Welcome to my first story on Fictionpress. I hope you all like it and I would like to hear feedback and suggestions from all of you! Now as is my tradition of sorts the first and last chapters will be short. Enjoy.

A World of War and Violence

He starred up at the sky. The sun was small and dim it was setting. The twin moons had begun to rise. As he stood in the desolate countryside with nothing for miles but strange moss he let out a deep breath. He bent down and extended a four-digit hand to touch the moss. He had done that before a fight ever since he was young and tender, a lad of ten, now he was old and strong a man of sixty-nine. His light grey skin was covered in heavy scarring he was the veteran of thousands of battles. He then reached for the area around his right eye. Blind in his right eye, it had turned white from injury. The damage had proven so great that the pupil and iris were no longer visible. This was his only handicap. His left eye was a bright blue like the water of the planet, Arret was its name and his name was Gard, Chieftain of Calb an Evabon clan.

Gard stood up and starred at the others around him. They were all Evabon, all of Calb, all of a lower rank, all of a younger age. Gard stood at a height of six feet and two inches and had a muscular build. He was strong, fast and smart. His garb was like any other Evabon's, barbaric and savage in appearance. The crown of his head was bald his black hair went down to his neck, all of that added to his already savage appearance.

Gard was not wearing his helmet and shoulder guard that identified him as Chieftain of Calb. He was wearing a loincloth, a pair of gauntlets and a pair of boots. He was just like them now.

Gard pointed at one of the young warriors. He stepped forward and Gard looked him over.

This was just a practice fight, if it were the real thing the two would be fighting to the death and the victor would have gained the belongings of the loser.

Gard starred at the young warrior. His chosen opponent was trembling in fear. Gard nodded, signaling for the young warrior to come at him. The young warrior did, charging at him. Instantly, Gard punched his opponent in the face sending him down.

Gard starred down at his opponent. This was too easy.

"You all disappoint me." Gard's voice was so wonderfully tough and grizzled. Just hearing it was considered an honor among his clan. "We'll try this again some other time. Gard returned to the enormous ruins of an ancient city, its buildings unrepaired for centuries. This was Calb, this was where the name of their clan came from and to Gard and every other Evabon of Calb this was home.