A special gift for you~ was written across the screen in cheerful, curly letters. He half-smiled at the font, shaking his head a bit. One massage. When? Our Anniversary, 6pm, my house. I'll have everything ready for you, so don't be late. ~William

Noah smiled even harder as he got to the end of the message, closing out the email. Their first anniversary was coming in the next few days and when Noah had been excited before, he was ecstatic now. He couldn't wait to see everything that Will had planned for them.

On his anniversary, Noah arrived at Will's house, nervous about what he had planned. He knocked and waited. He wondered what Will's roommate was doing that evening. He glanced up, smiling as the door was opened. Will pulled him inside, and led him through the house. Noah was embarrassed, wondering what his boyfriend was doing. "Well, hello to you too, Will."

Will glanced back at him, his black hair perfectly combed. He winked at Noah. "Hello, Noah." Noah was embarrassed as Will stopped in front of the bathroom door. "I've gotten your bath all ready for you… just take a few moments to relax," Will teased. "Before our evening gets really fun,"

Noah walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him, hesitantly. The bathtub was full of water, and up to the rim with thick, white bubbles. He removed his clothes and got into the tub, lowering himself into the water. It was blissfully hot, so hot that it burned his skin at first, but he quickly got used to it, leaning back in the water, closing his eyes.

Well, a bath is nice… it's romantic… but it's not quite what I expected, he opened his eyes and glanced at the door. There were candles lit and music playing, and Noah felt like he was in the middle of something very private. This isn't like him at all, he half-smiled and closed his eyes again.

A few moments later, Will came in and winked at him. "How are you enjoying your bath so far?"

"I'd like it a lot more if you got in here with me," Noah teased. "There's room for the both of us in here…"

Will chuckled. "Only if you were on your hands and knees, Noah. And it's not time for that just yet. The best is yet to come. I know how busy you are. This is a nice break away from your super busy schedule. Let me lavish you."

His low tone gave Noah chills but he just rolled his eyes. "Lavish me then…"

Will leaned forward and kissed him, leaving a promise hanging in the air. "For as long as you can stand me, babe," Will straightened up. "Whenever you're ready to get out, just pull the plug and I'll be back to towel you off."

Noah leaned on the edge of the tub. "Oooh, that sounds fun," Noah said, in a low tone. "I can't wait."

"Don't rush yourself. You need this time to relax," Will teased, exiting the bathroom.

Noah leaned back against the back of the tub, a small sigh escaping his lips. He played with the loofah, pressing it between his hands, wondering again what Will had planned for him when he got out of the tub. The bathroom smelled so good, and the bath water felt strangely silky. Noah found himself wondering what Will had put in the water, as he closed his eyes. The smell of lavender and jasmine filled his nose and soothed him.

Once he finally felt relaxed, but still eager to see what Will was doing, he pulled the plug and heard the water beginning to drain. He stepped out of the tub and looked for a towel. There's no towels in here? Noah wondered.

The door opened, and Will came in with a towel and a bathrobe. He playfully began drying Noah off, and Noah smiled in surprise as he felt how warm the towel was. "Did this just come out of the drier?" he asked, playfully, as Will slowly and gently toweled him off. The warm and gentle sensations were driving him crazy but he did his best to ignore it, since Will seemed like he had more planned.

"Of course," Will said, grinning down at Noah, as he toweled his lover's hair off. He slipped a bathrobe on him, also warm from the drier.

Noah's heart was fluttering strangely, thinking about how much Will really cared about him, to go through all of this work for him. He blushed a bit as Will led him through the house, thinking about how much he cared about his boyfriend. May-… maybe I love him. I think I might love him… but that's such a scary thought… Does he love me?

Will led him to the bedroom and he lay his lover down on the bed, slipping his robe off. Noah let out a breath of surprise when he realized the sheets were heated too. "You worked incredibly hard planning this, didn't you, Will?" Will heard him ask.

"Don't worry too much about how hard I worked," Will teased. "I did it all for you. You've been running a thousand miles a minute lately and you needed some relax time. I knew you would be offended if I bought you a ticket to a spa, so I figured I could do just about anything they could do," he lowered his head to Noah's neck, kissing it teasingly. "I can also do."

"Mmm, that's probably right…" Noah turned his head to look up at Will. "What are you doing now?"

He let out a small gasp of surprise when he felt his lover's cool hands, wet with massage lotion, touch the skin on his back. He closed his eyes, and gave in to the slow and wonderful massage Will was giving him. "You are SO good at this! Where did you learn to do this?" Noah said, in a surprised, but entirely pleased and satisfied tone.

"I've been taking lessons. Shh, Noah, just relax, okay?" Will laughed, thinking about how high-strung his boyfriend really was.

Noah fell to silence, closing his eyes and giving into the feeling of his boyfriend's hands on his back, the warm and almost burning feel of the lotion working its way into his muscles. He could feel Will working the knots out of his back and he sighed with relief. This is probably the best day I've had in months, he thought, satisfied. By the time Will was done with his back and shoulders, he was practically melted into a pool of satisfaction.

He let out a soft sound as he felt Will moving downward, beginning to massage his feet, and then his ankles. His eyes opened as he felt Will moving higher up his legs, and he gave a sound of encouragement as Will massaged his upper thighs.

He felt his boyfriend's length pressing against his leg and he wanted to turn and look, but he was feeling too good. "Will, yes," Noah said, eagerly. He gasped, feeling his boyfriend's slick fingers sliding into him, and he lightly crooned his boyfriend's name. As soon as the fingers were there, they were gone again. Will continued this a few more times, before gently and slowly pushing himself inside.

"Ahhh…" Noah breathed.

He backed out, leaving just the tip. Noah felt disappointed as Will pulled out, going back to his gentle massaging of Noah's body. A moment later, he pushed in again, and then out, leaving Noah to practically cry out.

"Will, please, I…" Noah pleaded, almost half-sobbing in frustration. "Stop teasing me,"

Will flipped his lover over onto his back, leaning over him. He met Noah's lips, kissing him deeply. "I love you, Noah," his hand, slippery with the lotion, slid up and down on his lover's length, massaging him gently. "So much. I want you to know that."

Noah gasped desperately, closing his eyes tightly. The words Will was saying, the way he was touching him… It was all almost too much for him. He was nearly there when Will removed his hand.

"Not yet, Noah," Will teased, pulling his boyfriend to the edge of the bed. "You've been eager all night." He lined himself up with Noah, waiting until he had calmed down a bit. He gently pushed himself inside, letting Noah adjust to him before he started moving, slowly. Will continued with the slow pace until he could sense Noah's frustration, and then he picked up speed.

Noah gasped as he felt Will wrap his hand around him, moving his hand in sync with the rhythm. I love him, I absolutely… this feels SO good!... His eyes closed tightly in pleasure, his breath coming in gasps. Love him. I have to tell him… ah… that I… I'm so close, he opened his eyes and met Will's eyes. That I love him, he saw the intense look in Will's eyes, and one more thrust brought him over the edge, and he was done, crying out softly and going limp in Will's hand.

Will continued moving inside of him, letting the tiny sound that Noah recognized as almost the end. Through half-lidded eyes, he watched his boyfriend throw his head back, and fill him with his seed. He felt Will slowly pull out, and climb onto the bed. Noah felt himself picked up and placed under the covers. He looked up at Will, his eyes half-glazed.

Will pulled the covers up over the two of them, and wrapped his arms around Noah, holding him tightly. "Happy anniversary, Noah."

"… Will, I… love you too," Noah said, in a soft voice.

"I know," Will kissed him again, gently. "I didn't need to hear you say it," he brushed some hair out of Noah's face. "Wait until you find out what you're getting next year," he teased.

"I can't WAIT," Noah said, in a sedated and sleepy tone.

"Oh, I bet you can," Will half-smiled, watching his boyfriend fall asleep there in his arms.