Shino slowly opened his eyes. "Where… am…I?" He stood up as he scanned around his area. "I'm still…. On the rooftop…?" He looked down at the floor as he sighed. "Damn it…" He growled as he began walking towards the door. "I'm going to beat the hell out of-" He stopped as the door opened.

"H-hello…" A girl with short, shoulder length black hair stood in front of him. She is wearing a white hospital robe as her hair covered her eyes.

"H-hey…" Shino sighed. "What are you doing here…?"

"Well… I… I never was considered… 'Normal' in my parent's eyes."

"What…?" Shino focused his eyes on her. "I can't see her face…"

The girl began fidgeting her fingers together. "S-so… I-I apologize if I'm making you uncomfortable…"

"Y-you're not…?" Shino asked with a confused expression on his face. "I have a nostalgic feeling…"

She moved her hair from her face over to her right ear, as her raven-colored eyes focused on his. "I-I see… Well… Um… W-what's your name?"


"Shino…" She smiled. "That's a nice name."

"And yours…?"

The girl's smile slowly faded away as she looked down. "Mine's… Not worth mentioning."

"Come on now." Shino sighed. "You could at least tell me your first name."

"…My name is… Hime." The girl replied as she looked up at him.

"Hime…?" Shino leaned in closer to her. "Don't you mean… Himeko-" His eyes widened as he felt two hands push him away.

"NO! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" Hime began screaming as she began clenching her head. "IT'S HIME! HIME! HIME!"

"H-Hey…" Shino reached his hand out to her. "Snap out of it!-" Hime screamed once again as she tackled him onto the ground. Hime sat on his chest. His eyes focused on hers. "What's wrong with you?!" Hime slid a knife from her white robe. "H-Hey! Don't do anything stupid!" "Damn it! Why can't I move?!"

Hime smiled as she raised the knife above his chest. "It's… Hime." She said as she smiled. Shino's eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain on his chest. "Ah!" Shino quickly sat up, panting. "W-Where am I…?" His eyes scanned the room, there is a white curtain on the window to the right of him, and a counter to the left with two chairs. "I'm at the hospital huh…?" He asked himself with a sigh. "Well… Never thought I would be here-" Shino heard footsteps and noticed Hime in front of him. "H-Hime…?" She stood still as her eyes focused on him. "W-What are you doing here?" He asked as he sat up. "Wait…." He looked down at his right arm, and felt no pain. "It healed already…?" He began moving his arm around. "How did it heal….?" He then looked back at Hime, who was now sitting next to him. "W-When did you…?" His eyes widened as he felt two hands grab his shoulders and was knocked back down on his bed. "Hime...?"

Hime smiled as she quickly pounced on him and laid on top of him. "Do you have any idea how stupid you sound…?"

"W-what the hell are you going on about now?!" Shino asked as he tried to move, but couldn't. "What the hell is going on here!?"

"Hmph… You call yourself the strongest, but you lost to a nobody."

"What…? Are you talking about Ryuk-"

"Shut up. You don't understand." Hime said with an irritated expression on her face.

"What do I not understand!?"

"You hurt me."

"By losing to Ryuk?"

"Hahahaha…" Hime began laughing loudly. "Oh my God… How is it that you made it this far, but yet so stupid?"

Shino growled. "Shut up! Why the hell are you doing this Hime!?"

"Hime…?" Her laughter grew louder. "Hahahaha! Indeed! Hime! It's always about Hime! She's just so nice…. caring… amazing… lovable… Yet… She's not."

"What the hell are you blabbering about now-"

"Hahaha… Not even her own family accepts her. Yet… She continues with the charade… Why can't she embrace me…?"

"You're making no sense-" He felt two hands touching his neck. "Wha-"

"You're amazing you know…?" She said with a smile. "I always wanted to be like you. Being loved by everyone. Like Mayumi. I always wanted to be like you two. That's why I love you two." Her face turned light red. "But I love you the most…. It's ironic."

"W-What is…?" He asked as he felt her hands surrounding his neck.

"The emotion that controls your life is what driving me to go insane." She said as she began choking him. "Do you…not love me…?"

"I-I-I….don't…. c-can't….br-breathe…."

"Why…?" Hime asked as she began choking him harder. "Am I not doing my job right…?"

"W-What… job…?"

"You know…" Tears began falling down her cheeks. "To be there for you… To take the rage… To love you no matter what…"

"I…don't remember… ever…"

"Because you are consumed by Rage! That's why! Ever since the devil came… You have been taken away from me… What's the point of my life if I lost my meaning to live…?"


"You know him." Let go as Shino gasped for air. "His blood-red eyes always sees everything. When it saw me… It took my meaning of life… He made you turn me into a lifeless husk of a human…"

"Haa….Haa… W-what do you mean…? If you lost your meaning… Then you shouldn't be here…"

"…There it is… the rage. The rage! Why let rage consume you?"

"I… I don't know what you're saying!"

"Hahaha… Why…? You're lying to yourself… You know why… Hime knows why… I know why… Shino… Why not let go…?"

Shino clenched his fist as he tried to move his arm, but couldn't. "Shut up!"

"…Don't worry…" Hime slowly placed her hands on his neck. "It'll be all over soon…" She began choking him. "The devil will disappear…" She said with a smile.

"W-What…..what are you…talking…about…?"

"You'll see soon enough…" Hime said as Shino's eyes began closing. "Hime is dying Shino… I hate her… I really do… But I will do my job…" Shino's eyes closed. "My name is Meko… Don't you remember…?"


"AH!" Shino sat up, panting heavily. "W-What the hell is going on-" His eyes widened as he felt a sharp pain in his right arm. "Argh!" He looked down at his arm, and noticed a cast. "I-It hurts…" He sighed as he laid back on his bed. "I'm not dreaming…" He closed his eyes. "What the hell was that all about…?" He quickly opened his eyes as he heard the door open. "Who are you!?"

"Relax. My name is Yamato, I'm your doctor. You've been knocked out for three days, I just came by to see how your condition is, and… it seems to me that you're good."

"I-I see…" Shino sighed. "I am… and well… How long will I be here?"

"Hmm… I would have to say for a week or two."

"What!? Why so long!?"

"Hey! You should be happy. A dislocated arm would normally take a few months! Luckily, whoever did this to you made sure that he didn't do serious damage. So don't complain!"

"U-ugh… " Shino sighed once again as he looked down at his cast. "Ryuk… He was going easy on me…?"

"Anyways, you shall be able to leave in 3 or 4 days. So get comfortable. I'll be right back, I need to talk to your parents about your condition as of now. Relax, and the T.V is there if you are bored. Next to you, There is a phone, if you need anything, don't hesitate to call." Yamato said as he opened the door. "Before I go, is there anything you need?"

"No… Thanks." Shino said with a small smile. Yamato nodded as he closed the door. He then closed his eyes. "…What the hell was that dream about…?" He clenched his left fist tightly. "Why do I feel like this…?" He growled as he punched himself in the leg. "Damn it! I need to see Himeko… I don't know why… but I need to…" He then looked over at the window. "Before it's too late."


Minato sighed as he stopped in front of his door as he placed his shoes on. He quickly grabbed two pieces of toast with one hand, and placed one in his mouth. "Crap I'm late." He opened the door and walked outside as the sun hit his eyes. "Too bright…" He closed the door and locked it. "Whatever… I'll just walk. Late already." He began walking as he grabbed the two pieces of toast with his other hand and took a bite of the one in his mouth. The street is filled with men and women walking down the street with their children. A few cars drove down the street as students casually rode on their bikes on the sidewalk. Minato stopped and leaned against a wall as a bicycle passed by and continued walking as he finished his first toast. "Hmm… Peaceful." He thought to himself as he began eating another toast. "…She's right."

-.-.-.- Two days earlier. -.-.-.-

Mayumi walked in class as the morning bell rang. Her eyes quickly scanned the room for Minato, and stopped when her eyes met his. "Minato." She said as she walked towards him. The class began muttering to each other as they all focused on Minato. "Hey… What's going on?" "I don't know." "It's early in the morning, and Minato already started something?" "Shh!" "Where's Izuya-sensei when you need him?"

Minato sighed as he placed his bag next to him on the floor. "What do you want?" He asked as his blood-red eyes focused on her emerald eyes. "It's a little too early to start entertaining the animals here."

"Let's talk." Mayumi said as she stopped in front of him.

"I don't want to." He responded as he yawned. "It's too early for you to start making a fit over something pointless."

"I see…" Mayumi sighed. "I'm not going to take no as the answer."

"Too bad. Class is about to start. Leave me alone-" He felt Mayumi grab his arm. "….What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"We're going to have a talk."

"…I said no. Don't you understand me? Do I need to say it slower?"

"Say whatever you want, but you ARE going with me, right now."

"Was our last talk not that convincing for you to leave me alone?" Minato asked with an irritated look on his face as he pulled his arm away from her.

"I could care less about what you said about me. I just need to talk to you."

"Then I could care less about what you need to talk to me about."

Mayumi clenched her fist as she grabbed his arm tightly and threw him up his feet. "I'm not joking around here! We're going to talk now!" She said with a low growl as she began walking away while she dragged him with her. Minato sighed as he quickly grabbed his bag as they both walked out of the classroom. The students stood silent as the door closed. They began talking aloud. "What… just happened?" "I don't know…" "She's as crazy as Himeko…" "Oh man… What did that idiot do?" "Why does Mayumi bother with him?" "Where's Izuya-sensei?" "Don't know, I think he's late-" The door opened as Izuya walked in.

"Good morning everyone." Izuya said with a sigh as he placed his book on his table. The students continued talking. "Not really in the mood here…" Izuya grabbed his book and slammed it on the desk. "Silence!" The class stood silent. "Ahem…" Izuya coughed as he grabbed a piece of chalk and began writing on the board. "Open your books at page 435." The class silently followed his orders as he continued his teaching.


Minato stopped as his eyes focused on the blinking red light. He sighed as he finished his second toast as the train began passing by. His eyes stared at his reflection from the train. He saw a womanly figure standing next to him, and next to her was a small child. Both of them were happy and began laughing. He blinked and the figures disappeared. "Hmph…" The train finished passing and the light turned green. He began walking as he began eating his final toast. "Stupid memories…"

-.-.-.-.-.- Two days earlier, outside of wizzdonalds at the park playground. -.-.-

Mayumi took a sip from her wizzcoffee. She sighed as she leaned her back against the seat of the bench. "Nothing can beat coffee."

Minato stood silent as he took a sip from his wizzchocolate as he sat at the opposite side of the bench.

"…You know… there's more space over here. You're going to fall if you stay there any longer."

"…What do you want?" Minato asked with an irritated look on his face. "If it was just for this, then you're a complete idiot."

"…. You really hate me don't you?"

"You don't say?"

"…Anyways," Mayumi took another sip of her coffee. "Mind telling me what you and Himeko were talking about yesterday?"

"Hmph." Minato took a sip of his chocolate. "Why not talk to her about it?"

"I already did. I need to know your side of the story."

"There's no reason to." Minato said with a sigh. "Your friend probably told you everything that's important."

"She did."

"Then why the hell do you want to know anything from me?"

"I need to confirm if what she said was true."

"…. Will it make you shut up and leave me alone?" He asked.

Mayumi nodded as she finished her coffee. "Yes. I'll leave you alone."

"…Alright. What do you want to know?"

"It's already confirmed that you talked to her so there's one question answered. Did you talk to her about… love?"

"I don't ever recall talking about love in the way you're thinking about now."

"I see… " Mayumi sighed. "Then why talk to her about it?"

"Because, I think over exaggerating over something stupid and idiotic like love is one of the world's stupidest problem ever."

"But do you realize how much she loves him-"

"Hold on." Minato placed his chocolate next to him. "How much she loves him? Are you serious?"

"You don't know Himeko."

"I don't. And I don't want to. But when you say the whole 'How much she loves him…' speech, it's all nothing, but bullshit."

"What gives you the idea of that?" Mayumi asked with growl. "You're not her. How can you be so judgmental towards her and her feelings?"

"How can I?" Minato chuckled. "Get real. The feelings of 'love' is nothing but an excuse for her."

"What? How is love an excuse?"

"Can you not see?" Minato sighed as he picked his chocolate up.

"See what?" Mayumi asked with a confused look on her face.

"Her face. Can you not tell what she really felt?" He asked.

"Yes… Her face was that of someone who just got their heart broken."

"No." Minato took a sip of his chocolate. "That's the face of someone losing their sanity."

"Isn't that the same as being heartbroken?"

"See…" Minato threw the chocolate to the trash can next to him. "You fail to realize what I'm trying to tell you here." He then focused his eyes on hers. "Love is something petty that humans go through. It's something that can be built easily, but also be broken down easily. Many exaggerate about it, and say, 'A broken heart takes time to heal.' But in reality, it'll only be healed when someone sees another person." He smiled. "Pathetic huh? But in the case of your friend, she lost something. And no, not her heart. But she lost the feeling of knowing she's herself. She lost the support of her mind. That's something that only one person built, and only one person can rebuild, and that person is your friend Shino."

Mayumi sat there in silence as she looked down at her hands. "But… I can't help but feel that there is love involve here."

"Hmph… You're also apart of her sanity."

"What?" She looked over at him with a puzzled look on her face.

"It was obvious. She knew that her support was breaking down, so she thought that she should do what she can in order to help him, and that meant she needed you to be with him."

"I… didn't realize that it was like that-"

"You became a problem when she couldn't get Shino and you together. Thus, her support breaking down more and more."

"It's my fault huh…?"

"I don't recall ever being told to pity anyone. What other questions do you have?"

"Well… How the hell do you know all of this? No one ever told you about what's been going on between us three… and how do you know that Himeko is going through that?"

"…I was there with you three throughout middle school, all the way to high school. It was obvious that you three had something going on. Your friend is easy to read, just like Shino and just like yourself. "

"I'm easy to read…?"

"I just answered yes." Minato said with a sigh as he stood up. "Is that all?"

Mayumi nodded as Minato picked up his bags. "You know…" She looked up at the blue sky. "This place is peaceful."

"…I can't disagree with that." Minato said as he looked up at the sky as well. "It's not a bad thing."

"Yeah… but yet…" Mayumi bit her lip. "Himeko… She's going through hell."

"…It's typical. Anybody that losses their support is bound to go crazy." He said as he began walking away.

Mayumi closed her eyes as she stood up. "Minato."

Minato stopped. "What?"

She opened her eyes as they began watering. Her body began trembling. "What should I do?"

"…Talk some sense into her." He said with a sigh. "I don't care."

"…How can you say that?"

Minato shrugged. "I just don't care."

"How can you be so heartless?"

"Hahaha… Heartless?" Minato chuckled as he continued walking. "Call me what you want, I really don't care."

"…You're a jerk you know that!?" Mayumi screamed out as he continued walking. "How could you not feel a thing when someone that you know is going through a lot?! Don't you feel any sort of sympathy?" She clenched her fists tightly. "You're an idiot! You're really the devil himself!" Tears began falling down her eyes.

Minato stopped. "Sympathy? Why the hell do I have to give sympathy to who I don't care a rat ass about?" He turned around as their eyes met once again. "I'm a jerk. You can't change that." He said as he began walking towards her. "And I'll repeat what I've been saying for the past minutes. I. Don't. Care." He stopped right in front of her. "I'm the devil? Ha! You haven't seen what a devil can do." He said with a smile on his face. "If you keep on bugging me… I'll show you what a devil is truly capable of." He placed his hand on her cheek.

"What the hell are you doing…?" Mayumi asked as tears continued falling down her eyes.

"Don't forget. Whenever you feel in pain… or sadness, nightmares…or any other petty emotion… you'll see my face. I'll be the one who'll be there… to laugh at you. I'll be the one who'll be laughing last. Don't forget that."

"W-what are you…?"

He wrapped his other arm around her and pushed her in towards him and kissed her. Mayumi's eyes widened as she felt his lips touch hers. Mayumi closed her eyes as she pushed him away from her.

"Hahahaha…" Minato began laughing.

"W-Why did you…?" Mayumi began backing away slowly. "Why…?"

Minato continued laughing.

"Stop it!" He continued. Mayumi placed her hands on her face. "STOP LAUGHING!" She screamed as she began trembling. "W-why…? Why did you…? I… I thought you… W-what's going…on…?" She clenched her head tightly. "Why!?" She closed her eyes as she ran away.

Minato sighed as he noticed Mayumi farther and farther away. He smiled. "I'm heartless… I am the devil after all." He said to himself as he began walking. "I'm only doing my job." He looked up at the sky. "What a peaceful day it is indeed…"


"Hmph…" Minato finished his toast as he stopped at the entrance. He looked over at the building next to the entrance building. He stood there, staring at the window where Mayumi is sitting. She stretched her arms backwards as she looked at the window. Her eyes began roaming everywhere, until she saw Minato. Her eyes widened slightly as she looked away. "She's been looking away from me… Keeping her distance away from me too…" He smiled as he touched his lip. "Good riddance." He chuckled as he walked inside the building.

-.-.-.- To Be Continued.-.-.-.-