The sun's rays fell down on me waking me up. I climbed out of the burrow. Yesterday I found a blue bird looking for an over night stay. We promised to help the other find a home before the winter fell. The first thing noticed was the sleeping deer. My eyes lingered on it for a while before a movement caught my eye. It was an owl.

Bianca's point of view

I woke up to see nothing but darkness, I didn't see the squirrel so I assumed it had gone out to take in some fresh air. I stayed in the darkness for a while before deciding to get out. It was a challenge, but I made it. When I was out I saw the squirrel standing on it's hind legs looking at an owl perched on a branch that belonged to a dead tree. "What time did you wake up?" I asked the squirrel.

It jerked it's head in my direction, let out a sigh and said "You scared me. I've been up for a while."

"What's your name?"I asked her realizing that I still didn't know it.

"Sarah, what's yours?" she replied.

"Bianca," I paused, "Who's the owl?"

"Oh I don't know, I was just about to ask it what it's name is." Sarah turned to it and asked it what it's name is. The owl only hooted. We decided to call it Owl. "We should get moving." I agreed with her and moved around the sleeping deer.

Diana's point of view

I heard voice, I opened my eyes to see a squirrel and a bird. I opened my mouth to say something but nothing came out. "Hi! My name is Bianca, what's yours?" asked the blue bird.

"Diana."I answered plainly.

"My name is Sarah, are you looking for a new home?" asked the squirrel.

"Yes, actually I am." I responded. Bianca asked if I wanted to join them and I agreed. She asked Sarah what way we should go.

Sarah's point of view

Owl seemed to be blocking the direction in which we had started going so I decided to go the opposite way. Nobody talked the whole day. I felt like we were moving in slow motion and everything else around us was on fast forward. I wasn't a good feeling, at this pace we wouldn't be close t finding anything before winter crashed. Night fell on us like a huge cloud of smoke. Diana fell asleep right away, Bianca on the other hand talked herself to sleep. I stayed up thinking about tomorrow. My eyelids felt heavy they slowly closed, before i fell asleep I heard Owl's cry.

Diana's point of view

Day three and we haven't found anything yet. I was getting tired of changing directions.

Sarah's point of view.

Owl was confusing me, everywhere I went she was there. Was I doing something wrong? One night I told Bianca my strategy and she said it might be a riddle On the fifth day I understood. We didn't need a physical home as long as we had each other.