"Thank you for your order. Here's three double-wizzburgers, two wizzfries, and two special wizzflurries." The waitress said with a smile as she placed the tray of food down on the table. "Thank you for ordering Wizzdonalds. Have a great day!" She said with a bow and walked away.

"Ugh..." Himeko looked down at the food then back at Minato. "...You're going to eat all of this...?"

"Nope. You're getting some." He replied as he grabbed a double-wizzburger, and took the wrapper off. "Eat."

"...I'm not really in the mood of eating..." She said as her eyes focused on the wizzflurries. "And... did you order the wizzflurries...?"

"Doesn't mean that you're not hungry. Eat." Minato said as he took a bite of his burger.

"I can't eat food without having the feel for eating-" Her stomach growled loudly. An awkward moment of silence passed by as the waitresses were giving the meal to another table across. Minato stared at Himeko as he took another bite of his burger. "W-What?" She asked nervously. He continued staring at her as he took another bite. "Stop..." She muttered as she began clenching her fist. His eyes continued focusing on her as he finished his wizzburger. Minato reached out for another burger, unwrapped it, and then took another bite, as his eyes continued focusing on her. "Damn it! Fine!" She growled as she unwrapped a burger and began eating. "Wdhuo dyo yew dhinck yew ahre?" She asked as she continued eating her burger. "Stahrehng mye lik that?"

"...Eat with your mouth closed, and for the love of God... Don't eat fast or else you'll choke." Minato replied as he finished his burger.

Himeko's eye twitched. "YEW THOLD MYE THO EHAT!-ACK!" She began coughing.

"Told you." He said as he took a sip from his wizzflurry, and handed the other one to her. "Drink it down. It'll help."

She quickly grabbed the wizzflurry from him and began chugging it down.

"...Don't drink it that fast or else you'll get-"

"GAH! Brain-freeze!" Himeko placed the cup on the table and clenched her head tightly. "Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow!" She placed her head on the table. "OW!"

"...You're an idiot." Minato said with a sigh as he placed his cup back on the table.

"Not my fault..." Himeko said with a sigh as she sat straight up. "Well..." She began eating some of her fries. "What made you invite me to eat?" She asked.

"Hmm... I wonder." He said with a sigh as he began eating his fries.

"...Stop playing games here." Himeko said as she pointed a fry at him. "What made, you of all people, want to talk to me?"

"You seem back to normal." Minato said as he took a drink of his flurry.

"Huh?" Himeko blinked in confusion as she ate her fry.

"Before you say anything, I only brought you here for three reasons." He said as he pulled three of his fingers up. "Reason number number one." He pulled one finger down. "The teacher forced me to tell you that you're part of Ryuk's group."

"...Eh?" Himeko's jaw dropped. "W-What!? Why!?"

"Since he didn't do his job right, he miscalculated the groups. He assigned you to our group. Got a problem, talk to him."

"Back to the question... Why? From all the classmates, why yours?...No offense." She asked.

"I don't care. He said a stupid excuse that we need a girl for our scene. You were the only one available, like I said, if you have a problem with it, then talk to him." He said with a sigh as he took another sip.

"I... I see..." She said with a sad expression on her face as she ate another fry.

"Reason two." He pulled down another finger. "Don't do anything stupid."

"Stupid..?" She asked with a confused look on her face. "What are you talking about?"

"I could see it from your eyes." He said as his eyes focused on hers. "Pretty pathetic."

"W-what...? What the hell are you talking about-"


Himeko stood silent as she looked down at the fries. "I would never do anything like that!-"

"Bullshit." Minato replied. "Just because something stupid like 'love' didn't work out, doesn't mean you should kill yourself. It just shows you're trash to this world."

"W-what the hell gives you that idea?"

"Annoying? You are. Idiot? Definitely. Useless? Well, can't really say because I'm not you. " He asked.

She closed her eyes as she placed her elbows on the table, and rested her head on her hands. "I-It's not..."

"Shut up." Minato said with a sigh. "This is what leads to my third reason." He said as he placed his right elbow on the table and rested his chin on his right hand. "Ever heard of the band, 'Dead Memoirs'?"

Her eyes widened slightly as she pulled her face away from her hands. "How do you know...?"

"Heard them when I went to the underground concert in downtown a few months back." He said as he finished his flurry. "The singer is not bad, and neither is her guitar." He sighed. "You have a huge crowd of your fans huh? I'm surprised nobody recognized you. It also explains why you haven't been expelled yet."

"I didn't think that anyone from school would see me sing..." Her eyes focused on him. "Why were you there?"

Minato shrugged as he lean back against his chair. "I just like good music." He said. "Did you forget your lyrics?"

"...What song are you talking about...?"

"I'm not going to sing it. But the lyrics went like... 'The world I love, The tears I drop, To be part of ,The wave can't stop..."

Himeko smiled lightly. "...Ever wonder if it's all for you, The world I love, The trains I hop, To be part of, The wave can't stop, Come and tell me when it's time to."

Minato chuckled. "Not a bad song."

"...Thanks..." She as she looked down at her fries. "But... what does that have to do with...?"

"How do you feel?" He asked.

"...I've felt... relived."


"Felt... happy...?" She asked herself. "I'm not really sure... Am I happy that I sang? Or happy that someone actually does remember me for singing?"

"I'm not you. You find out for yourself." Minato said with a sigh. "People enjoy your music. You enjoy singing. You said it yourself. It helps you feel at ease. Why end your life when you have something that can last forever and not something that can disappear in a blink of an eye?" He asked.

"I... I see..." Himeko chuckled as she took a fry. "You're right... Why am I thinking that way?"

"Suicide is a cowards way out. Don't do it over something so damn stupid." He said as he stood up.

"I...I understand..." She said as she ate her fry. "...Are you leaving already?" She asked.

"Yeah. I'm not hungry anymore." He said as he picked up his bag.

"Hmm... Want some fries?" She asked as she held out some fries to him.

"...I lost my appetite. Later." He said as he began walking towards the door.

"Thank you for coming to Wizzdonalds! Have a nice day!"

"He's not as bad as I thought... Still a jerk..." Himeko muttered to herself as she stood up. "I'll pay him back tomorrow... I hope." She said to herself as she picked up her bags. "I think I'll drop by Mayumi's house. I need to talk to her." She smiled as she ran towards the exit.

"Thank you for coming to Wizzdonalds! Have a nice day!"


"Man..." Mayumi sighed as she closed her umbrella and opened her door. "I'm home!" She said aloud as she took of her shoes and walked in. "Too much rain..." She sighed as she placed the umbrella close to the door and began walking toward her living room. "Dad's not here yet huh?" She asked as she shook her head. "I'm hungry..." She said as she placed her jacket on the sofa and walked in the kitchen. "Wait a second..." She quickly dashed back to the door and noticed another pair of shoes. "Someone's in here already...?" She clenched her fists tightly as she ran to the living room and grabbed the umbrella. "Who the hell is in here!?" She asked aloud. "Come on out! I'll let you off the hook if you show yourself right now!" No response. "...I have an umbrella!" Still no response. "Don't make this any harder than it has to be!" She said as she began walking around her living room. "Come on! Show yourself!"


"The kitchen!" She quickly dashed towards the kitchen as she noticed the refrigerator is open. "There you are! Show yourself! Or else I'll attack first!" She said as she pointed the umbrella at the refrigerator. "Come on! Show yourself!" No response. "I warned you... but you didn't take it..." She clenched the handle of the umbrella tightly. "That's it!" She charged towards the refrigerator. "Take this!"

Himeko closed the refrigerator door as she looked over at Mayumi. "Oh. Hey Mayumi- H-Hey! What are you going to do with tha-"


"U-Uhh..." Mayumi closed her eyes as she heard a thud. "H-Himeko...?" She called out nervously. "A-Are you... okay...?" She asked as she poked Himeko with the tip of her umbrella. "H-Himeko?"

"...Why...?" Himeko asked as she sat up, holding her head.

"U-Um... I thought you were a robber...Heheh... Funny huh?" She asked with a nervous laugh. "Hahaha..."

"...I'm going to kick you ass..." She said as she stood up. "Mayumi!"

"Eek." Mayumi threw the umbrella at Himeko and then ran away. "I'm sorry!"

Himeko caught the umbrella and began chasing her. "GET BACK HERE!"

"I'M SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" She said as she began running upstairs. "Forgive me!" She said aloud as she ran inside her room and locked the door. "Is she there...?" She asked herself as she placed her ear against the door. "I don't hear anything-"

*BAM* "OPEN THE DOOR!" Himeko said aloud as she began banging on the door with her fist.

"Ah!" Mayumi fell on her butt. "Ow... N-No! You're going to hit me!"

"Open the door Mayumi! Right now!" She said as she continued banging the door.


"I won't hit you! Trust me!"

"You're banging on my door!"

"...Fine." Himeko stopped as she gently knocked the door with her hand. "Mayumi? Please open the door?"

"...Only if you promise me that you won't hit me."

"...Fine. I promise I won't hit you. Now... Can you please open the door?" She asked.

"Alright." Mayumi slowly unlocked the door and opened the door. "You may come in-" Her eyes widened as Himeko whacked her in the head. "Owie..." Mayumi placed her hand on her head. "L-Liar!"

"Shut up." Himeko said with a sigh as she placed the umbrella next to her door. "It wasn't as hard as you did to me." She said as she walked pass by Mayumi.

"...Meanie..." Mayumi closed her door as they both sat down on her bed.

"Messy and unorganized as always huh?" Himeko asked with a sigh as the floor is filled with dirty clothes, and old pizza boxes, doughnut boxes, wizzdonald boxes, etc. "Well... except for your computer..." The computer looked brand new. The screen was clean, the CPU is cleaned, the area around the computer seemed as if nothing touched it. "...I can never imagine you with another man in your room."

Mayumi' face turned bright red. "H-Hey! W-Where did that come from!?"

"Sorry. Just saying the reality. You will NEVER get a man inside your room if it stinks and especially when it looks so dirty!" Himeko said with a sigh.

"What are you talking about?" Mayumi asked. "Your room isn't nearly as clean! It's like mine!"

"Well... I do clean up!... Sometimes."

"See?" Mayumi said with a smile on her face. "Don't judge me!"

"...You don't clean you room AT ALL."

"W-Well... What's the point?" Mayumi asked. "It'll end up dirty at the end. There's really no point in cleaning it if it'll end up the same way it is."

"...You're just lazy." Himeko said with a sigh. "I worry for you."

"Heheh..." Mayumi smiled as she stuck her tongue out. "Sorry..."

"Well..." Himeko looked down at her hands with a blank expression on her face.

"...Himeko.." Mayumi placed her hand on her shoulder. "I'm sorry for what happened..."

"It's okay... I understand... It's just... I never... really expected it..." She said as she tightened her hands together. "Was... Was what he said true...?"

"...I... I don't know." Mayumi said calmly. "But... I never thought Shino would say those things..."

"Neither did I..." Himeko bit her bottom lip. "What the hell did I do that annoyed him? I did my best to help him!" Mayumi wrapped her arms around Himeko and pulled her into a hug. "I did what I could... I supported him... But yet... I'm annoying...?" Tears began falling down her eyes. "Just what in the hell was I suppose to say!?"

"It's okay Himeko..." Mayumi hugged her tightly.

"He loved you... I saw that... I wanted to help him... I did what I could... Only to find out that I loved him." Himeko said quietly. "Why the hell... did that had to happen?" Tears continued falling down her eyes. "I never intended for him to hate me! Damn it!...D-Damn it...! Why is it that I still love him!?" She closed her eyes tightly and let more tears fall down from her eyes. "IT PISSES ME OFF!"

Mayumi continued hugging Himeko. "It's okay... It'll be okay..."


"...I'm home." Minato said as he closed his door. He sighed as he took his shoes off by the door. He stared at his single room. The room was connected to the small kitchen, and bathroom. His futon was the only item in the room as he placed his bag on it. "Hmph..." He walked to the kitchen as he picked up a note from the counter, it said. "Hey. I collected the money you owed for the month. I know you heard this countless of times, but relax. You don't have to work all the time! Enjoy your high school life! Get a girlfriend! Go crazy!" Minato sighed as he crumbled the paper and threw it at the trash. "I don't care." He muttered to himself as he walked to his refrigerator, only to find another note on it, it said. "I know that you threw my note away. Thanks for throwing my nice, caring letter away." Minato's eye twitched. "Then why the hell do you keep leaving notes...?" He continued reading. "Well... I left some food in your refrigerator. Also, I left 22012.50 yen! I only took half of the rent. Go to the movies! Or get yourself a system! I heard the Playspace Infinitum is an amazing system. Use some of the money you saved up to get yourself one!" Minato ripped the paper in half as he threw them away. "I'm not a damn kid anymore..." He said angrily as he turned around to see an old man.

He stood still with his arms crossed. He has a baseball cap, a blue jumpsuit, and white sneakers. His wrinkle cheeks grew wider as he smiled. Gray strands of hair covered his forehead as he rubbed his beard with his left hand. "I see you still treat my notes like crap." He said with a chuckle.

"...Take it." Minato said as he handed him the yen he had left him. "I don't need anymore of your pity. I saved more than enough. Just take the whole damn money for the rent."

"I can't do that son. And stop calling me old! I'm Fifty-three! And I do have a name!" The old man said as he flicked Mianto's forehead. "It's Ryouji!"

"...I don't care. Take it. I'm getting sick and tired of being treated like a kid. I'm grown up now old man. Treat me like a damn adult." He replied as he still has his hand out with the yen.

"I know that." Ryouji said with a sigh. "But you're still a kid in my eyes." He said as he pushed his hand away. "Just keep the money. Save that up, or even better yet! Go buy that new sys-"

"Damn it Ryouji!" Minato slammed the yen at the old man's chest. "Can't you just accept the money I was able to get to pay you back? I'm getting sick and tired of you paying for everything!"

"...Son." The old man sighed as he smacked him at the head gently with his cap. "I told you millions of times. I used to be a famous boxer. I still have a huge, HUGE amount of money saved up. There past years, it has not even done a DENT to my money. So don't worry about it! And you have been paying me back-"

"I don't care. It makes me feel like shit that you have to pay for me. You already know that I'll be moving out when I go to college right?"

"Then that's just a bigger reason for you to save your money." The old man replied. "You already have enough to pay for your entire four years of college. Save more so you can get that dream house!"

"...I don't have a stupid dream like that." Minato replied coldly. "I'm not a fuc-"

"Ah, ah. Watch your language son." Ryouji said with a serious expression. "You're talking to an adult."

"...STOP PATRONIZING ME!" He said aloud. "Can't you just take the money?"

"I'm not patronizing you." He replied with a sigh. "I know we had this talk for years but... Son. The reason why I've been doing this for you is because you've been an adult for your entire childhood, and even in your teen years. Can't you just relax? Stop forcing yourself to being an adult at such an early age-"

"I already said that I don't care about anything like that. I appreciate for the help you have been giving me. But can't you just take my fuc-...Freaking money? I'm not forcing myself doing anything. I actually enjoy working. I enjoy doing what I need to do to get by. So just... Please take my money. This is starting to annoy me."

"...I said my answer already son." The old man replied.

Minato slammed the money on the counter as he walked over to the door, and put his shoes back on. "I don't have time for this. I'm going." He said as he opened the door.

"You didn't eat-"

"I ate at Wizzdonalds." Minato responded coldly as he slammed the door shut.

Ryouji sighed as he opened the refrigerator. "...Man... I worked so hard for the pasta." He said with a frown as he took the pasta out. "Well... Might as well finish it for him." He said with a smile on his face as he took a bite from it. "...Urgh!" He quickly ran to the sink and spat out the pasta. "Blergh! O-on second thought... It was a good idea that he didn't eat it..." He sighed once again. "Minato..." He threw the pasta at the trash can. "If only you could forgive..." He said with a sad expression on his face as he walked towards the door. He stopped and looked back at the empty room. "Brings back memories..." He closed his eyes. A woman with light-brown hair, and light-red eyes was feeding a younger version of Minato. His face was as happy as happy could be. His smile was shinning, as so was his mother. Both of them laughed as he hugged her tightly. Ryouji opened his eyes. "...If only..." He opened the door. "...He could forgive." He said as he closed the door.


Himeko opened her eyes as she looked up at Mayumi, as she began wiping off her tears from her face. "...Mayumi...?" Himeko muttered.


"...What did you tell him after I left..?"

"...Well... I sort of... knocked him out..." Mayumi said with a nervous laugh. "I-I'm sorry..."

"...No. Don't apologize. That means that I don't have to do it tomorrow." Himeko replied with a smile on her face. "Do... do you like him...?"

"To be honest..." Mayumi sighed. "I don't. I've... never seen him that way, and I don't intend to."

"I...I see..." Himeko slowly pulled away from her. "Are you interested in anyone else?"

"...Not really." Mayumi replied. "I... I don't really... get the feel to fall for someone." She said with a small smile. "I... I don't think love is what I need right now... Especially since... We're a few months away from graduating."

"I see... I'm jealous... I wish I could be able to think that way. But I fear that I'm already deep int he hole."

"Himeko... I know you can get through this. Shino is an idiot. I know that you will get over him."

"I hope so..." Himeko said with a sigh. "Thanks."

"You know I'll be here for you. Don't forget I'm available any time of the day if you need someone to talk to!"

"Cheery as ever." Himeko chuckled. "I think I should also start thinking about my future, and not with the typical high school girl drama." She said as she stood up. "Speaking about school... I have the work you missed in my bag."

"...Eh..." Mayumi sighed. "But...I don't want to do any work!"

"Too bad. You have to do it." Himeko said as she opened the door. "Let's go to the living room." Mayumi nodded as she followed Himeko down the stairs and to the living room. Mayumi sat down on the sofa as Himeko placed her bag next to Mayumi. "Here we go. The moment we have all been waiting for!" Himeko opened her bag as a syringe fell from her bag. Both of them looked at each other then back down at it. "What the hell is that?" Himeko asked with a confused look on her face.

"I... I don't know." Mayumi said as she picked up the syringe. She closely examined it, the liquid was clear as water. "Himeko...?"

"What is it?" She asked. "Is it something... weird?"

"...Are you...?" Mayumi looked at her with a serious expression on her face. "Are you taking... drugs?"

"What!? I would never!" Himeko said quickly. "Why the hell would you think that I would do such a thing!?"

"I'm sorry..." Mayumi replied. "But... This is... well.. it's... Morphine." She said. "You don't have to do this to yourself-"

"Mayumi! I would NEVER do that! Why the hell would you think I would do something so crazy like that!?"

"I-I don't know!" She responded as she placed the syringe next to herself. "The incident with Shino did happen-"

"I would NOT commit suicide with something this stupid!" Himeko replied furiously.

"Hey! I never mentioned suicide!-" Her eyes widened slightly. "Himeko... Were you... were you planning on...?"

"...Not with something stupid as drugs." She replied as she looked away. "I may be an idiot, but I'm not stupid-" She felt as if a baseball hit her cheek, and fell to the floor. "W-what the hell!?" She placed her hand on her cheek. "Why the hell did you punch me!?"

"You idiot!" Mayumi growled as she grabbed her by the collar. "Why would you think something so stupid like suicide?!" She asked angrily. "Answer me damn it!"

Himeko clenched her fist as she pushed Mayumi off of her. "You wouldn't understand!" She answered. "You don't know how it felt! You never loved him!"

"But killing yourself over something an idiot said to you!? That's THE STUPIDEST THING EVER!"

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! You have no idea what went through my mind!"

"Himeko! Damn it! Listen to me! You shouldn't have any of those thoughts in your head! Love isn't something to die over fo-"

"I see now..." Himeko said with a light chuckle. "Why didn't I see this sooner...?" She asked herself as she stood up. "That explains it. It all makes sense now..."

"What the hell are you blabbering about now!?"

"Minato." Himeko said as her eyes focused on her friend.

"W-what the hell does he have anything to do with this!? We're talking about you-"

"Earlier today. You said you wanted to help him. He said you went to go talk to him. I get it. You're in love with him. You're trying, and trying. But yet... you fail." Himeko said with a louder chuckle. "Why didn't I realize this sooner?"

"What...?" Mayumi asked as she shook her head. "I do NOT have feelings for him! What the hell does this have to do with your suicide thoughts-"

"You feel that Shino isn't someone serious... Because you're thinking about someone else. You just... shrugged him off... as if he was someone small like an ant." She continued as she began walking towards her. "You could care less if he suicides. You only care about Minato."

"You got it all wrong!-"

"SHUT UP!" Himeko grabbed her by her collar. "Can't you see that Minato is the main reason why this is happening!?"

"That's nonsense-" Mayumi stopped as she was pushed down on her sofa. "H-Himeko?"

"You just don't get it... do you...?" Himeko asked. "Minato is killing our friendship! He is making you blind! He is the one who made you reject Shino! He's the one who is causing this...This hell!"

"No... No he's not doing anything like that-"

"MAYUMI! Open your eyes! What you said about love right now... About how it's not something to die for... He said that to me... What's the point in killing yourself over something that can be lost in a blink of an eye...? Is that what you're going to say too? Are you going to call me trash...?"

"What...? When did you talk to him-"

"Before I got here. He talked to me about what happened. He told me the same thing you told me... He is using us for his entertainment! Mayumi! He is what causing us to fight!"

"..." Mayumi looked down at her legs as she slowly clenched her fist.

"He is not who you think he is! Let your feelings go! He doesn't deserve any pity, or happiness at all! He is evil! We can use that syringe to get him expelled! We can get him OUT OF OUR LIVES! For good! Mayumi! We need to do-"

"...Shut up." She muttered.

"Mayumi... You're not listening-"

"No... I am listening." She said calmly as she stood up. "You're insane. You're not thinking right, right now..." Mayumi placed her hands on her shoulder. Himeko... calm down. You need to calm down-" Himeko growled as she pushed her arms away.

"I'm not going insane! Minato must go away! If you're not going to help me get rid of him... then I'll do it myself!" She said as she picked up her bag. "If you get in my way... I'll take him... and you down."


"SHUT UP!" Himeko screamed aloud. "You have no idea... How I feel right now. My love broke my heart. My best friend... refuses to help me. The only thing that can bring me closure... is Minato leaving." She said as she walked over to the door. "If you get in my way..." She quickly put on her shoes and grabbed the door handle. "I'll make sure to take you down." She said coldly as she slammed the door shut.

Mayumi stood still as she looked down at her hands. "Himeko..." She sighed as she fell on her knees. "Why are you like this...?" She asked herself as she placed her head on her sofa as tears began falling down her cheeks. "Why!? Why!?" She continued crying as the sound of rain hitting the windows filled the room. Mayumi stayed silent as thoughts began consuming her. Why did this happen...? What did Minato exactly say...? Why is everything going into a shithole...? She slowly stood up. "I'm going to talk to him tomorrow... Minato..." She clenched her fist tighter as her nails began digging into her skin and blood began dripping from her hands. "What the hell did you do...?" She asked herself and looked down at the syringe that was on the sofa. She picked it up as some of her blood covered it. "I'm going to have a serious talk... with you."


Ryuk stood at the back of Wizzdonalds as he leaned against the wall, under the cover of the sign. He sighed as he took out a pack of cigarettes and placed one in his mouth. He took out his lighter and tried to turn it on, but fire refused to lit on. "Hmph... Dead huh...?" He sighed once again as he looked up at the rain. "Crappy weather... I like it." He noticed a hand lighting up his cigarette. He smiled as he breathed out smoke. "Thanks."

The waitress from earlier smiled. "No problem." She said as she took off her hat, revealing long, wavy silver hair. Her light-green eyes focused on him as she took the cigarette from him and took a puff. "Haa~..." She breathed out smoke. "Nothing better than a cigarette." She said with a relaxing expression on her face.

"Heh." Ryuk smiled as he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her in. "Let me get some."

"Alright, alright." She said as she took another puff, and placed the cigarette in his mouth as Ryuk took a puff as well. She threw the cigarette down on the floor as she placed her hands on his chest and kissed him. They both then pull away from one another and blew out the smoke, in a heart shape formation. She smiled. "I love that trick."

"Me too." Ryuk replied with a grin as he kissed her one more time. "But not as much as I love you." He said.

"Aww... Prince charming here huh?" She asked jokingly. "Well... You're smoking. Something happened. What is it I wonder?"

"Read me like a book." Ryuk said with a chuckle. "Drama. You know... the good stuff."

"I see... It involves that Minato fellow?"

"Yup. Or... Well... Not really."


"I... sort of... went HAM on the one who beat him to a pulp..."

The silver-haired teen sighed as she placed her hand on her forehead. "Why did you do that?"

"Well... I thought that was extremely stupid, so I needed to get him back. That was bullshit that he did."


"...I know, I know... Yukari's famous line, 'Mind your own business.'"

"Apparently you forgot." She said with a sigh.

"I know... but... business calls." He said.

"...Is it really important?" She asked.

"Yeah. This is a big one. Never been paid this high for something simple like this."

"I see... Is it dangerous?"

"Nope. It's... easy. Way too easy." He replied.

"...Be careful. You don't know what can happen. Especially since we're talking about your job here." Yukari said with a sigh.

"I know... Don't worry! I'm all about being careful!"

"...You were in a car accident from being chased. You fell off a three story tall building, and hit the water. You were shot at. You were almost butchered to death. You almost got your balls cut off from a random... I don't even know if he was a she, or the other way around."

"...But I lived through all them! And come out perfectly unharmed!"

She glared at him.

"...W-Well... the final one was... and still is pretty scarring..."

"Well... Ryuk... Don't get too involved... alright?"

"Noted." He said with nod. He looked over at her. "Hmm... what's with that new tag you have?"

"Well... I am now... Management of Wizzdonalds, Yukari Hinaba." She said with a smile.

"Oh..." Ryuk then looked up at the sky. "Huh..." He then looked down at the ground, and then back at her. "You're hot.

"And so are you." She replied.

"Congratulations make out?" He asked.


"My place."

"I'm in."

"Let's go." Ryuk grabbed her hand as Yukari placed her head against his shoulder as they both began walking.

"By the way..."

"Yeah?" Ryuk asked.

"...I'm not wearing a bra."

"...This is going to be awesome." He said with a grin.

-.-.-.- To be Continued. -.-.-.-.-