The sun warmed her back as she walked along Santa Monica Pier. She was on holiday. It was refreshing to be in a different country.

She saw a artist near the end of the pier, waiting for his next customer. She decided to be his next customer. She walked over until she was stood in front of him. He looked up.

Jon looked at her, analysing her so he could draw her later on. She had long blonde hair that was tied in a ponytail. Her wide blue eyes looked at him curiously. He realised he should probably talk to her.

"Do you want me to draw you?" He asked, gesturing at the plastic chair opposite him.

"Yes please. How much?" She asked.

"Twelve dollars." He said, picking up his A4 sketchpad and beginning to sketch.

"Ok. You do know you could charge more, don't you?"

"Yes, but I pride myself on giving my customers quality drawings for decent prices." Jon answered, drawing her face carefully, adding the features afterwards.

They sat in silence as he drew her slowly in the sunshine that was bearing down on them. While he sketched, she observed him.

He had a iPod earphone in one ear, which was just covered by his shaggy brown hair. His grey eyes kept flicking between her and the sketchpad. His hand moved swiftly over the paper and, in under half an hour, she had a quality drawing in her hands.

This was her last day in America before she went home to England.

This holiday has gone too fast, she thought sourly.

As Jon watched her walk away, he thought that if they met again, he would ask her out.

He packed his sketchpad and pencils away, before walking down Santa Monica Pier in the fading light.

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