This is something I wrote a while ago. At first it was just a oneshot, but maybe I'll continue it? Comment/review and tell me if I should make it into a story!

The girl was careful. She made sure to place her feet only in the exact places where the pine needles didn't touch the floor of the forest. When she accidentally rustled the brightly colored, newly fallen leaves from the trees now on the ground, she froze, making sure no one heard her quiet footsteps. Once absolutely certain she was alone, only then did she continue on her silent way.

She wasn't alone for long.

She couldn't be sure at first, but it seemed as if there were almost inaudible sounds of the leaves behind her, as if from beneath someone else's shoes. She stopped just to be certain. There it was! Someone was behind her.

She whirled around, eyes narrowed, fists up and ready for a fight, but no one appeared to be there. She squinted into the gloom – it was already getting dark and no one should know that she was here.

Not entirely convinced she was not being followed, she suspiciously continued on her way, but kept her sharp hearing attuned to the sounds of the footsteps still following her through the darkening woods.

Turning once more, Clover caught sight of someone hurriedly hiding behind a nearby tree.

She stalked over to it and pulled a boy around her own age from behind it. He struggled, but Clover was stronger than her slim body betrayed her to be. She brought him further into the fading light so as to see him better.

He wore a plain green t-shirt paired with black jeans with scuffed sneakers on his feet. His dark hair was tousled, bits of leaves and twigs stuck out of it. His blue eyes looked nervous as he studied her much in the same way she was studying him.

"Why are you here? Why did you follow me? Who are you anyway?" she demanded, all in one breath.

He seemed speechless, staring at her face, almost in wonder.

"What?" she asked again.

He appeared to get ahold of himself once again and slowly backed away from her furious face, hands half raised. "My name is Hunter. I swear I didn't mean any harm to you or…anything like that. I just … wondered … that's all. "

"Wondered about what, exactly?" Clover asked him, none too gently, and with a generous dollop of suspicion in her tone.

"…I don't know, really." He admitted. "I really don't. I saw you walking through the woods, and I felt a sudden need to see who you were."

Clover didn't believe him for a minute. No one just got an "urge."

"Well, you can just turn around and go right back where you came from. Understand? You have no business here. " She began to turn from him, then stopped when he heard him call after her.

"Wait! Please…can you just tell me your name?"

She paused but didn't turn again. "No. Leave. You don't belong here." Then she continued, at a faster pace than before, not walking, but not quite running. As Hunter watched her go, he couldn't help but compare it to a lithe dancing through the woods. Her graceful steps barely made any noise on the leave-strewn ground, and her long black hair swung down her back. He didn't know what it was, but there was something about her that he just couldn't quite pinpoint.

That's it! He squinted at her harder as her figure grew more distant. There it was. When her hair caught the light of the rising moon, it seemed to shine. But not the usual shine of a girl's hair. No, this was a silvery color, with a hint of green to it.

Hunter shook his head. He was being crazy. There was nothing unusual about this girl, at least, not at first glance. And anyway, she wasn't exactly the most welcoming of people. Why did he follow her in the first place?

Letting loose a sigh, he began walking in the other direction from the girl. He hadn't even gotten her name. Oh well. He supposed it didn't really matter. Really.

He glanced at the dark sky dotted with stars and tried to guess how much trouble he'd be in.

"Not as if I really care at this point." He muttered to himself, not bothering to conceal his footsteps this time.

He should have realized that this part of the forest was not a very welcoming place at night. And his footsteps should have been well concealed from the prying ears of others on the lookout for them.

A pair of green eyes peered out from the branches of a huge oak tree up ahead of him, narrowed in thought, in puzzlement. Why was he here? What was his purpose for being here? But they wouldn't do anything. Not for the time being. What the owner of these eyes were wondering was…why was this boy interested in Clover? That was the real question.

And they intended to find the answer to that question.

But Hunter was unaware of anything of this sort. He was concentrating simply on getting home without killing himself on one of the millions of roots sticking out of the uneven ground.

Which brought him back to that girl's question: Why did he follow her? Seriously, was he the type?

Deciding to tackle those unanswerable questions in the morning when he wasn't falling on his face with exhaustion, he finally stumbled across the border of the forest and the street near his home.

He made his way to his front door, but didn't open it right away. He stood there looking at the peeling paint on the doorposts before finally grasping the knob and turning it.

As he did, a sudden movement in his peripheral vision made him turn suddenly. But there was nothing there. Only a whoosh of air and a quick flash of green betrayed to him that he wasn't going crazy. He stared for a moment, then shook his head and went inside.

"I'm home." He called out unnecessarily. There was no reason for anyone to be worried. He came and went as he pleased and no one cared where he was really. He could be out until four in the morning and no one would notice until a police car came to the house to tell them where he was.

And yes, that had happened on more than one occasion. Which was why he was on probation at school and on the streets. He was pushing it as it was.

Hunter clomped up the stairs to the tiny bedroom he occupied most of the time. He flopped down on his bed and stared at the stained ceiling.

He tried to think of nothing in particular, but his thoughts kept straying to a certain girl. He'd seen plenty of girls in his life, some closer than others, but none had ever caught his attention like this. Ever. And to the point of following her through the woods? She looked as if she would be ready to kill him or something.

That thought disturbed him a little. He turned over to his side and closed his eyes. He fell asleep almost instantly, his dreams filled with a nameless girl with long green hair.

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