Day and Night, Out and In

In the daytime,

she's a flower.

never fading,

not for an hour.

she looks and seems

so perfect to all.

While stature is not her strongpoint,

to others she stands just as tall.

In the night time,

tears come and go.

pools of sadness in her eyes,

will always seem to overflow.

whispering, praying, waiting

for some kind of direction.

to instantly click with

her religion; to finally make a connection.

On the outside,

she shines as bright

as the sun, moon, stars.

she'll hardly ever pick a fight.

she's full to the brim

of friendliness and grins.

and while she's not fat,

she's neither thin.

On the inside,

all is dark there.

she hardly feels more than

a blank stare.

sadness consumes her,

pessimism at its worst.

it's lines, all lines

that she has to rehearse.

As you can see,

she's not as stable as she's led you to believe