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"Morning!" yelled Mum as she opened the curtains of my window and let the bright summer light in. "Come on, first day of school today!" Ugh. I pulled myself out of bed and shuffled into the dining room for breakfast.

Later on I was set on the bus on the way to St May's. Kyla and Adeline sat together, leaving me alone until Moiya got on. They were engaged in a conversation about their holidays. How interesting. Staring out the window I longingly glanced at the green fields and paddocks. Goodbye, Lavender Plains, for a week. St May's is a boarding school, and I dorm with Moiya, Adeline, Kayla and Felicity. Unlucky Belle has to dorm with a gang of Grade 5 Royals. BTW, Royals are basically the pain-in-the-rear popular students. Interrupting my thoughts Moiya got on and sat next to me. "How were your holidays?"


"Mine were awesome! We went skating, I saw my cousins, we got a new dog…"

"Great for you."

"Thanks! I can't wait till we meet Mrs Knight and our class!" That's Moiya, ever the optimist. Unlike Kayla, who turns around to me and begins to moan about how her life is going to suck now she has the most evil year 7 teacher, Miss Baldino. Tuning her out, I sing the lyrics of Fighter by Christina Aguilera in my head. Makes me that much stronger makes me work the little bit harder. As soon as the bus arrives at school I brightly interrupt Kayla's moaning and exit the bus.

Once we have ditched our schoolbags we meet up with Belle and hear about her holidays. They were fine, she says. Mr Malcom, a relief teacher, yells at us to go up to the courts until the bell rings. Kayla flashes him the bird behind his retreating back and we stroll up. Toby, this random guy from Mr Green's class, walks up to us. "Hey Adeline." Moiya and I smirked and exchanged glances, Toby has had a crush on Adeline ever since he moved to St May's in Year 5. "Go away." muttered Adeline. Toby shrugged and walked off.

We played four-square until the bell rang and the gang raced down. Felicity arrived and so did Mrs Knight. She beckoned the class in and I found a seat next to Moiya and Felicity. And the whole class sat in silence. "Awkward!" mutters Lily, a Duchess in Royal hierarchy, but a funny one. "So…. How was everyone's holidays?" asks Mrs Knight. "Did anyone do anything interesting?" Taylor, a Royal, raised his hand and crowed; "I broke my arm!"

"Fantastic job Taylor. No one's going to top that as fun things to do in your holidays." I muttered to Moiya. She giggled. "I went to Melbourne." Bragged Jake Faux. It drives me crazy; our last names are pronounced the same and people think were related. As if I could ever be related to that obnoxious jerk. "I saw my cousins?" ventured Moiya. "Excellent. Madi, what did you do?" asked Mrs Knight to Madi, a Royal. "I met Reece Mastin." Who? "…lovely. I bought some shoes." Announced Mrs Knight, and the class laughed. Mrs Knight was that sort of teacher you'd expect to do just that; she dressed in short dresses, wasn't very tall, and never wore an outfit twice. Or so it seemed.

At recess the gang formed in the quad. "How was it?" I asked.

"Terrible." lamented Kayla.

"Great!" laughed Moiya.

"Fine." muttered Adeline.

"AWESOME!" cried Belle.

"Ok." smiled Felicity.

"Pretty good. Mrs Knight seems good. Mrs Baldino wasn't too epic, hey?" asked I. "No. Duh." said Kayla gloomily. "Oh, don't be so depressed!" cheered Moiya. "It's ok with you, you have an awesome teacher!" growled Kayla. "You had her last year!" protested Moiya. "And you have her now!" glowered Kayla. "What's that supposed to mean?!" cried Moiya. "It mean's nothing! You two are idiots." smirked Belle. "Shuddup Belle." growled Adeline. "Guys?" asked Felicity. "What?!" chorused Adeline, Kayla, Belle and Moiya. "It's the first day of school, let's not argue." soothed Felicity. "She's right. C'mon, let's play dodgeball." I suggested. So the gang trundled up to the courts and stood against the SAMMAT (Samaritan and Mary Mackillop Arts Theatre) where Adeline ditched a netball at us. Our idea of 'fun'.

Soon the bell had gone and Moiya, Felicity and I were back in class. Mrs Knight greeted the class then handed out assignment sheets. ALREADY?! "This assignment is one Social Justice. You must all choose a topic, and present it in your Research Books."

"Subjects include the Stolen Generation, Child Slavery, Fair Trade, etc." Moiya glanced excitedly at me. "I'm doing Child Slavery!" she whispered. "I'm doing Fair Trade." decided Felicity on my other side. "What, you going to bring in Cadbury chocolate?" I sniggered. "Great idea!" whispered Felicity. Felicity doesn't get sarcasm. Pity.

At lunch I sat with the girls under the steps to the SAMMAT. We talked and played truth or dare. "I dare you…" muttered Belle to Kayla, "to run into the middle of the oval, and yell, 'I'm ELMO!'". Moiya and Felicity burst into laughter. I wasn't listening, and Adeline was staring at the Royal boys playing footy at the back of the oval. Following her gaze, I saw her focusing on a dark haired boy. Evan. Of course. She's had a crush on him for ages, I think. Tearing my gaze away, I watched Kayla sprint to the middle and yell; "I'm ELMO!" the gang and I burst out laughing.

Once the bell had gone the other 6/7 s walked down, but me and the gang stayed for a few minutes longer then usual. "Weirdos!" called Aly, a Royal. "Trolls! Hey, Kayla! You b# $h!" laughed Grace to her friends. This is the sort of girls at St May's. Not too friendly.

Back in class, we worked on the Social Justice project until Mrs Knight sent us back to our seats. "So." she said, surveying us all. "So what?" called out Lily, and everyone laughed. "End of the day. Everyone, your dorms are changed this year; you will have different people in your dorms. They are now situated in the top layer of the SAMMAT." Whispers circulated the class and I glanced panicky at Moiya and Felicity. "Dormitories will be as….." Mrs Knight handed out the sheet and I sighed with relief when I looked at it.

Dorm 7

Moiya Glenister

Felicity Hail

Bree Fox

Adeline Fox

Kayla Bell