Chapter 1

The next adventure begins

Mystic rides her bike through her hometown whistling to herself; it has been a month since Dr. Bunnicus had attempted to control Mystic Island all that was left were a few scars and bruises. When carrot chewing and maniacal laughter is heard she immediately pulls her bike to the curb and looks around to see a grey and black rabbit dash around the corner. "It couldn't be Dr. Bunnicus, could it?" Mystic said to herself parking her bike and getting off before heading to where the bunny had turned. In turn she comes face to face with an old foe.

"Hello Mystic you shopping too? Maybe you can help me find a bag of revenge!" Dr. Bunnicus said shooting his laser and hitting Mystic into the street. She shakes her head and looks for her bike; it was just across the street.

"Got to get to it and go to Mystic Island and Warn Coroni and the others that Dr. Bunnicus is back." Mystic said just as another laser beam rammed her into another building. She was hit hard and couldn't get up.

"Now to finish…." Dr. Bunnicus is cut off by Coroni as he turns the laser on Dr. Bunnicus and blasts him before running to Mystic who was losing consciousness.

"Hang in there Mystic you'll be okay." Coroni said as Mystic passed out.