On August 6th, 1945, American, "land of the free and home to the brave" dropped 'Little Boy' on the Japanese industrial city of Hiroshima. 'Little Boy', nicknamed by the United States Military, is actually one of the two most disastrous bombs dropped in human history. Those bombs are none other than the Atomic Bombs. The atomic bomb was created in the south western desert of the United States under top secret conditions. The experiment name is the 'Manhattan Project'. The 'Manhattan Project' was run by Doctor Robert Oppenheimer. Robert was a Jewish German who fled his home country in fear of getting killed by the NAZI, AKA the national socialist. The second Atomic Bomb was dropped on Nagasaki just three days after the first bomb due to the Japanese government failure at offering up their unconditional surrender. The second bomb was nicknamed 'Fat Man'. Many people asked, "Was America justified in dropping the atomic bomb on Japan? I believe that we were for three reasons; to get revenge, to save lives, and to end war.

I believe America was justified in dropping an atomic bomb on Japan was purely to avenge the lives taking at Pearl Harbor. On December 7th, 1941, Pearl Harbor was attacked and bombed by Japanese pilots without warning. Behind them they left chaos, 2,403 dead, 188 destroyed planes and a crippled Pacific Fleet that included 8 damaged or destroyed battleships. In one stroke the Japanese action silenced the debate that had divided Americans ever since the German defeat of France left England alone in the fight against the Nazi terror. To avenge all those American lives, we launch the greatest weapon created at that time to the murdering japan.

Another thing that I believe is if that if America didn't drop the bomb on Japan, they could have, we could have lost many more American troops. We could have been weakened in the sense of that our military could have been reduced drastically. The army estimated that it would have cost the United States from anyway between five hundred thousand to one million soldiers' lives to mount a successful full scale invasion of Japan. Instead of that many American lives, the bombs utterly destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki and killed over fifty thousand Japanese in total. I believe that saving American lives justifies any action by America to launch atomic bombs on japan.

America was justified in dropping not one, but two atomic bombs on Japan are to end a war that will be remembered in history for a very long time. Ending a war was the main reason why President Truman launched the atomic bombs in the first place; Truman wanted the unconditional surrender of Japan, which he failed to gain on the first launch. But, with the surrender of Japan, World War II, the second Great War, would have come to a halt. We has

Americans would have to no longer keep fighting in this brutal war and return troops home back to their families.

America holds world glory of being the only nation to have ever launched an atomic bomb; and we did it twice. Now, whether you agree with me, or oppose by opinion, is truly up to you. But remember, here in America, you have the right to speak your mind. If condition went in the worst possible case and we were invaded by Japan or another communist nation, you wouldn't have been able to speak your opinions. Be grateful and proud of being an American.