Today is the usual boring day. The classes are their usual dull lessons, lunch is bustling with the vibration of gossipers and braggers. Home is the battlefield where constant war reigns. School is the ironic oasis, and the people who surround me are their usual, dependable selves. Except there is someone missing, something is lost in the gap.

Today, I quietly pass without your presence near me. Your voice doesn't resounds in my ears, the shine of your hair doesn't reflect the sun's rays. You, who is gone, is nowhere to be found. Not in a class room, the cafetorium, nor does your voice answer the phone if I call.

Another day passes, another day without you by my side. Because there is nothing to do, maybe I'll compare you to something. Maybe you're like the little kit fox dashing pass the foot ball field. Maybe you're like the heart pendant that sparkles and glints in the sun light. Maybe you're like the rain in our town, so hard to come by, maybe never at all.

Today has passed without you. Five years in a row, I haven't heard or seen you at all. Another night creeps up on me. Another night hasn't passed where I prayed to see you again. To pray that I might find you, wandering anywhere from the parking lot to the drug store across the school. Even hearing you would be all right.

I wonder what you would say to the me of today. The person who has since changed from the day you left. The me who has somehow grown from a big crybaby, to someone who can stand a little on her own. I wonder if you would congratulate me.

I wonder if you haven't forgotten me.