*Sweetie Cat logs in*

Sweetie Cat: "Little Dude are you on?"

Number of cats logged into chat room one: #1

Sweetie Cat: "I really thought he'd be on first.."

*SexyKitty logs in"

Number of cats logged into chat room one: #2

Sweetie Cat: "Little Dude is that you?"

SexyKitty: "Nope its me simon"

Sweetie Cat: "Oh yeah I remember you but um why are you on?"

SexyKitty: "Well because for one all of the humans I live with are out for the day and second Little Dude told me he was going to chat with you so I thought I'd chat aswell,"

Sweetie Cat: "Awesome we can have a girls talk until Little Dude gets on!"

SexyKitty: "Yep,"

Sweetie Cat: "Wait a minute where is Little Dude anyway?"

SexyKitty: "Well Since I'm using Kristin's laptop so Little Dude is trying to break into the office down stairs to use mom's computer,"

Sweetie Cat: "Oh,"

SexyKitty: "Yeah and like I find it really funny how humans don't know we can type and use laptops,"

Sweetie Cat: "Lol well we only do this when the humans are gone,"

SexyKitty: "Wait your humans are gone too?"

Sweetie Cat: Yeah all three of them went out to do something and like I'm so glad because once they left I got on Mammaw's laptop and cleaned it out so that it wont be slow anymore,"

SexyKitty: "Don't you think shes going to notice?"

"Well if she does she'll never suspect the cat did it,"

SexyKitty: "So true,"

*Annoying Cat logs on*

Number of cats logged into chat room one: #3

SexyKitty: "Is that Little Dude?"

Annoying Cat: "Nope its me Don!"


Annoying Cat: "No,"

SexyCat: -_-

SweetieCat: "Lol this is funny" -Waits to see what you guys type-

SexyCat: "Damn you Sweetie,"

Sweetie Cat: xD

SexyCat "Don how are you even on in the first place?"

Annoying Cat: "Using Kate's Laptop,"

SexyCat: "Don please get off.."

Annoying Cat: "Nope I wanna chat with my girlfriend!"

SexyCat: "I'm not your girlfriend!"

Annoying Cat: "Oh come on Simon you know you love me," :3

SexyCat "I know I hate you now get off!"

Annoying Cat: "Fine see ya later pretty lady,"

*Annoying Cat logs off*

Number of cats logged into chat room one: #2

SexyCat: "I thought he'd never leave,"

Sweetie Cat: "He's funny,"

SexyCat: "Not when you have to deal with him every mintue of your damn life,"

Sweetie Cat: "Lol," xD

*Little Dude Cat logs in*

Number of cats logged into chat room one: #3


SexyCat: "How'd you get in anyway?"

Little Dude: Well you know the two long doors that are one of the two ways to get in?"

SexyCat: "Yeah,"

Little Dude: "Well like I ran at the doors and when I ran into them hard enough they swong open!"

Sweetie Cat: "That's awesome!"

Little Dude: "Yeah,"

Sexy Cat: Little Dude me and your sister were having a nice chat,"

Little Dude Cat: "That's great!"

Sexy Cat: "Yep,"

little Dude Cat: So how are you my dear sister?"

Sweeite Cat: "I'm great how are you?"

Little Dude Cat: "I'm fine,"

Sweetie Cat: "That's good,"

Little Dude Cat: "We should like meet in real soon,"

Sweetie Cat: "Yeah that would be fun,"

Little Dude Cat: "I agree,"

SexyCat: "Hey guys I'm going to log off now Don is bugging the shit out of me and I wanna teach him a lession since none of the humans are here,"

Litte Dude Cat: "Alright see ya later,"

Sexy Cat: "See ya later Little Dude and bye Sweeite it was nice talking to you,"

Sweeite Cat: "It was nice talking to you as well,"

*SexyCat logs out*

Number of cats logged into chat room one: #2

Sweetie Cat: "Hey Little Dude why does Simon have her username as Sexycat?"

Little Dude: "Because she thinks shes sexy every day when our humans wake up and are down stairs she goes done there and rolls around on her back and poses like "I'm sexy and I know it!"

Sweeite Cat: "LOL!" xD

Little Dude: "Yeah its really funny,"

Sweeite Cat: "Sounds like it,"

Little Dude Cat: "Yep,"

Sweeite Cat: "Lol,"

just a story I made up about cats using their humans laptops when the humans are gone so review?and no copying so if anyone wants to write something like this then ask me first because these characters in the story are MINE.