The Chronicles of Bree


First day of Year Seven. New class at school this year, new teacher, old friends. I, Bree Fox, have decided to keep a diary recording my year. I am in 6/7 Knight and my teacher is Mrs Knight. My best friends from last year are Moiya, Felicity, Adeline (my twin sister), Mika and Belle. Moiya is the bubbly and random girl, Felicity is the (short) and funny friend, Adeline is the bossy and tomboyish sister, Mika is the depressed and emo one, Belle is the Year 5 girl who started hanging around with us last year for some reason and I'm the sarcastic one. Extremely sarcastic. And the one with a weird sense of humour. Anyway, on with the introductions…
I go to a fancy-schmancy private catholic boarding school, St May's (we get to go home at weekends, thank goodness, but board there). My family consists of my dog, Mum and Dad (and three bantam chickens, 10 normal chickens, a few pigs, 4 sheep and two turtles). So! On with the first day of school (shudders). I had been relaxing and not doing much at all for what seemed like endless days of holidays….