Dressing out

Don't ask...Just don't...

Time starts now
The coach shouts
and we all rush
To get dressed out

Just two minutes
That's all we get
and some girls
They don't give a shit

Fiffteen seconds
That's all I took
For me to dress
To get this look

A golden shirt
shorts you can see through
That's all to it
So who?

Who do you dress for?
When we all look the same
So come on, I dare ya
Give me a name

Is it for yourself
Or your boyfriend Matt
Come on girl
You deserved to be smacked

A minute at most
Not all your life
Now because you took so long
We have to exercise

*Insert excuse for lame poem here*


In fifth hour P.E. We all have to dress out under five minutes. It only takes me a few seconds.

Other girls...

They take

The .Whole. Freaking. Hour

*Insert Ridiculously long list of excersizes here*

We all have to do all of those doubble for every thirty extra seconds it takes



By the way the shorts really are see through.