Everyday I hear the same thing!

"I am not you..." Who said I wanted be you?

You think it's cool to play me out as the fool?

But I go to school you just want to rule!

Am what you call an outcast out the classed!

But guess what I can rap!

Snap back this ain't no chit-chat you're a brat that needs a shut their trap!

I am different for a reason all I want to do is be more then cool

Make a brand new rule for this school.

Sit down I'll drown you with these words that I just wrote down!

I'm not apart of this system.

I'm a victim if you can't stick with them and you want to flick them you have hit them

But not with a fist but with your uniqueness! Challenge them.

I am me not to be one of your copies!

I'm not a follower I'm a trend setter. With these letters on this paper.

Before I leave you let me seal you!

In these words that heals me you can't be me!

There's only one true Kimaru I am she and she is me!

You can't feel the hell that has her in this cell I can tell!

For I am the Ashley Gekido Kimaru!

I can't tell you how much I can't stand being the same!

Don't conform to what they think is cool!

Because the only one that's playing the fool is you!

Be you!

Be yourself!

Don't let the popular world take you can chock you!

Turn you into something you know you can never be!

Let's be free!

Let me be me!

Let me do me!

Let me be Arielle, Ashley, Jade, Luna, Emerald, Lucine!

Whatever let me be me and you stay you!

In the high and low of this chock hold that flows that I just blown!

Let me be me the one the only Arielle Mayo better known as Ashley Rage Kimaru. Peace!

A/N: I named most of my characters because they made me who I am. I end the poem with Ashley's full name translated because Gekido means rage in Japanese I pick that as my middle name because I am easily enraged. This is a poem I wrote for my Poetry Slam at my school so I'll be posting more of them to come. When I said "if you can stick with them and you want to flick them" what I meant by flick them if you already didn't know I was referencing the middle finger. And yes that is my real name before Ashley's in the ending line. I hate it which is why I am better known as Ashley Kimaru. Before I could never rap but I never was given a good topic to rap about so I made this and I call it "Let Me Be Me" or "I am Me".