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Chapter 1

Twenty Thousand Appliers And Only Five Winners


I can't believe I won. It's just plain stupid that I got chosen out of all the people who signed up for it. I just did it for fun not necessarily because I thought that I had a chance to win. If you want to know who I am, then I'm Reece Forder. I'm sixteen, a game addict, a trouble maker at school, and have way too many girls on my tail. Do I like living like this? To be truthful, no. Why girls like me is a pretty easy question. Mainly because I have good looks and have the ability as an amazing athlete. Yet, I don't feel particularly good about these traits.

Yeah, yeah, I know what some of you guys think. You're probably thinkin 'dude, you're so freakin lucky!' but I don't think the same way. Why? Mainly because I don't really think they're way important. My mom's a doctor who makes around a million dollars a year while my dad's a violinist in a famous orchestra and always gets a single. Oh yeah, that's another reason why girls want me, money. To be truthful, whenever one of those girls comes to me flirtingly, I act cool and attractive on the outside while on the inside I wish that she would go away.

Sometimes I forget that I'm the son of my parents because they're almost never at home. Um, my home is, in fact, a big mansion with a small army of butlers and maids ready to do whatever I want them to do. The thing is that I rarely ask them to do anything. My private butler, Jackene La Sone Mosta, (I have no idea how he got that name and how to pronounce it so I just call him Jack) always asks the same question over a dozen times a day. "Are you in need of anything, young master?"

And of course, I would tell him to stop calling me master mainly because Jack is more a father to me than my real father ever was. I don't remember Jack ever leaving my side except when I was at home. Even then, he would always check on me every hour or so. Sometimes I never felt that I could ever be alone but now I appreciate it. Without him, I might have gone crazy because he's probably the one true friend I have. As I said before, I love video-games. If you came over to my house, you'd see pretty much every imaginable game console and game program ever made. My parents let me use a credit card which I can use anytime.

It's kind of funny that everything is easily within my reach but I always feel like there's something definitely missing in my life. It happened one day that I was watching TV in our living room and saw a new advertisement for the newest game, Terestira, which would be officially released next month. It had been on the news and all over the web for over a month and the amazing thing is that they managed to make the game a virtual reality. No one knows how it exactly works but it's been in nearly every person's mind since it was announced.

Right after the advertisement ended, another one followed but this was definitely different. A voice stated in a clear voice, "For those of you who would like to participate in a raffle to see who will try out the Terestria first, please follow the instructions." Without realizing it, I had involuntarily leaned forward listening closely to the instructions. "Please write a letter to Terestria Center, be it e-mail or mail, and on the letter, please write your name, address, and phone number. Next week we will announce five lucky winners for the game." I considered whether or not to do it until I heard it say one last sentence. "Oh, and you better hurry because Terestria will only take 20,000 requests."

My feet seemed to have a mind of its own as it dragged me to my computer and my hands shot out and pressed the power button. In less than a minute, I had sent a letter to Terestria and actually felt good about it. Leaning back on my chair seat, I couldn't help but feel weird as I wondered why I could ever think that I could get chosen out of twenty-thousand. But there's always the chance, I thought hopefully. Now, I wonder if what I did was a good thing. I'm being thrown into something that I was not ready for. When I got a phone call saying that I won, I didn't know how to react. The person on the other end of the phone told me that next week a limo would take me to Terestria Center and then he hung up. Life could be worse!

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