Having patched things up with Tyler made things much better for the both of us. I wasn't naive to believe everything was sorted and that was the end of it but I was so glad to have some normality. Normality was all I wanted but always seemed so out of reach. I tried not to think about that as we made our way down to the train station. This time we were nervous as we waited for the first train to come. It worried us because we had been caught by a station so we were expecting it this time. We couldn't stop looking around and kept looking over our shoulders as if expecting to see the suits that meant trouble.

The train station was pretty empty, though. Apart from us there was only a few others passing by and so we were safe. It took about half an hour for a train to come and this time we actually paid and took seats near the back. For a while, I watched the scenery passing by in a whirl of colours until I felt my eyes drooping.

"Have a rest," Tyler murmured, arm winding around me and pulling me closer. I could feel how soothingly warm he was and I knew I couldn't argue so gave in.

There were corridors after corridors. I walked down one, only to be greeted with another. They were never ending. I was panicking as I made my way forwards, certain I needed to go on. Not that I knew what for. All I could hear was my quickening heartbeat along with the sound of my shoes on the floor and was greeted with nothing more than the all too familiar corridors. Hospital corridors, I was sure. They smelt of disinfectant and it burnt my nose. The floor was clear and shiny whilst the walls were white, one side full of large windows whilst there was a hand rail along the other side.

There were no signs. I guess I was too nervous to really notice much, but I was convinced of that. Wasn't that strange for a hospital? Didn't they always have them, just so people knew where they were going? Not only that, but these corridors seemed to go on and on. There were twists, I'd be forced right when there was nothing ahead or to the left, but it never stopped. I wasn't exaggerating, just going crazy.

"Come on…," I murmured. My voice echoed and showed just how nervous I was.

Almost immediately, I was able to hear talking. The voices were ahead of me and in a haze, I ran towards them. "I don't want any more to drink. Stop, please," I heard the weak and tired voice I recognised easily say as I got closer.

"Ty!" I bellowed, speeding towards his voice. It was him. I would always recognise his voice so easily. Grinning, feeling the tension and panic drain from me like his voice had pulled the plug, I turned right when left and ahead were dead ends. I froze almost immediately.

The door ahead was ajar and I could still hear talking. Now it was a forceful, female voice that argued with my Tyler, telling him he needed to drink some more. Tyler was on the bed, refusing point blank to drink any more. I could just see him through the gap. He had his head turned but I could tell he was pale and weaker. He had lost a lot of weight and his skin looked pasty and sunken. He was surrounded by people we knew. My parents, his parents –who looked very much alive- and friends. I frowned, puzzled. Why didn't I know he was ill? I needed to see what was going on!

I stepped forward, pushing the door as it creaked. All eyes, except Tyler's, found me, narrowing with accusation. Blood drained from my face and I felt my jaw drop. I felt guilty, even if I didn't know why. "You bitch. You did this!" As Tyler's mother, Elizabeth, stepped forward and pointed at me, I stepped backwards. Only, it was just wall behind me now.

"I'm sorry!" I called out, even if I didn't know what for. I just had to get to Tyler, that was all I could think about. "Let me speak to him, please…"

I could see him over her shoulder. He was looking back at me. His brown gaze wasn't venomous like everyone else's. It looked just as guilty and sad as my own. There was love there, though. That gave me some hope, at least.

I closed my eyes and suddenly everything felt different. The sounds and smells were the same but I was on a bed, sat up. I felt weak so it was welcoming and I just wanted to curl up and sleep. Reluctantly, I opened my eyes. I was still in the hospital. Only, my mother was the one pointing at Tyler who was backed against the wall. He had the same sorrowful look as before and I returned it.

The train pulled to a stop when I was slowly waking up, heart still beating hard against my chest thanks to the dream. The weak, midday sun was high now and so I could be certain some time had passed. I lifted my head up from Tyler's shoulder and yawned, gazing out of the window as I did. I smiled sleepily, feeling somewhat rested. Was it just me or did naps during the day, especially when travelling, make you feel more rested and refreshed?

"Good morning, sleepy head," he said, kissing my cheek.

I leaned back into him, giving him a smile. "Hey Pie," I replied, doing my best to push the dream to the back of my mind. "Where are we?"

"Home," he said, standing up and grabbing our suitcases from the seats opposite. I frowned but got up, staggering a bit as I did. We were soon off onto the station and surrounded by more people than before. It made me a bit nervous and so I took Tyler's hand, staying close whilst continuously looking around.

I didn't see any signs for where we were but it didn't matter and both of us were aware it was only important for us to get away and so we headed out, away from all the prying eyes as quicklyand quietly as possible. Neither of us talked, our eyes became narrowed and we concentrated hard. It was like we really were criminals and it was insane but I could feel my adrenaline running. I wasn't sure if I could ever live a normal life...

When we made it just outside a village that told me we were in Nestley Village, we stopped. It was on the outskirts of a field, the village behind some trees and a hill with a small cottage on top in front. We still hadn't spoken but ended up sitting beside a big tree, Tyler putting his jacket down for me to sit on first. We remained silent for a few minutes, my head against his shoulder. There were cows in the distance, I could hear the occasional moo amongst the birds tweeting. A cool breeze tickled my skin but I didn't care. I was too busy thinking, anyway. Tyler and I needed a new plan...

"We can't keep running. We can't go back. My Dad, Seth and his cronies are set out to find us. They'll send you back to prison because you're a supposed criminal on the run. I'll be forced to marry Seth after it is announced I'm actually alive. Shane and Rose were killed because... because they were thought to have information on us." I ticked each fact off my finger. Acting as if they were the facts of life for someone else, that I was just going to offer them advice made it easier. I could be observational and relaxed. To each one, Tyler nodded. I wished he wouldn't, that he would tell me I was mixed up but I had gone on. We needed to set the facts out if we were going to do something. "I have no clue for what to do."

Tyler let out a sigh as his arm wrapped around my shoulder. I buried my head into his chest for the comfort only he seemed to be capable of giving me. It washed over me and for a moment I was numb from the problems. Still, it was at the back of my mind, making its way in. I closed my eyes but it didn't shut the world off anymore.

"Never in a million years did I think I'd end up in a situation quite like this." We had both been quiet, just thinking about the facts. Tyler's words broke the silence and made me smile slightly.

"Having been shot, suffering thanks to the World's worst father and being forced to get married twice before dying of cancer and waking up back in the past only to have a load of different problems? Yeah, I never thought I'd end up in this mess, either."

Tyler laughed but it wasn't quite true. I just buried myself deeper into his shoulder. "What are we going to do, though?" I almost didn't want him to answer. The idea of hearing Tyler say that he didn't know, that there was no plan and we were in danger, scared me more than anything. He seemed to be thinking about it, not that I was sure what to think of that.

"You know, you forgot the fact you aren't in the right time period."

"I suppose I did," I said. It was always on my mind but it seemed to be taking a back seat. Had I stopped believing I would go back? But what would I go back to? I shuddered as my dream came to memory. There was no way I could go back to that. Not to hospital and being ill...

"Don't you want to go back?"

"I don't know. What if I'm just dying there? It isn't like any of this makes sense." I gulped. Why did it feel like we were at the start with no clue and just a long struggle in front of us? There just didn't seem to be any option and every path was a dead end.

"The way I see it is, we just have to do what we always do." I raised an eyebrow so he explained, "we go with the flow and take things day by day. We've clearly gotten through a lot of difficult situations so this shouldn't be any different."

It was by far an answer to my problem. For once Tyler didn't have a plan and we were still pretty much at risk. Yet, he did make things seem better. We stood a chance and that was all I needed to know for now at least. I nodded at his words and leaned up, kissing him slowly. "I love you."

"And I love you." His thumb brushed across my cheek. His brown eyes told me a complicated story but I was so glad I didn't see the guilt or sorrow like in my dream.

We stayed under the tree for what felt like an eternity. The sun had slowly set and the sky was darkening as night threatened to smother us. It was getting cold too and I found myself cuddling deeper into Tyler. He pulled away after a while though, taking my hand as he stood up and I mirrored him.

"We need a place to stay for the night at least," he murmured. We walked into Nestley village. It was an old fashioned village that I instantly decided I liked. The Victorian style building with the wooden beams and such were always a favourite of mine. They were just so pretty. Hand in hand, Tyler and I passed a cafe and local post office until we were at a pub.

"Shall we?"

"After you," he said, opening the door. I laughed lightly, walking in and hoping for the best.