home, shutting the man out. I've yet to learn his name, but I really don't care. He didn't ask for mine either, so whatever.

Morning came.

I walked over to the main house, the sun blinding my tired eyes.

I heard chattering inside. I walked in, expecting to see just Cap and my brothers. I found an extra member sitting with them.

I mentally sighed.

Sitting at the table as if he'd been here before, was the angel. Even in daylight, he was still beautiful; I couldn't take my eyes off him.

"Good morning, Grimm." He said. I was shocked he learnt my name. But yet again my brothers do like to talk…

"What is he doing here?" I asked Cap, ignoring angel mans' greeting.

"He happened to venture inside while I was getting some coffee. Grimm, can you believe it? An angel! I haven't seen one in person for years!" Cap exclaimed with excitement. I looked at him with a 'are you serious' look.

"Oh really?" I asked skeptically, looking again at angel boy. He smiled back at me.

I made a swift turn and left them to enjoy the oh so glorious angel. You know, the one I saved. He really should owe me.

I smiled. An angel at the whim of a Reaper. I shook the thought from my head. I want nothing more to do with him.

"Hey, Where you going?" a voice called behind me. Angel boy rushed beside me with a determined look.

"What do you want?" I asked, continuing to walk.

He gave me one last look before looking ahead. "You haven't asked for my name yet." He said after a second.

"Never occurred to me, sorry. You didn't ask for mine either." I stated. Its not like I desperately wanted him to know, but some part of me wanted him to keep talking to me.

" I figured you wouldn't tell me, so I asked your friends back there. But as for me…my name is Micheal."

The angel, or Micheal, held his hand out to the side for a shake. I hesitated a moment. I rarely have skin-to-skin contact with anyone, much less an angel.

I huffed, taking his hand in mine. I felt right away how warm it was, as well as big. The sudden feel of another's skin, belonging to one so beautiful. Then, all the sudden, a shock of electricity sparked between our clasped hands. I jerked my hand away, a singing pain lingering on my palm. Micheal did the same, his face as shocked as mine.

"Um…sorry…that was odd, huh?" I said, jokingly.

Micheal shook his head in agreement, still a little bewildered.

"Aw, how stupid of me. I forgot about the rule." he said.

"Rule?" I asked.

"It is forbidden for Angels to have any kind of physical contact…"

I thought that over for a second. For some reason, it made me a little sad. Why? I really don't know…

As we continued walking, me keeping my distance so as not to get shocked again, I found my situation not uncomfortable in the least. Granted, I don't know why Micheals' following me, walking beside him makes me feel calm. For me, that's a rare thing. I chanced a glance at him, watching him as he walked beside me. His face looked serene, like nothing could ruin his day. Why was he here? Do I feel calm because he's an angel? How long is he going to stay? And will he- I shook my head. All these questions seemed to be coming out of my subconscious. I've never been this interested in anyone before like this.

It took me a moment, but I realized I was starring at Micheal. He looked at me in the last moment and I glanced away. Damn…what's wrong with me?

"I must ask, why do you wear that wrap around your face." The question took me by surprise.

"I just do." Was all I said. I could swear to you, the moment he my true face, he'd think much differently Reapers. He wouldn't look at me with those curious eyes anymore…

Shit…something's seriously up here…


Evening 2: A little help goes a long way

I don't mind that angel boy tagged along, but something seemed off in town. By now, I am used to the cold looks or glares, people dodging inside to avoid even seeing me. It was only natural for life to run from death.

The whole town knows what I am, regretfully. And their reactions proved it.

"What's up with these people?" Micheal asked, leaning down to whisper.

Without even trying to keep the conversation secret, I said plainly, "Because I'm a Reaper. They fear me. Or more like, they fear what I might do."

"But Reapers don't hunt normal souls."

"Try telling them that." I said. We continued to walk through the town.

Those who didn't run at the sight of me stood and gawked at Micheal. He didn't seem to notice them ogling him. I gritted my teeth.

Yeah, yeah. He's beautiful. Now stop staring