I'm not your test dummy

I'm a human being

Not to be messed with

I am crazy

But it's not that I'm crazy it because

You fear me don't you

I can tell in your eyes

Why a girl that you hate?

I know why

You envy the way I can face the world

With a carefree outlook

I can't blame ya

As I see there being me

You're just sitting there with a mask that society wants you to have

Not that I can say you're a fool for doing so

Maybe it takes more guts to put on an act

Than being yourself

I can't really say

But I've never had to put on an act

I mean I could I?

Because being someone I'm not

is not my style.

I'm Goth not to be messed with

I can help but be the darkness in the sight of the light

I'm not crazy

For being a mythical creature

Because they do exist

Why wouldn't they

I am typing this with fur and claws

Werewolves do exist because I am the one that says so

Why can't you take off the mask for just one day?

You say you can't but the way you put it down

It's not what we should be saying

"Popularity, is the price to write away your true being"

Yeah you can say that

But why is it that way

Who made up the rule of this popularity war

It's killing us on the inside and the outside

Having girls think wearing nothing but makeup and being skinny is sexy

Having sex craze males it not why I had in mind when I came to this world

Damn why can I say but fuck this whole game!

The world just making us into its fallen pawns

I'm not a chess piece I'm a human being

Blind to the world

Not in a stupid way

But in the smartest way

Why should we conform to society?

This system is what makes us break down and cry when the man of their dreams slaps them cross the face!

Having boys acting like their men

Sleep with all this "hoes" as what they refer to us female

Nothing but bitches and hoes not what about that woman you would fight for

Die for not to let anyone tell her she can't stand in this world because she isn't a man!

What has this world come too?!

I know what it is.

It's a popularity war

And it all starts with one person that doesn't want to be a pawn.

It all starts back where all drama starts it starts in high school.