Hi! This is just a little snippet I came up with in history class… I was bored and listening to the teacher talking about ancient Greek politics. Then, she said something that piqued my interest: instead of bringing shame upon their families, people would do extreme things in Ancient Greece. For example, if a Greek politician made a bad decision, he would commit suicide rather than facing his mistake and bringing disgrace upon his family. This excerpt was born during the remainder of the class. It might turn into a full-length story, but for now this is it!

Note: I have absolutely no idea if this would be how they would commit suicide, so please don't blame me if this isn't strictly historically accurate… just enjoy!

He stood at the top of the cliff, hands by his side, wind in his face. The sky was a flawless blue and almost cloudless; the sun seemed to sparkle across the dancing waves far below. Resignation aged his handsome features far beyond their age. His blonde hair caught the rays of late afternoon light as it blew back. He seemed calm, strong, decided. His fists clenched, then unclenched slowly as he took a deep breath.

"Wait!" The scream shattered the peaceful atmosphere. A girl, her long toga held around her knees, ran to the young man. "Alexias, please!"

He held up a hand and she stopped short, dropping her skirt. Her fair curls streamed around her face as she watched him, glistening tears tracing a course down her cheeks. He didn't look at her, but she didn't take her eyes off him.

"Hold your tongue, Eudora." His voice was sharp with exhaustion, and rough as though from yelling. She stretched out a hand towards him, but her reach fell short. After a moment, her hand dropped to her side again.

"You cannot mean to do this," she pleaded, moving to his side but keeping her distance. He turned his face away from her.

"Go home, sister. Tell Mother where I am. Tell Nicolaus that he is to watch over you two in my absence."

"No," the girl cried, once again reaching out, this time with both arms. He ignored her appeal and closed his eyes.

"Enough. Go home." When she did not move, he shouted, "Go!"

She was unable to deny his request and, openly yet quietly sobbing now, turned around and began to pick her way carefully across the rocky clifftop. The young man refocused his attention on the waves. Cautiously, he stepped to the edge. The toes of his finely made sandals just barely reached over the rock. Then, with a seemingly involuntary sigh, he spread his arms wide and fell.

A moment later, the girl risked a look behind her. At the absence of her brother a cry ripped from her lips and she ran towards the cliff's edge, falling to her knees when she reached the edge. Only a careful observer would have seen her shoulders shaking as she wept bitterly.

On the rocks below, a wave crashed over a broken body.

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