I rubbed my eyes, trying to rid them of the tears that won't stop coming.

"How are you?"

I hate him. Hate him for the pain that he caused me.


I wish I never fell in love.

"So am I."

Unrequited love is the worst, isn't it?

"Oh well."

I liked everything about him. His smile, his laugh, his personality...

-A few days ago-

"So, what's new?"

I liked talking to him.

"Not much."

So, why didn't you choose me? Was it because I was so boring? Because I was ugly?

"I feel sick being here."

I was just kidding about that, you know. Please don't be mad at me.

"What's new!"

I said cheerfully. I tried to change the subject.

"I have no expectations from you anymore."

I know that and don't expect a lot from myself too, but...

"Oh well."

why did you have to go and say that?

"See you."

You walked away like it was nothing, then I saw her.

"Hey, Kris!"

She was prettier than me and skinnier. She wasn't plagued by acne or anything. She was perfect for you.

"Hey, D, what's up?"

I turned around, wishing I could die. I closed my eyes when the bell rang.

Love hurts.

"Why are you so quiet?"

"Are you afraid of laughing?"

I'm so weak...

"Maybe I should make up an excuse and go home."

I whispered with a small smile. You frowned when you heard it. I was kidding about that. Please don't get mad at me.

When school ended, you walked to me and made me feel small.

"Why do you keep so many things hidden?"

"Don't you want to be loved?"

"Who was the one who gave up first? Did you realize that yet?"

-Now; after school-

"Thank you..."

I whispered to him, but he didn't hear.

"Why do you stay so silent?"

"Don't you want to somebody to listen?"

"Nobody will laugh at you if you speak out."

"Nobody will understand if you just think it and never speak."

I understand it now.

"Thank you..."

I want to tell you...

"Thank you..."

Just once, I want to tell you...

"Thank you..."

I want to cry...

"Thank you..."

...from the bottom of my heart and say...

"Thank you!"

I understand what you were saying now...


Humans are such troublesome beings...


But you know...

"How are you?"

I say-

"What? Can you repeat that?" you asked, turning to me.

-to you:

"Hello, how are you?"