Am I alive?

Amongst the dead?

It's harder these days

to keep up my head

Reminiscing inside

Frozen I stray

My colors I hide

Like every day.

A timid smile

Just a hint of existence

Drowned in this crowd

Of oblivious distance

From the highest of heights

Right down to the earth

Still trying to grasp

Something of worth

A little gap in the door

Some signal of care

Will the sun shine once more?

And will you be there?

Rip the flesh from the core

Leave me a mess

Is it wrong to want more

than tentativeness?

Unloved, unseen

A truth to confess

Please give me more

Than this heartless distress

There's something I miss

That I cannot quite see

For this life is too blank

So transitory

Will morn I be back?

Where will you be?

For this joy, this bliss

Is just temporary