A/N: Okay, so I randomly thought of these creatures one day and have been obsessed ever since. This is the original story. Also I don't know where it is going so sorry if I don't update often. Please review!


The warm breeze flew through my long brown hair, making it twist and flow out behind me. I loved the way it blew softly against me, offering a relaxing break from the summer's heat. I walked slowly down the path that led from my school to my house, admiring the willow trees that ran alongside the path. I wasn't even much of a nature person, and yet the beauty of Willow Cry path took my breath away. Every day, I would walk home from school on it. I even made a promise to myself that I would continue my de-stressing walks, even though I was walking home from the last day of school. I smiled to myself, and that smile grew to laughing out loud. I swore I saw some squirrels looking at me weird. I was beyond happy that school was over, and I just realized it right then. I always had so much homework, and although I wasn't stupid, I apparently had a different way of learning than others. That was often what they made fun of me for. I had no friends, so I felt alone all the time.

But when I walked along the path, it felt like weights the size of elephants were lifted off my shoulders. None of my problems or worries ever followed me there. That is, until I was introduced to a new, twisted, bone-chilling kind of a problem.