AFANASII: A bone planet whose heavens were often as grey as gloom hitherto oftentimes wept whether or not from the hues of angry gashes and, yet, neither truly day nor night but an immortally ethereal twilight. There were three moons every "dead time" and a midnight sun for every "living hour". The dense atmosphere was a moderate, dry chill to freezing temperatures and a fusty wind. Uncannily, the planet had four seasons, which persevered though hazily, and were dubbed by the inhabitants by four elements; nonetheless, their summer seemed to ever shy away from those of the underground.

"ASERIIANS" was the derogative term when speaking of the planet's entire inhabitance. In their world all realms resided in one and yet were divided by regulators.

EREBOSA was the third dimensional and likewise fourth domain, the AETHERSFERE was what hovered above, and AFRAGRIS was what they stood upon. Their main stellar was entitled SIRIUS, whilst the moons were dubbed "The Goddess Three".

The moon "Demeter" was denoted as "the mother" being that all life had originated from her breasts. She was generally seen between the other two celestial bodies and her radiance was frequently elongated, outlasting the other two holies; she lasted about three and a half months on her own which measured a full season. "Arcadia" was "the maiden", who was positioned to the west. And "that old wench" to the east was dubbed "The Crone" or merely by her name "Luna", the one whom most souls marveled and shuddered when gazed upon for she so scarcely managed even a peek upon those who dwelled below her. Delightful ballads, folklores and speculation encircled those three heavenly bodies, ones of which inspired enchantment and, yet, rapped fear into even the most narcissistic heart.

The light from Sirius was no longer as strong as it once had been in lore, but it was enough for those on AFANASII to endure. According to tradition, the sun was mourned for most of the year until it would finally show its face at the end only to "die away" tragically again. The ruby disk loomed mysteriously towards the edge of each year, peering from the horizon with an ominous shine.

There were 30 seconds to a minute, 60 minutes to an hour, and 78 hours to a day. That was 140400 seconds in a day, 1800 seconds in an hour, and 70200 seconds for each half a day. A half of a day lasted 39 hours and when a day was divided into four quarters there were 19.5 hours per quarter. For the average underling there were 32 hours of work put into each day and of which were divided into four separate shifts, that is, 16 hours per quarter give or take; which left about 46 hours at least to oneself. Do keep in mind, worms, that about 39 hours of the day were appointed "dead time" on their clocks.

Controversially, "dead time" was not based principally on the lives of the zoo, but quintessentially on nature in general when Sirius's light began to dwindle over the horizon. As expected, these creatures had cashed in on the allure of said "sleeping hours" and had thrived ever since. There were spectacular lights, posh décor, an array of commodities, shimmers of fantastic colors in the doused light, and the exceptional festivities! Why, "Dead time" had remarkably became the most active and grandeur part of an entire 78 hours.


78 hrs. = 39 e. hrs.

46 hrs. = 23 e. hrs.

39 hrs. = 19.5 e. hrs.

32 hrs. = 16 e. hrs.

19.5 hrs. = 9.45 e. hrs.

16 hrs. = 8 e. hrs.

In a nut shell: The aristocratic classmen would work half of the "living hours" and would return to work sometime during "dead time". The privileged few usually operated during at least one shift, however, while the common hand—the average middle classmen—worked from two to three shifts daily. Very rarely was somebody ever moved in their caste system and wealth itself depended upon birthright.

Likewise, it took an average of 293 days for the moons to complete their cycles together, which once when finished began a new season. An entire year lasted for 1170 days, 1172 once every three years. There were 9 weeks to a month, 11 days to each week, an average of 90 days to a month, and 13 months to every year.

There were also thirteen astrological signs…













…In total; as listed.

One sign would govern an entire year, then another the next year, and so on and so forth in that order listed. Then every twelve years there came around a special year: when "The Hunter" shared one half of said year, both the seasons of water (winter) and earth (fall), whilst "The Healer" ruled over both fire (summer) and air (spring) of that same said year.



























FURTHERMORE: All forms of direction were measured by what the ASERIIANS termed "The God Wheel". The God Wheel, when placed in the center, was divided into main quadrants by four cardinal points and then eight when aligned with the universal cross. Nodes were determined by quantities.

TO PAINT A MORE COMPREHENSIVE OPUS: On the third and fourth dimension, AFANASII used to be a realm that had once breathed beauty into the universe, the golden apple amongst the cosmos of stardust. At the present it had been reduced to sheer fodder by the people and their monstrous appetites, and who had sifted out all the great resources with their components and devoured everything in their path in the name of what they define to be "conquest". All that was left was a disfigured speck in the vast expanse of energies, a miserable remnant, and a crumb of dust. That was their chosen reality, their truth and their frequency.

All life is divine, and so was the splendor of the lands. Alas, Project 8 had transmuted into an absolute catastrophe due to the destruction and deconstruction that came prior and during "The Great Shift" that had occurred epochs ago way before "The Great Change".

Splinters of the ancients could be found in THE WALDROCK RESERVE, the zoological gardens located in MONARCH PARK sited near the heart of XERCES CITY. In the glasshouses, likewise, were grown the many produces which yielded more than enough for societal consumption, particularly the humanoid intake. This, even so, was reserved only for the regime and its labors; to even so much as have a taste one had to be impeccably part of the system, or the higher castes, for that was the design and being a "free man" or a "needy" meant total and complete suffering.

Upon every fertile plane, rolling knoll and posh patches of rosés, the native grasses of days gone by, life once thrived. What was left was but a tiny fraction, less than one percent (1%); for an example…


Banyos were plump, circular fruit with a thick outer hide and yellow pulp that was "as sweet as butterfly honey" to the taste buds of the planet's modern natives. To us Earthlings, the crop was a round crossbreed between pineapples and bananas.

Yewbies and Yazbies were an ovarian fruit and cultivate similarly to the vitis genus. Yewbies vary from shades of gold to crimson, whilst Yazbies were generally violet in color. Their great verdures were also used in dishes and as decorations.

With care, the Needle Fruit were plucked from the Porcupine Trees; their sharp leaves can inflict nasty abrasions in offenders. The meats of the tree's pits were highly consumable and were often used in an innumerable amount of recipes.

Nektarums were a plant which the humanoids withdrew their own natural "sugar" and "fuel" from. The exotic ivory flowers alone excreted a saccharine scent, but it was the sable pods, roots, and pallid shoots that were reaped. The lofty plant was also an economical alternative to crafting booze, due mostly to the ability to grow in copious quantities and its proclivity to endure in most environs.

The scarlet fruit of the Flaming Lips were used as a spice.

Oicellas were divine, claret drupes found on the Divide trees.


Tripplemines were desirable golden flowers, the stars shaped trios bloomed from stems that extended out from long, ribbon leaves. These lovelies were primarily found growing in the highlands.

Vanghots were delicate, red florets with black hearts and matching borders. Each bud consisted of eleven petals and each petal possessed six points. The leaves were miniature yet multiple; like strands that make up a feather.

Harples were fibrous growths from pods that ranged from a watery periwinkle to a sea foam teal. The puffs would burst forth, splitting back the husks. Once collected, the filaments went through a process of refinement; such as the eventual deletion of their pigmentation.

Schmogies grew gorgeous blossoms with opulent petals, the jewel of all florae, and for this they were highly prized. These commodities were grown and sold for oodles of reasons, but none more key than passion.

Truphani was the plural for the classification of lilies, truphanus being the singular form. These flowers were quite luminous, that is, their petals and their pollen emitted off a soft glow.

Moxies were sprigs of flowers that were not as big as a minute, in fact, the buds were diminutive. Moxies range from yellow to orange, orange to red, and even come in shades of pink.

Knockers, or Jimneys or water poles, were often discovered growing particularly in wetlands and seemed wicked in character. This oddity grew wiry hairs from upon top of thick spines, but all the more unexpected was that the plant—and all its parts—seemed to dance in the passing airstream.

Kandalites were a species of truphani, an equivalent to the water lilies or lotuses seen on earth. These flowers were fluorescent in the planet's dim atmosphere, iridescent like a living canvas of colors.

Florinthiums were dark vines with traces of what was defined as the shade of "moonlight", specifically in the serrated shaped foliage. Although stunning and elegant, their class was poisonous.

The Davide Trees possessed flowery leaves, whilst their long, thin and winding limbs climbed in and every direction. From their fragrant silvery flowers, the Davide grew the Oicella fruit. These trees tended to be enormous, but then again it takes centuries for one to accomplish its complete maturity.

Shrooms had expanded in diversity, colors and designs, and were the most abundant of all plant species. These were fungi, precisely like the mushrooms on earth.


The Narr-Narrs, miniature worm-like creatures, bore the appearance of earthy wildflowers and flourished off the afragris and in turn provided nutrients to the vegetation. The plumage of these creatures came in a variety of shades and in an array of designs. The machine operating the organism resided beneath the surface, under the soil for retreat, along with their root-like appendages used to rearrange their positions. And in the center of the "petals" were the stemmas, or composite and highly sensitive structures; these systems possessed from one to as many as millions of eyes each, depending on breeds, and to which these eminences appeared as papillae in characteristic rather than the typical oculars.

Gnarls were another vegetal-like species, bearing a picturesque resemblance to the earthy sea anemone yet crossed over with the characteristics of the squid that swam the murky depths of the Vermillion Sea. There was a conspicuous gap, however, for these unctuous creatures were not maritime life but flourished on land.

Eldolan were moderately massive beasts with bear-like crania with larger maws lined with jagged stained projections, brown wooly pelts, eight lengthy and sturdy yet reedy and backwards legs, and tri-toed back feet and frontward hands with razor-sharp claws. These "demons" were natural marauders.

Dale Crows were of the yard bird variety, in fact, analogous with pen chickens. Adults of both genders were medium sized, stocky, with round-wings. They had long, bony tails covered in exotic feathers; the feathers, when spanned out, were typically rounded, fan-like and vibrant in pigment. Adult males had ruby comb-like plumes over their eyes and azure, elongated head feathers that could be raised or laid along the back of the neck. The male fowls also possessed ruby circular, un-feathered collar patches that could be inflated whilst in the midst of display. Naturally, the hens were plainer in appearances.

Yapraths were considered vermin to the more negative individuals. Their little mauve bodies were covered in dark bands, including their long ribbed tails, though their six-toed mitts and large cat-like auricles were fully shady. They had abundant manes upon their necks, chins, and the tops of their heads between and behind their ears. These quadrupeds, likewise, had tufts on the ends of their tails.

Wulfbats were monstrous predators with the wingspan of twenty-two feet. Their webbed wings were likewise their forearms with talons that extend from their tips of flexible finger bones. The skin on their wing membranes contained much elasticity while the surface was equipped with touch-sensitive receptors on small bumps called Merkel-Ranvier cells. In a nutshell, these were merely one order of Chiroptera to the earthling perception…and a rather gargantuan breed at that.

Rothworms usually dwelled in the fourth dimension, though can transition themselves in and through any and all the lower frequencies. The parasites fed on essence and manipulated the brainwaves of its victims. They were completely alien to those whose line of cognizance was stagnantly two-dimensional. Rothworms came in a vast variety of species and sizes, differing from the most simple to the most curious. These were by far the most common amongst all other organisms.

Cocteau Bleu was an extraordinary and stunning songbird that was long since hounded down for its famous plumage. Though on the endangered list, the materially wealthy obtain what was left and kept them in gilded cages.

Mokakos were another sort of creatures that possessed the humanoid ability to interconnect. Prehensile tail, parrot-like hind feet, winged forearms with extravagant feathers, fur-like fibers that covered most of the body, long necks like those of cranes, and a mongrel head. These were, too, seen in a diversity of interesting hues.

Another more elusive creature, other than the Wulfbat, was the Slaapwragon. It was so indefinable that nobody was ever certain as to what it could be exactly other than the word…"basilisk".

The "Picker" or "Cow" Viper, called such due to the spines on the head that resemble cow horns and the patches on its scaly body, was a terrifying and potentially fatal serpent of the fourth and third dimension. This "otherworldly" snake possessed "supernatural" capabilities; say for instance the ability to manipulate its size, transcend through dimensions, and break the laws of physics. It fed off fear and lower vibrations, and still more the venom affected the disheartened.

The atmosphere on AFANASII was denser, possessing more pressure than that of earth's atmosphere, especially in the third and fourth dimensions. Because of this, despite how long "time" seemed to be in comparison to "earth time", "time" here was considerably slower than that of earthling experience.

CONFUSED?: Allow me to explain in present tenses from moment to moment…

For starters: To form a reality, dimensions overlap dimensions. For example, a third dimensional being exists in the fourth dimension but their awareness is two dimensional. A two dimensional being exists in the third dimension and, yet, only can see in the first dimension. A one dimensional being, however, exists in the second dimension and cannot see any dimension say for zero. And zero, lo and behold, is a point going nowhere for it cannot move from its position. Zero is a beginning point of consciousness.

"Time" is not a dimension, it is a direction or—better yet— "duration"; aka "past" and "future". In reality, each dimension is a direction. "Left" and "right" are the directions in the first dimension, which is also perceived as "length". "Forward" and "backward" are the directions of the second dimension, which is also defined as "width". The directions of "up" and "down" are of the third dimension, though another word for this—as you may know—is "height".

The first dimension uses the second dimension to change from state to state. So, for the first dimension "time" is a direction in the second spatial dimension.

The second dimension uses the third dimension to change from state to state. So, for the second dimension "time" is a direction in the third spatial dimension.

The third dimension uses the fourth dimension to change from state to state. So, for the third dimension "time" is a direction in the fourth spatial dimension.

The fourth dimension uses the fifth dimension to change from state to state. So, for the fourth dimension "time" is a direction in the fifth spatial dimension…

And so on and so forth.

A third and fourth dimensional being can see and move about in both the first and second dimensions easily, but has difficulty perceiving the third and fourth dimensions that he or she lives in. Why is this? Beings of the third and fourth dimensions have a photographic view of their vibrations. The third dimension is "holographic", while the fourth dimension overlaps these "holograms" frame by frame in a sequence based on our actions.

BY THE WAY: We literally "worm" our way through being, with "space" itself being an illusion created by the fourth dimension; hence "space-time". We cannot see "space" through the third and other lower dimensions.

The fourth dimension adds a way for the third dimension to change, which is why life forms from the third and fourth dimensions state that "time is the fourth dimension". The third dimension is space without "time", but the entropy rhythm arrow of "time" that individuals associate with this concept is obviously not spatial for it functions in ways that are different than the first three dimensions. This is why some prefer to say that the fourth dimension is a temporal dimension while the first three are spatial.

Still, we see that "time" is not just an arrow according to "quantum mechanics"; such as "space time" and "general relativity". The arrow stretches, it bends, and "quantum entanglement" shows that it is possible for particles to make instantaneous connection within it, even in causality in "times" reverse direction {when times goes backwards}. Even more astounding, the accepted explanation of "antimatter" is that "it is matter which is moving backwards in time."

Speaking of "matter", the "matter" or "material" we are familiar with ONLY exists in the third and fourth dimensions.

By Universal Law: Our version of "time", thus, is an impression to those of the fifth dimension. Indeed, it is nothing short of an illusion. The fifth dimension is far more slippery and is not bounded by as many "laws" as are in the third and fourth dimensions. A being of the fifth dimension lives in a constant "present" and can see all the frames of the fourth and third dimensions at once and experience them at any point; akin to how an editor peers at a filmstrip. A fifth dimensional person can "jump" {or "teleport"} through time and space and into any chosen reality. You see, the fifth dimension composes of parallel universes that are located in the fourth dimension; worlds in which you realize that there are multiple "you"s living in different realities and where you can select diverse consequences at will and experience them as long and however you please. Those beings of the fifth dimension possess a more vivid reality, too, for they can experience the lower dimensions for what they truly are. In effect, you will realize that consciousness does not end and that realities can be {and often are} looped.

Time is a conception, an idea, which is all that it is.

In principle: You are the grandmaster, the vector, and the creator of your own reality and an imprint of the universal mind. This principle, too, applies to those living in the third and fourth dimensions; as well as the second and first dimensions, including zero. Yet, unlike those of the higher dimensions who likewise possess a higher state of consciousness, the third and fourth dimensional beings bring their reality through action rather than thought. The lower the frequency, the more difficulty there is to control a reality due to the limitations of those dimensions.

Those with "psychic abilities" generally possess higher frequencies than those who do not. Essentially, everyone is capable of "psychic awareness" for "awareness" is modifiable and one can heighten {or lower} his or her own frequencies. "Psychic abilities" are not gifts, rather they are consciousness transcending onto other frequencies. These abilities are wavelengths attainable by self-disciplines and the desire to "shift"; which is all achieved by "choice". Another word for "shift" is "transformation" or "change", and every action we make, every decision, and every realization is a "change" in the fabric of our own personal universes. In short, every moment we are changing and who we are now is not who we were a moment ago.

This is all simply physics.

There is a negative pole and a positive pole, the poles themselves being our individual selves {or other matter}, and these poles form toruses with our energies—which, in turn, create our energy fields {or "mesh" of vibrations} and surrounding that is the dodecahedron. Every Spirit has this Flower of Life Torsion field around it whereas the body of flesh is the Dodecahedron or Pentagram Field. The Aura, Torus, Flower of Life, and Merkaba are all the same thing. Our frequencies created our vibrations and vibrations create our own personal realities, and energy emitted can ONLY go into one place—that is, it reflects back to the one responsible for creating the energy released.

Everything is made of crystal, crystals are electronic components, and that means we are conductors of energy. Crystals are solids; solids are three-dimensional forms of matter that resist change. Matter is energy, so crystals are unchanging or "fixed" energy. We generate our own energy, magnetism, and our own frequencies that vibrate from pole to pole.

We are consciousness, consciousness is spirit, spirit is energy, and therefore we are a form of electricity or waves. Amazingly, all that is, was, and ever will be is ENERGY.


Matter is just a lot of energy moving so slowly that we can touch it and interact with it, even sit on it. Energy is simply a little bit of matter moving so fast we have trouble finding that said energy. They are polarities of the same component, which is flowing or moving as different frequencies, constantly. This same compressibility is what stores form and memory in its wave form.

Frequency involves numbers, numbers nested in ratios. Frequency is the number of energy. Magnitude is measured by numbers. "Time" is measured in numbers. Frequency is thus both direction and the scale of things, for frequency is the rate of recurrence.

IN SUMMARY: FREQUENCIES ARE THE WAVELENGTHS OF ENERGIES, or the data and images of these energies.

In a world made only of waves, there are just two geometric forms: the torus, or vortex, and the golden mean spiral. Only a form of "Golden Mean" symmetry will tolerate converging waves to add and multiply at the same time. Only in this way, in this form, can waves nest together without interfering with each other and terminating their memories {or information}.

The universe is made up of geometry of energy; specifically "The Golden Mean". Geometry can be understood of here as the basic creation of symmetry. Any symmetrical configuration generates a place where meeting waves—those traveling in opposed directions—can stand; i.e. to phase and phase-lock. Standing waves provide an illusion of solidity, which is the "segregation of momentum" that makes possible the birth of matter. Pressure occurs where waves meet.

Only ratio is sacred while scale is mundane.

The Golden Ratio is "Phi", and the Golden Mean is the desirable middle between two extremes. The Golden Ratio is the hand of the Grande architect and is, equally, also the Golden Mean or "divine proportion".

The natural products of "Phi" are spirals, which appear at all levels of nature.

A Golden Mean spiral can nest triangles, squares and five-sided figures, and ultimately creating a dodecahedron as it does. The dodecahedron is the perfect Golden Mean nest for turning information into a coherent structure. That is why it is also the pattern of the interwoven, helix shaped DNA molecule. The Golden Mean happens when the icosahedral donut and the dodecahedron donut generate the only other two naturally occurring numbers: Pi and E. From this simple shape, and these three irrational yet naturally occurring numbers, the universe is built.

In Sacred Geometry, this all shapes what is described as The Flower of Life; which begins when consciousness moves from one point to another and continues to construct.

Information is the only universal mean in the "hologram" universe. Each hologram is a universe and each universe is a separate reality. Information is matter and matter is energy, and every part contains the information of the whole…

Meaning: As above, so below.

Soul is essence, essence is nature, nature is behavior, behavior is action, action is movement, movement is matter, and matter is energy.

In order to change your vibrations, you therefore need to change your frequencies. To gain a higher frequency, transcending {your thought patterns} is the course or way to go about this. Mind you, the process can be discomforting and that, all the while, you ought to be discerning and gentle with yourself. After all, everything is of "the mind" and, consequently altering how you reflect and perceive all that is, is ultimately the first step to personal fruition.

Back on topic: "Time" was slower on AFANASII {principally in the third and fourth dimensions} because of their frequencies of energy were different than those on planet earth.

Let us continue in carrying science into the equation, all the while denoting to the planet's third and fourth dimensions...

Energy is force, force is density, density is pressure, and pressure forms the singularity we call "gravity"; which is influenced by magnetic fields. The magnetic field is the same thing as the torus, or vortex, or field of vibrations.

Naturally, the atmosphere was dimmer. The low frequency caused the inhabitance to visually perceive their sun as the color RED. And the sky was fundamentally ashen in hue due to the dearth of light and color is a reflection of light.

Why? Light itself does not travel, it is the radiation off energy; energy is what creates the light and light can only go as fast as the wavelength of that said energy permits. In brief: Energy emits this "light" and energy is what travels through the use of the fourth dimension. The term "light-years" puts into spectrum the "ages" of energy, though why energy "ages" is still an illusion created by the fourth dimension.

To make up for the deficiency of light, creatures would produce their own luminosity in remarkable ways, including the vegetation.

The air, likewise, was heavier due to the speed and flow of energy. Furthermore, the natives possessed low atmospheric vibrations due to their collective negative frequencies; in short, "psychic awareness" was a phenomenon.

Negative frequencies reside on the lower levels of mindfulness, and in order to witness other realities or dimensions you need to pick up higher {more positive} frequencies.

Everything had drawn to a "standstill" since "The Great Change", no one was evolving consciously, though technologically and egotistically they were progressing, and so the people possessed a limited sentience. Truthfully, these beings were conditioned by their own systems that were administrated by their totalitarians lords, and their systems were dominated by left-brain ideologies…

The left side of the brain is where rationality is found, where information is stored, and is an ego, or ID, controlled hemisphere. The other side of the psyche, or the right side of the brain, is the source of emotion, moral judgment, visual referencing, and inspiration. Left-brain personalities, as you may know, are different than right-brain personalities. Personalities are formed by the mind.

Earthlings would have trouble standing on AFANASII, though it would not be unfeasible. They would have to build up a higher tolerance to stomach the heavier G-forces. The quality of air was, too, also different there than on earth. In fact, the ASERIIANS age at a different rate because that density.

Oxygen causes free radicals which, when uncontrolled, cause the body to age; while the heavier the pressure {or gravity} is the slower "time" appears to be.

AFANASII's atmosphere was rich with carbon dioxide, more so than oxygen.

Carbon dioxide particles are denser and hence heavier than those of the less dense oxygen particles. Particles are mass energy, otherwise known as the "standing waves" of energy aforementioned. And carbon dioxide, by the way, is a colorless gas…

…Hence another reason why the planet's sky was a neutral grey.

AFANASII revolved on its axis at a slower frequency due to the wavelength of its electric charges or "magnetic field" produced by the planetary discharge, a discharge which was produced by the movement of that matter, and moreover possessed a longer rotation around its central stellar.

A magnetic field, at any given point, is specified by both a direction and a magnitude {or strength}. The magnetic field is a vector field. Magnetic fields are produced by moving electric charges and the intrinsic magnetic moments of elementary particles associated with a fundamental quantum property, that is, their spin. In special relativity, electric and magnetic fields are two interrelated aspects of a single object called "the electromagnetic tensor". The split of this tensor into electric and magnetic fields depends on the relative velocity of the observer and charge. In quantum physics, the electromagnetic field is quantized and electromagnetic interactions result from the exchange of photons. And a photon is an elementary particle; such as the quantum of light and all other forms of electromagnetic radiation, and it is also the force carrier for the electromagnetic force, including static via virtual photons.

An ASERIIAN YEAR lasted FIVE CONSECUTIVE EARTH YEARS; and perhaps a smidgeon longer. For an example: A TEN YEAR OLD ASERIIAN BEING WAS A FIFTY YEAR OLD EARTHLING. ASERIIAN beings lived much longer than earthlings ONLY because "time" there—on THAT planet—affected them differently.

Fortuitously, the planet was at a safe median and not as affected by Sirius's oftentimes deadlier fluctuations that traveled in its stellar winds. The heavier gravity—or strong magnetic field—also behaved as a resilient defense, which tore apart or repelled anything that was unable to endure while the dense ether would burn away conflicting substances.

The rotation of the globe caused the density of the firmaments, the gasses, to condense and bed pulled towards the poles of the planet. At each pole, a hexagonal formation was shaped due to the vibration of the planet's energies, though the solid crust of the planet was roughly circular in shape.

Planet AFANASII rotated around the solar system on a relatively intermediary zone of the K5V class star, SIRIUS-X. However, light-years ago when the planet was in a younger phase, that rotation was closer and the planet was more confined, fixed due to the star's magnitude. The planet was flung into a wayward, more elongated orbit, rather than off into space, due to a collision with another planet when the star had begun to expand. The three moons were adopted from other planets.

AFANASII was roughly 10 earth masses in size, which equaled up to 2 earth radii.

Due to the lower frequencies of the planet, humanoids of the third and fourth dimensions ranged from four to six feet. Actually, five feet was the typical height for hybrid beings. It was once believed that those born with higher frequencies were greater in stature; although that was not always the case {or is it?}. Why their ancients believed this, was that it had something to do with a connection with the fifth dimension.

"In the fifth dimension there is less weight," or so they believed. "So, they are not as bound to the density of these dimensions."

On sphere "AFANASII", there were diverse species of consciousness, and that included other kinds of human. They were not bounded by the fallacies of what earthlings call "race", rather BREEDS within SPECIES. Most humanoids were "hybrids" created with the DNA of two {or more} parents of different species.

"Hybrid" is another word for "CHIMERA", which is often described in archaic texts of both sacred and occult sciences; otherwise known as "Metaphysics".

These beings were created by their ancient ancestors, just as were the other species and their subspecies.

On the other hand, despite how the humanoid creatures were related—that is, distant kens and brothers to one another—there were divisions between the groups due to lost information and warped superstitions. These beings did not see "eye-to-eye" and possessed a common aversion and lack of respect towards one another. Various kinds seemed to be wired differently than others.

After "The Great Change"—when the worm had scourged the lands—the territories were divided under five empires with one head administration to bind them together: THE SUPREME PARLIAMENT, which was masterminded and held by the ever clandestine "The Helix Edict".







Her Sovereignty's dominion was the very SOUTH. THE SUPREME PARLIAMENT lied at the very core, right in the heart of XERCES CITY.

Each methodically advanced city possessed protective wards, or transcendent barriers, to keep the monsters from preying upon the predisposed "elite". They dwelled in those wrought milieus, all masquerading together in flamboyant self-made truths under those encasements that mirrored back a more heartening glory as they tickled their fancies with profligacies. Their ziggurats yawned upward towering over their golden streets, all built to last throughout the echoes of ages. Beleaguered by their silver dollops, they saw the world through kaleidoscope eyes on behalf of everything around them they, themselves, had contrived.

The peripheral world was an all-embracing reverse, in fact, stuck within a penury affair. The land evermore scarred and grief stricken, itself lamented and forsaken by crusades and yet stuck in a continual tumult. The soul crushed barely survived with brass tacks there, all borne and trapped forever in shantytowns wrapped by feeble fictions of droll ideals, exiled into what ought to be everyone's yet no one's prison. Every day for them was the same: Having to deal with the same ol' antipathy that the rest of the crooked had purged them away to with nothing more than crumbs, craps-shooters, pallbearers, and maybe a box to sleep in so as when disposed their straight ridges would lie comfortably under their parapets…

…Hope was for fools, or so they held, when left there to remain in beaten shelters, destitute with not a coinage to spare and no fuel but fire to keep their bones warm. Elapsed like sands in an hourglass, discarded by the ones they had cherished but never by the wheedling phantoms that sought for whatever was left of them. Everyone had turned inward upon themselves as believed, all lost in a drink of darkness and insanity as the ravaged continued to bleed. Choked on wishbones turned to squalid grime, their chords had turned into loud razorblades, those profanities covered in rust that traced down those lines unremittingly.

The lots had been casted, the stage set and, yet, it was all nothing more than violent yet frail imprints lost in time; and all of which were induced by feathered nostalgia of what had been or what they had dreamed. Disfigured shadows, whose flesh were gobbled up by the epicures, were subjugated to wallow in the dreary and decay, and they were forever lost in the reek of mockery; forever debarred by the presumptuous. Their blackened skeletons were forced to drink in those frigid, corrupted waters for no roughage of purity remained to wash away the soil. Likewise, great and terrible was the smog that lingered in the Aethersfere, whereas ash ceaselessly showered down from those asphyxiating, ever laughing vultures above.

Their belligerent bellies were often rinsed with moonshine since grindings only did so much to ease the ache and of which would often leave them ravening for more sustenance.

Take a good stroll down one of those besmirched, wind-swept streets, my dear worms, and you would behold nothing more than waterholes and the soup kitchens set up by the anthropophagi, along with other offcuts, open to their spectral spectacles. Then listen closely… Shhh. Do you hear that? It sounded to me to be…music…

A Poignant Waltz: That was the melody of the lowly side of town, the humbled and humiliated patrons of yesteryears.

And in the sea of lees stood all society's nicks, where vile men roomed together shackled to even more despicable settings. Day by day they panged against their stained cages, screaming whilst others paraded about fallen men, and none of which knew where they were. All that was left was to wait for that sweet release; as they often found themselves piteous to the gods for a hastier finish that they knew would never come.

Fraught for a god-machine to end all ruin entirely, it was the fortunate who refused to lend a finger but instead had jumped the gun and pointed those meaty digits at their best.

There was only so much a Sovereign could do for her publics, but to change that unmitigated, great stinking pit would take a joint effort between all the rats and not a solitary entity…

…Or did it?