A Sliding Stop

By: Micheala Lebel

It was a nice day to go to the beach. Warm, but not too warm without a cloud in the sky. A perfect July day. Apparently the whole town of Gananoque thought so too, because the beach was packed. Including me, my mom, my little sister, my mom's friend Jackie, and my step dad. While I stood on the slippery dock rendering the days events. Smiling to myself and feeling a giddy joy.

I was tanning on the beach when he asked me to go to the canteen with him. Ian who was the local life guard. 14 and absolutely gorgeous with sandy blond hair, and bright blue eyes. He could make any girl swoon, and luckily I was the girl he choose. Of course I said yes to going to the canteen with him, because like I mentioned before he's absolutely GORGEOUS. We decided on ice cream as we sat on a bench talking about our summers, and our graduations from grade eight. We swam for a bit too and I sat with him while he was on duty. Still talking about everything and anything.

But alas, all great things must come to an end. So that's where I stood on the dock helping my mother pack away the towels.

"Can you go get Amber for me?" She asked, as Jackie took my place folding towels. I went to go find my little sister who ironically hated to go to the beach, seeming my mother and I absolutely loved it. She despised everything I liked; Sibling rivalry I suppose.

"Amber, let's go!" I called to her, as she was just about to jump of the dock.

"But I don't want to go!" She whined back. I turned back to my mother at that point.

"You have corrupted her!" That was my only reasoning for my little sister wanting to willingly stay at a beach, but my mother just laughed.

"Now come on Amber, I'm serious we're leaving" I called back, she pouted for a moment but that moment passed as she gave me a familiar mischievous grin. Which could only mean one thing.

"Amber don't you-" I started stepping forward to stop her, but she was already on her way. Running down the wet dock at full speed. Heading for the end, where it was most deep and where I knew she wasn't able to swim in. She was only eight after all. I began to over flow with panic as I ran after her; Soon realizing it was difficult to run on a wet dock. I was more sliding than running.

Which is why when Amber came to an abrupt stop just before the ending of the dock, I didn't. Sliding and screaming to the edge. In front of me trying to stop me from sliding was Ian. Arms out stretched and with a-


We went over the edge of the dock in a flailing manor. My little sisters fit of giggles following behind us, when I hit the water I felt like just staying there, sinking farther and farther into the depths and never again to resurface. Because once I did resurface I would have to face Ian. Who would surely be mad at me for running on the dock, then running into him.

Yet I still resurface. My face as red as tomato because the whole beach was watching the scene intently, laughing at my incident. Ian came up from the water beside me, coughing out water and he was; to my surprise laughing along as he rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. I looked away blushing even more if that was possible. But again he just laughed.

"There's no running on the deck, Kayla" He mocked, giving me a not so serious look. I began to laugh too, more awkwardly but I had to admit; The whole thing was pretty funny.

"Hey Kayla!" My little sister called from the dock, a smile evident on her face. "We have to go!" She said, laughing.

"Little brat" I mumbled, pulling myself out of the water along side Ian. But to be frank, because of my little sister that was my most favoured memory of my summer. Not only did I become great friends with Ian, but it set me up for more funny and memorable embarrassing moments during that summer. Falling and tripping down store stairs, tripping and falling on the playground -running after my little sister- slipping off a dock, once again. And many more, but it was a great summer. Honestly, one of the best I've ever had.

A/N: So I had to write about my most embarrassing moment for my English assignment. Or like my teacher calls it a 'personal humorous narrative' I decided I would just upload it here for the heck of it. And yes this is a real moment in my life, just this pass summer to be exact. And I have had many more, that I may add as other chapters. But maybe not, depends if I feel like it. I have a lot of embarrassing moments after all. ;)