Caught By The Rain

True stories don't have happy endings. A poem of suicide. Based on a true story.

He passed into and out of my life like the raging storm that hit today.

At first it was all clear skies,

No stars, but not an uncommon occurrence for the city,

light streaming from rooftop gardens, and late night restaurants.

We were walking to meet friends,

And a light breeze ruffled my hair

As he joked about the new girl he was interested in.

I did not know him well,

I had never even met her,

But I laughed and listened to his story.

Finally, we found everyone.

He wasn't hungry, but walked me anyway so I wouldn't walk the streets alone,

Something that's scares me in the city, late at night.

We all ate, but as we got up to leave

The skies opened up,

And suddenly we were all drenched.

I rang water out of my dress, and he cleaned off his glasses,

But the atmosphere was lost.

He went out for a "walk" with some friends,

Came back two hours later

Towed in by a friend who had seen him beating up the pavement

And screamed and tossed things around.

Gone was my friendly neighbor,

Here was my psychotic floor mate,

Ready to kill himself.

And as he ran out the door,

I could hear the shouting,

"Stop Him!"

" He wants to go to the Bridge!"

"We can't let him leave"

But he escaped

Through our fingertips

And disappeared

Just like the rain

After it had wreaked havoc on our lives.

As I said this is something that I actually witnessed/was apart of. Of course, specific names/locations have been disturbed to protect those involved, but almost everything truly happenned. All feedback is welcome! And if someone is contemplating suicide, I would rather them talk to me, then ever feel alone/put thier friends through such turmoil.