Chapter 5

The Cave of Wonders

Mystic walked towards an approaching cave continuously stopping, her injuries were causing her great pain and exhaustion was also setting in. An all too familiar laugh fills the air as Mystic sighs and looks at Dr. Bunnicus approaching her. "Ha-ha Mystic I finally wore you down why don't you just give up now before I make your death slow and painful?" He said building his laser up to full unrivaled power and that energy slammed Mystic hard and closer to the cave. She lays motionless for a few moments before she struggles to her feat and goes towards the Cave, Dr. Bunnicus on her heels.

Mystic arrives at the bottom of the long stairwells of the cave. She pants with sure exhaustion. "I made it." She said looking at the Gem of Malcornia glowing brightly just ahead of her, she wasn't too late. Another laser beam hit her into the far wall and she nearly misses the Gem. Mystic then leans against the wall for support while putting on the electric amulet the monster had given her. She feels the power surging from the amulet to her and stumbles away from the wall. Barely able to stand she counters a laser beam aimed at the Gem from Dr. Bunnicus with an electric blast. The attacks collide easily and push back and forth.

"It's over now for you and everyone when the Gem is destroyed the world will be sent into complete darkness." Dr. Bunnicus said now really got to Mystic whose eyes flashed purple from their usual brown color and the electricity ups in power blasting through the laser beam and flinging a shocked Dr. Bunnicus away and out of the cave. Mystic pants and sighs with relief. However with all her energy and will gone she collapses and smiles before passing out.

Soon after this Coroni comes running into the cave and over to his friend. "Mystic please hang in there he said extremely worried by the injuries she had suffered.

3 hours later Mystic's heavy feeling eyes open halfway and she's back at her house on earth. "I'm back." She said in a quiet whisper as Coroni nodded sitting next to her.

"Yeah how are you feeling?" Coroni asked looking up at her.

"Terrible but thanks for asking." She said as Coroni nodded. "Get some rest Dr. Bunnicus is gone and we have some breathing room." Mystic nodded before her eyes shut again. That day a legend was truly born.

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