Father, Son and the Holy Ghoul

Have you ever experienced something so morbid; so daunting that it causes fear to escalate up your spine? Well I have, and the encounter is far more frightening than death itself…

Ever since I had resigned from priesthood, strange happenings began to occur in my home. From slamming of doors to shifting of furniture, my abode had been a hotspot for unexplainable phenomena. Yet, my cynical mind refused to believe that any of this was 'supernatural'. That was the reason why I had resigned from my priestly duties after all – I stopped believing in what I couldn't see.

As the sun began to set and the moon began to rise, midnight had steadily drawn near. The sizzling screech of the boiling kettle droned in my head as I decided to pour myself one last cup of tea.

In a sudden moment, an unexpected boom caught my ear as one of the kitchen cupboards suddenly shut close. Startled, I ignored the weariness in my mind and continued to pour hot water into my mug. As I placed the kettle back down on the counter, a frenzied noise was emitted from its electrical plug. In an attempt to switch it off, I was shocked as a slight electrical current passed through me. Lights then flickered.

Alarmed, I swiped one of my steak knives and grasped it tightly in my hand. "Who's there?" I beckoned. No reply.

My eyes darted from wall to wall; searching for a trace of human existence. Then suddenly, the faintest laughter caught my ear.

It's coming from the storage room!

Thinking it to be the 'intruder', I charged past my lounge to where the storage room lay. With a swift pull of the handle, the door jolted open. Silence. Secluded from light, the room had been enveloped in darkness. "Hello?" my voice echoed. Irrational thoughts raced through my head, overshadowing my logical mind.

After a perplexed sigh and roll of the eyes, I decided it had just been my imagination playing tricks on me; a concoction of fear due to my drowsy state.

As I was about to close the widened door, a cold breeze trickled up my spine; and in the very next moment, the fictitious abruptly became real…

Like a potent hurricane, a vigorous force pushed me inside the storage room and before I had a chance to safely land on my feet, the door jammed close with an ominous bang!

"Ow, headache," I exclaimed, feeling a pounding drum beat against my skull. I tried to raise my arm, in an attempt to cool down my heated forehead with my freezing hand. Yet to my surprise, my limb refused to move. 'Lift,' I ordered.

Against my control, my body began to rise as my eyes opened, revealing to me my location – it was sunrise and I was in my bedroom. What was I doing here?

Following its own orders, my body continued to move by itself and, having collected a few clothes from my cupboard, stood in front of my mirror and started getting changed. What was going on?

A slight chuckle emanated from inside my head, though it wasn't me who snickered.

As I faced myself in the mirror, dread and horror consumed me. A shadowed glare reflected from my vacant eyes as a silent smirk formed on my face. This wasn't me, someone was controlling me!

'This one will do,' the chuckler stated.

'Who - what will do?' I mentally questioned.

'Your body,' it replied, 'it's mine.'