*Annoying Cat logs in*

Number of cats logged into chatroom: #1

Annoying Cat: "Hehe.."

*Sweetie Cat logs in*

Number of cats logged into chatroom: #2

Sweetie Cat: "Simon is that you?"

Annoying Cat: "Its me Don!"

Sweetie Cat: "Don I logged on to chat with Simon NOT you,"-_-

Annoying Cat: "I know!"

Sweetie Cat: "Wow..you really are an annoying cat,"

Annoying Cat: "Yep,"

Sweetie Cat: Don please get off.."

Annoying Cat: "Nope!"

Sweetie Cat: "I hate you,"

Annoying Cat: "Girls are all the same there all bitchy and moody,"

Sweetie Cat: ...

Annoying Cat: "I'm doing my job well,"

Sweetie Cat: -Sighs-

Annoying Cat: xD

Sweetie Cat: "I fucking hate you.."

Annoying Cat: "Fucking with you sounds wonderful," ;D


Annoying Cat: "Okay,"

Sweetie Cat: -_-

Annoying Cat: :3

Sweetie Cat: -Glares at you-

Annoying Cat: "Well I'll be on my way now see ya!"

*Annoying Cat logs off*

Number of cats logged into chatroom: #1

Sweetie Cat: "Come on Simon log on,"

Ten minutes later

*Sexy Cat logs on*

Number of cats logged into chatroom #2

Sweetie Cat: "SIMON!"

Sexy Cat: "Sweete are you okay?"

Sweetie Cat: "Don came online and was messing with me,"

Sexy Cat: "I'll rip him in half for ya!"

Sweetie Cat: "YAY!"

Sexy Cat: xD

Sweetie Cat: "So how are you?"

Sexy Cat: "I'm fine,"

Sweetie Cat: "Thats good,"

Sexy Cat: "Yeah so do you want me to rip Don in half right now?"

Sweetie Cat: "If you want,"

Sexy Cat: "Alright brb,"

Sweetie Cat: "Okay,"

-20 minutes later-

Sexy Cat: "Alright with the help of Little Dude we locked Don in the bathroom after we beat him up!"

Sweetie Cat: 8D

Sexy Cat: "So what do you wanna talk about now?"

Sweetie Cat: "I don't know,"

Sexy Cat: "Well we could talk about how sexy we are!"

Sweetie Cat: "Alright,"

Sexy Cat: "YAY!"

Sweetie Cat: xD

does anyone have an idea for the next cat chat? If so then tell me in a review!x3